Numerology for 17/ 10/ 2017

October 17th, 2017

Despite your plans you may feel pushed into action and you may find yourself thinking in new ways. You may have to take decisive action despite feeling you are going into something blind with only an end or a truth in your sights. You love to take chances and can risk everything for what you believe, but you usually manage to land on your feet. Try not to be so hard on yourself, surrender occasionally and admit to your mistakes – image isn’t everything … Clear your mind and let the clear insights through, use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations … your sensitivity is your greatest strength …

Numerology for 16/ 10/ 2017

October 16th, 2017

Despite constant change and things going from under you, you are determined to make your vision real and to get to the bottom of things in the process. Try not to be too judgemental, help may come from unexpected places and sometimes you have to leave others to their own devices. Stay positive and take responsibility. Try to let go with love all that is unproductive and there is the potential to turn karma around while surviving the ‘nothing times’.

Numerology for 15/ 10/ 2017

October 15th, 2017

You may be feeling very sensitive and emotional today, it is important that you go into the quiet, even though you may have lots to say. To some you can be a controversial figure and your bold actions can make for negative reactions. But it is your intention that counts. Try to stay positive and see your powerful emotions as a great strength. Don’t get stuck in your head, be open to the joy of living and focus on making your vision real, compromising when necessary.

Numerology for 14/ 10/ 2017

October 14th, 2017

A truth may become crystal clear to you and as a result you may want to express your devotion by doing things in new ways. Taking time in everything you do is important to you too and you hate to be rushed. There may be a great deal going on in your head that you can’t put into words, so focus on helping others and try to trust more. You may want to surprise others with your new and unique take on things, but moderation in all things may be a recurring theme for you today.


Numerology for 13/ 10/ 2017

October 13th, 2017

You pride yourself on your ability to deliver results and you can overcome any resistance through sheer guts and determination. You have a great need to relax and at times can find this near impossible. You can be much harder on yourself than others. You plan and then can get frustrated by inaction. Try to be more forgiving, especially of yourself, blaming others is the surest way to stay in a problem, as you are giving your power away.

Numerology for 12/ 10/ 2017

October 12th, 2017

You have great communication skills and you like to be the centre of attention. You like your work to be appreciated and can have relentless determination to bring about change, but you can also be very fragile and there may be a lot that goes on in your head that you can’t put into words. Remember to take the feelings of others into account but don’t spend any time comparing yourself to others, feeling you don’t measure up and that you’re not good enough.


Numerology for 11/ 10/ 2017

October 11th, 2017

There may be a lot that goes on in your head today that you cannot put into words and you may be taking what’s being said too personally. Try to stay grounded and focus on what’s viable, as you have lots of ideas but may have great difficulty expressing yourself. You like to be the centre of attention and have the potential to inspire others, but understand you are very sensitive today so be kind to yourself, stay positive, focussed and creative. Master your emotions and take responsibility but let others help you too and remember to have fun along the way.

Numerology for 10/ 10/ 2017

October 10th, 2017

Anything is possible today if you can stay focussed and be the pioneer in new territory, You have the potential to inspire yourself and others if you can master your emotions and take responsibility. With your focus on financial security you may find it hard to engage with your feelings and go with the flow. It is important you find the courage to truly be yourself and to be the pioneer, as this may bring flexibility and breadth of vision. Loosen up and allow your money, time, effort and emotions all to flow, giving them away sometimes, as this makes everything more vital and interesting.

Numerology for 09/ 10/ 2017

October 9th, 2017

Your intuition about others is often right, but you may have a blind spot when it comes to yourself and you may fail to see what is obvious to others. You have a great gift for guiding others and can be extremely encouraging and positive, but you may have difficulty asking for help yourself and there may be a real struggle to be independent and self confident. Master your emotions, reflect and find the courage to truly be yourself. Don’t be so anxious to please and guard your dreams. Who dares wins

Numerology for 08/ 10/ 2017

October 8th, 2017

Selfless giving can be a way of life for you and because of this you have the potential to help others at a profound level, as long as you acknowledge how sensitive you are and don’t get too distracted, remember laughter and joy too. You can be quite a perfectionist and it may be important to work with things as they are rather than wait for the ‘perfect time’. There may be decisions to be made, not just for yourself, but for others, as an end and new beginnings may be in sight.