Numerology for 20/ 11/ 2010

You are a born fighter and can be bitingly sarcastic, but also extremely funny. You need to learn to laugh at yourself too and avoid confrontations as much as possible. Self control is key as well as understanding the basis of your anger.

Numerology for 19/ 11/ 2010

Today you may be filled with a revolutionary spirit and want to reform. Your confidence is sky high so you must beware of taking excessive risks, by thinking you are above the law. Try to keep yourself grounded and learn the value of silence.

Numerology for 18/ 11/ 2010

Dig deep, stay positive and you will create your own luck. Channel your strong emotions into your work. Using your intuition, sensitivity and vision bring sunshine and laughter into the lives of others. Feel the love and warmth also. Value who you are, even though at times you may feel you don’t measure up. It is your intention that counts.

Numerology for 17/ 11/ 2010

You act like a bridge over troubled waters and also the cement holding diverse groups of people together. Being the peace maker can mean you attract conflict, so find the peace inside, so that it can surrounds you. For the group around you to run smoothly, you may have to master your emotions.

Numerology for 16/ 11/ 2010

Try to stay calm and alert. Beware of glamour. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations. You have a natural feeling for authority and how to use it. You have great insights into the motivations and concerns of others, so keep this in your mind. Believe in something greater than yourself.

Numerology for 15/ 11/ 2010

Your encounters with others may be very intense today. Try not to become threatened so quickly and be more self-assured, walk away from pointless arguments. Never give up on trying to see the much bigger picture yourself and helping others to do the same. Gentleness and kindness are the most powerful strengths.

Numerology for 14/ 11/ 2010

You have a well defined point of view, but not everything is available for your scrutiny. Leave others in peace, observe their privacy and respect their values. Focus on finding the courage to be yourself and make your visions real.

Numerology for 13/ 11/ 2010

You have strong opinions about how things work and don’t work. Your buttons are easily pressed and if you’re not careful all your energy is out going. You would benefit greatly from listening to your inner voice and putting yourself in the driving seat. Ground yourself, find your centre and then forge a bond with the world.

Numerology for 12/ 11/ 2010

Getting a handle on your wilder energies can be a challenge for you at the moment. The creation and appreciation of beauty is of overriding interest to you. Remember true beauty and power can be found in simple acts of kindness and consideration towards others.

Numerology for 11/ 11/ 2010

Despite your bright appearance you may feel very complicated on the inside. Your inside may in fact feel at war with your outward appearance. You need will power to push yourself forward and to stop you from brooding over what has past. Demand what you need, but accept what fate delivers.