Numerology for 20 /04/2010

Master your emotions and keep your intense imagination grounded. Understand your fears and weaknesses, talk about your feelings, so you can transform them into strengths. You will find great wisdom from your feelings and emotions.

Numerology for 19 /04/2010

Try not to control every aspect of your personal life, allow yourself the freedom of moving forward spiritually, perhaps going for ‘once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities’ even though you might think of every reason why not to. Your inner voice may have greater wisdom than your powerful intellect and it may be wonderful for others to know the real you.

Numerology for 18 /04/2010

You are very competitive and can be impatient – experience is your only teacher. You may find yourself forced to think in new ways and as a result you may be connecting with others in a whole new way. Choose your battles instead of trying to fight them all. Honest to a fault you will always seek out the truth and can be astonished that others do not care.

Numerology for 17 /04/2010

You may feel pushed out of your comfort zone with major obstacles, but you are practical and you plan. Your sensitivity and unconventional thinking may not be obvious, but you use them effectively as great strengths. You have a strong sense of your own power and expect to be listened to. You cherish your willpower and sharp reasoning mind but should try to be less critical of others. Beware also of becoming too dependant on the approval of others. Lighten up and have fun.

Numerology for 16 /04/2010

When you laugh you give others permission to laugh too. Bouncing back and having fun no matter what helps everyone. Accepting difficulties and setbacks with grace and without judgement is a lesson to us all.

Numerology for 15 /04/2010

Try not to be over-involved with the needs of others. Try to be more open and accepting, set new boundaries and choose wisely. Rebuild on a true sense of self, learning from experience that discipline and a failure or two can make you strong.

Numerology for 14 /04/2010

You want stability in your world even though you can become easily bored. You can be more interested in keeping others on track, than in living your own life. Instead of listening to the advice of others and doing what they want you to do, do what is good for you. Take your life back by choosing who stays in your world and learning to receive as well as to give.

Numerology for 13 /04/2010

Try to see the world through the eyes of others and try to see the good in others. Confront what is bothering you and embrace change. Internalising your disapproval can make you ill as well as explosive.

Numerology for 12 /04/2010

You love being the centre of attention and are happiest when putting your point across to an interested audience. But find time to know yourself at the deepest level and to objectively examine your own observations. Try not to be too judgemental or to be a victim of the judgements of others.

Numerology for 11 /04/2010

Try to focus on the current moment – mastering your emotions – looking, understanding and sharing in new ways can transform your fear and weakness into strength. Hone your message and you may find yourself at the centre of the action and playing a dominant role in decision making.