Numerology for 21/05/2010

Today is the day to hang on in there with your far reaching vision, let the difficulties you encounter spur you on. Learn to accept the help of others and attend to the small tasks as well as the great projects.

Numerology for 20/ 05/ 2010

Today you just can’t keep what you’ve got inside – you’ve got to let it out and you must bring your energies to bear on all those around you ! You may also need to travel or just get out of the house. Your mind and mouth can be like a motor that will not turn off. You must learn to still your mind as well as to stand back and observe.

Numerology for 19/ 05/ 2010

You are a master of creating images and may hide your determination and ambition. You have a lot of energy and may have to learn to keep this under control and to direct this well, by staying focussed on your purpose. You may have to leave others to their own devices.

Numerology for 18/ 05/ 2010

You may want to retire from the world to recharge and to put your house back in order, before taking on the world. You have patterns and mindsets to transform and how you choose to do this may be a challenge. Work on yourself first and the way forward will become clear.

Numerology for 17/ 05/ 2010

You want to make things simple and get down to basics, but may have to accept what comes along. You may find it hard to relax, as you are so hard on yourself and want to take responsibility for everything. Change what you can change and accept what you can’t change.

Numerology for 16/ 05/ 2010

You have a flair that has to be expressed, but support from your friends is essential. You can make the spiritual real by overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger. Your obstacles may push you out of you comfort zone, but they prompt you into action, as you don’t want to let anyone down and you find out just how strong you are.

Numerology for 15/ 05/ 2010

You have a gift for creating something from the mundane that deeply touches those on your wavelength. But you want to be fully prepared and have an intensity of emotion that others do not see. When you are ready with your preparations complete, go for it !

Numerology for 14/ 05/ 2010

Obstacles keep you grounded and strong, you recognise future opportunities while remaining squarely in the present. You seek perfection while moderation in all things is the key to your success.

Numerology for 13/ 05/ 2010

Today life may flow for you, especially if you are allowed movement and travel. Others may criticise your sense of ease, but it’s up to you whether you choose the more difficult path. You can be provocative but never boring and few can keep up with your ability to transform the moment.

Numerology for 12/ 05/ 2010

You can offer a fresh approach to the problems of others but can’t seem to do anything like anyone else. You have to do things your own way and may forever feel in conflict. This may really bother you despite your cool and unemotional facade.