Numerology for 20/ 04/ 2011

You are a natural leader who wants to put those you love on the right course and you also want to make a difference globally. You may have to scale down your goals to make them more attainable and to avoid frustration. Find the courage to help others in your own unique way, bringing in the light bit by bit. You can also be extremely sensitive and private and may have to try to be more accepting and less touchy.

Numerology for 19/ 04/ 2011

Wanting to be in control is all about fear. Try to allow for spontaneity, learn to listen and to be open to change. Let others make up their own minds and back off. Great wisdom can come from feelings and emotions. Amazing things can happen when you let go and trust.

Numerology for 18/ 04/ 2011

You are prepared to fight for your beliefs and may have to keep a lid on your anger. Allow yourself to be more trusting and relaxed. Beware of glamour. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations. Achieve success so you can help others.

Numerology for 17/ 04/ 2011

Today you expect to be listened to when you speak and you demand respect. Be proud of your sharp reasoning mind and strong will power, but try not to be critical of others. Lighten up, remember to have fun and try not to be too dependent on the approval of others. Mastering your emotions can bring forth revelations.

Numerology for 16/ 04/ 2011

You feel the suffering of others at a very deep level and can be generous to a fault. You also have a talent for making everyone laugh and for turning your dreams into reality. Try not to be too sentimental and remember who your friends are. Live your ideals regardless of how the world reacts.

Numerology for 15/ 04/ 2011

You are very realistic and give structure and shape to the needs of those around you. You plan and are determined that others will join you in your ventures. It is important you see things through the eyes of others. Remember the value of humour and playing the fool, try not to take yourself so seriously.

Numerology for 14/04/11

Don’t be afraid to take chances, dare to fail, dare to succeed. Don’t get stuck checking out viability and then get impatient with delays. Embrace change, change can be good.

Numerology for 12/ 04/ 2011

You are attempting to solve your conflicts through your work and may have an unconventional way of doing things. You feel a need to fight for recognition and acceptance but your pride can sometimes get in the way. Beware of planning but not taking action. Try to engage with the much bigger picture.

Numerology for 12/ 04/ 2011

You love to be the centre of attention and can have impressive social talents. You are happiest when putting forward your point of view. But need to learn acceptance and objectivity, so you can leave certain situations alone. You have a wonderful sense of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself. You can inspire others to think in new ways, when you do.

Numerology for 11/ 04/ 2011

Try to have a more open mind and tune into what people are really saying. Control your temper, particularly with those you love. Make sure others want to be helped or led before you offer to help – you can’t do it all on your own.