Numerology for 24/ 05/ 2019

Slow down your pace, you are wearing others out, as well as yourself. Try to be less judgemental and control your tongue, stirring things up at a profound level, to bring about change does not always bring out the best in others and can be very unproductive. Things will work out just fine without you in control, let go of your fear of failure and see the beauty without perfection. Try to see things from the perspective of others, even though this may truly take you out of your comfort zone. Think in new ways and you may find you are amazingly creative, with great breadth if vision, able to inspire yourself and others and able to be a lot more productive.

Numerology for 23/ 05/ 2019

There may be a struggle to be independent and self-confident and after pushing through powerful barriers to truly be yourself, you may experience some sort of light bulb moment – as if the light suddenly comes in and you somehow know you have the potential to transform things. You have plans and great determination and may find you can now focus on where you want to get to rather than be overwhelmed by the obstacles. The key to this self-realisation may be you truly respecting your life, staying true to who you are and not to being thrown by all that is going on around you. Embrace change even if this may take you into new territory and try to stay connected to a global vision of yourself and the world.

Numerology for 22/ 05/ 2019

Your way is not always the only way and going with the flow could be very positive for you today, as it may prompt you into action, even if conditions are not perfect. Expectation can cause a great deal of suffering, sometimes it’s about making the best of what is presented to you. You have a wonderful breadth of vision that can see far beyond this and sometimes you can take on too much, feeling it’s all down to you. There is the danger that you don’t always finish what you start, so learn the value of maintenance and sticking with things … big projects take time to build, it’s not just about talk and passion.

Numerology for 21/ 05/ 2019

You may be very determined to make your ideas real and it may be crystal clear to you what’s standing in the way of progress and exactly what needs to shift. You may feel everything is coming to a head, to be dealt with but try to get the balance right by attending to small tasks as well as the big projects, also get plenty of rest. Listen to your inner voice as well as all that is happening on the outside. Develop your creativity and inspiration. Stay positive and focused on your truth.

Numerology for 20/ 05/ 2019

Find your centre and stay in touch with it. Turn off your motor and make some time to meditate or go into the quiet, use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations. As much as possible limit yourself to the task at hand. Finish one project before starting the next and try not to get distracted by the drama that may be going on inside and outside of you. Stay focused and learn that freedom can be found in discipline. Learn patience too as you might have to bring in new ways of thinking gradually and you may do this most effectively by working with others to make your visions real.

Numerology for 19/ 05/ 2019

Keep your considerable energy under control and direct it well. Heartfelt persuasion can be your most powerful tool, so find the love and feel the love again, ideally work for something you believe in and express the beauty. Analysis, reasoning and logic don’t always move your life forward and can take you away from your original intentions. Follow what is best in you and don’t underestimate the power in one act of kindness.

Numerology for 18/ 05/ 2019

Communicating your truth may be very important to you today and you have the potential to be a blazing path finder, if you can exercise emotional control. You may want perfect harmony to be maintained, but you can also be ruthless about getting what you want. Find time to go into the quiet and listen to your inner voice, be guided rather than driven. Try to be tolerant of others, even if you totally disagree with their way of thinking. Conserve your energy by going with the flow more and trying to see things as others do. You may also have to be patient and give others time to catch up with you.

Numerology for 17/ 05/ 2019

Get down to the basics and keep things simple. You have great breadth of vision as well as relentless determination to turn things around and build something solid, to help others and make your truth real. Loosen up and learn to laugh at yourself along the way. The truth can be very simple to you, but if others aren’t ready to hear this, save your breadth for those who express interest. Allow yourself some rest, every breathe can mean a new beginning

Numerology for 16/ 05/ 2019

Find your passion and stick with it, but try not to be impatient and explosive. Things don’t have to be perfect to come right and it’s ok if others do not understand or share your vision. Limiting the range of your activities can actually extend your scope, especially if you focus on communicating in your own unique way. There is the potential to build something solid from your beliefs, inspiring yourself and others if you you focus on the essentials and try not to be thrown by the whirl wind that may be around you.

Numerology for 15/ 05/ 2019

You can be full of amazingly creative ideas, but you can also be very up and down. When you feel ready, try sharing your ideas with those on your wavelength. The intensity of your emotions may at times be difficult for yourself and others to handle, so try to see things as others do and focus on just the essentials of what you want to achieve. Spend no time comparing yourself with others and feeling you don’t measure up or that you are not good enough. Never forget the bond between love and enlightenment. Let your light shine …