Numerology for 21/ 12/ 2014

You have some amazing ideas, but there may be obstacles that bring up lots of emotion. Stay positive and try to see things from the perspective of others, working with others could be very productive for you today. Let go of any resentments and try to see the beauty without the perfection.

Numerology for 20/ 12/ 2014

You are great at starting things and you generate a great deal through your thoughts and emotions. You are difficult to stop when you have made your mind up about something and you can move very quickly. Try not to be too impatient and see your sensitivity as a great strength. Be grateful for your drive inside, as this push can keep you going and help you push through lots of ups and downs along the way …. You have a brilliant mind, but make time for laughter, holiday and letting go …

Numerology for 19/ 12/ 2014

You may want to inspire others through your work, but may feel beset by obstacles and there may be a massive struggle to be independent and self confident. You may have to ‘get real’ about a few things and there may be lots of emotions associated with getting to the bottom of things. Try not to get stuck in your truth i.e. I’m right and you are wrong. Master your emotions and try to engage with the bigger picture, your way is not the only way. Try to avoid placing your heavy concerns on others and remember to laugh. You may find amazing things happen if you just let go and trust …

Numerology for 18/ 12/ 2014

Your thoughts and plans may be detailed and far reaching and you are in it for the long haul. You are very persistence and when things are not working out well, this can cause problems. You can make great demands on others as well as yourself, so you need to recognise when others are unable or unwilling to change and tailor your expectations accordingly. Don’t take this personally, look within rather than try to change what cannot be changed. Understand the richness and importance of space, silence, calm and stillness within. Make time for this and learn to say ‘no’ occasionally too. You don’t have to be active all of the time and you can allow others to shine too.

Numerology for 17/ 12/ 2014

You like to focus on the here and now, on what is substantive and solid. With crystal clear vision you like to get to the bottom of things, to see what stands in the way of progress and to deal with this. You want very much to provide for those you care about and this can spur you into action, but try to lighten up and let fun and laughter move your world also. Beware of pushing yourself too hard and holding on too tightly to a structure that may have gone. You may feel things have to be done your way if they are to be done properly and this may cause you suffering. Try to learn detachment, you may find wonderful things happen when you allow yourself to let go and trust

Numerology for 16/ 12/ 2014

You have an amazing imagination that may at times feel stifled by reality, so it is important that you stay positive and grounded, reaching for the stars with your feet firmly on the ground. Be decisive and try not to make things too complicated. When you focus your energies you can achieve great things, so follow your passion, live your truth and try not to get sidetracked so easily.

Numerology for 15/ 12/ 2014

You think big and recognise few limitations. You can express the beauty and keep yourself on course with your goals despite great transience and change going on around you. At some point, you may have to accept limitations and stick with things, making the best of what you have. You enjoy having a positive impact on those around you, so don’t get caught up in power games. Try to keep your connection with others open and optimistic. Stay in the current moment and go with the flow, find the harmony within and it will surround you …

Numerology for 14/ 12/ 2014

You can be extremely complex and profound, but you are determined to get your message across. You are also very ambitious and determined to get to the top. Total freedom to do things in your own way is very important to you. You can be a catalyst for change when you challenge the status quo. But, carefully consider what you say and do – sometimes you can make your point quietly.

Numerology for 13/ 12/ 2014

You can be painstaking in your work but you can also see the bigger picture. Remember to keep moving forward – with all your minute examination – don’t get caught in a trap of your own making. There is a point at which polishing becomes wearing away, so make sure as you take action as well as plan. You may be very up and down, but go into the quiet and the way forward will become clear to you. Allow yourself to go with the flow and there may discover great intuition and synchronicity. Work with others more, see things from their point of view and there may be very positive outcomes.

Numerology for 12/ 12/ 2014

Today is a great day for co-operative ventures and the challenge throughout may be all about maintaining the harmony. There may be a great deal of sensitivity and there may be so much going on in your head, that you may have difficulty focusing on this minute now. It is important that you have a goal and that you focus on building something solid. Remember also that when you find the harmony on the inside, it will surround you on the outside. When you become inspired yourself, it is easier to inspire others. Beware of giving too much and losing yourself by putting others first, that way resentment can build up. Beware also of saying what others want to hear, rather than how you actually feel and by focusing on what others want, rather than what you want. Find your voice and uplift others with your vision – don’t be afraid to stand alone, up the front and to be the flag bearer.