Numerology for 20/ 06/ 2019

There may be a great deal of emotion and re-evaluation with regard to the best way forward. You may feel pushed into new territory with everything coming up to be dealt with, but in the process it may become obvious to you exactly what needs to shift. You can be quite direct and argumentative in your communications, as you try to get to the bottom of things, but be kind to yourself and try to see things as others’ do. Acknowledge just how sensitive you are and always remember that you can only get things right by getting things wrong. There are no mistakes only lessons to be learnt and wisdom to be shared – it is your intention that counts.

Numerology for 19/ 06/ 2019

The cold light of day may hit you in some way today and there may be a need to make decisions without emotion. You can be your greatest teacher and there is a great deal you can learn from all that is happening around you. Stay in touch with the feelings of others, as well as our own, your way doesn’t have to be the only way. Develop your creativity and inspiration, be open to doing things in new ways and take others with you as much as possible. Change can be good.

Numerology for 18/ 06/ 2019

You can be very generous with others but now might be a time to give time to yourself and to reconnect with who you truly are. A time to pull all the varied parts of your life together and to reconnect with the joy, that can only be found within. Do this and there is the potential for you to move from your lesser self to your greater self and to bring light and love to the dark places within. Time to get past the disappointment and to express the beauty … time to find your passion again …

Numerology for 17/ 06/ 2019

Getting to the bottom of things, speaking your truth and living this in some way may be important to you today. You may want to keep things simple and can be very impatient, but look again and you may appreciate the complexity of what you are asking. Try to see things as others do and perhaps leave others to their own devices … You don’t have to fight for everything and it doesn’t have to be about survival of your truth at all costs, sometimes we have to lose to acquire ……

Numerology for 16/ 06/ 2019

Don’t get too comfortable – continue to take risks and embrace change, all that you dream of is outside of your comfort zone. It is important that you stay positive, if you worry too much about doing the wrong thing or focus too much on your doubts, there is the danger of inaction. Other people may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you, but they are also giving you something to push against. You may feel forced to go with the flow, but if your heart is in what you are doing, there is the potential for great intuition, synchronicity and new solutions to old problems. You may suddenly wake up to the responsibility of your work and know you just have to accept change and responsibility and get on with it. Initially you may feel a bit stuck, but beyond the brick wall that may be right in front of you, is the most amazing expanse of space. Stay engaged with the bigger picture, stay focused on the essentials, believe you can transform everything and you will.

Numerology for 15/ 06/ 2019

You know people and how they tick. You have a way of winning people over and bringing the best out in others. But, don’t lose sight of your own true identity – your confidence doesn’t have to depend on the reactions of others. Stay positive, try to see things as others do, but live your truth as much as possible and you have the potential to inspire yourself and others. Try to ensure that you’re not putting others people’s happiness before your own. Focus on what makes you happy and you will find that when you are happy miraculously everyone else is happy.

Numerology for 14/ 06/ 2019

You are intense, determined and very sharp in your observation and assessment of what is going on around you. You may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself and may be very unsettled, wanting security and stability as well as freedom. You can be very tough once you know your goal and may have to back off occasionally. Remember to return the attentions of those who care about you, they want to help and you don’t have to sort everything out yourself. There is a very sensitive side to you that is a great strength, don’t let your relentless determination get in the way of this. You don’t have to reinvent yourself to inspire others – it’s all about the journey from the head to the heart ….

Numerology for 13/ 06/ 2019

You may be determined to turn things around, there may be many obstacles and others may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you. There may be a massive struggle to be independent and self-confident. Mastering your emotions may be key to you transforming things and truly helping others.

You may feel you want to be in another distant far off place right now, but still your mind and you will see that where you are, is exactly the right place for you to learn what you need to learn for transformation to occur.

Numerology for 12/ 06/ 2019

You are very connected with your feelings and emotions and may feel very sensitive today. You may want to stay in your comfort zone but the correct use of power may also be very important to you and you may be sensitive to any exploitation, spotting this before anyone else does, wanting to cut through the veil of illusion. You also take your responsibilities very seriously and may need to take action rather than think about it. Stay positive, dedicate everything to the highest good and try to deal with things squarely, focusing on the essence of what you want to achieve, rather than trying to get all the detail right. You may feel forced to see things as others do, but this may help you to connect with others in a whole new way. Always remember, facing your fears can set you free.

Numerology for 11/ 06/ 2019

You may feel pushed out of your comfort zone and in the process a truth may become clear to you. There may be lots of emotion, but you can be very decisive and practical in the actions you take, especially when what needs to shift may be crystal clear to you. Allow help to come from unexpected places and for others to show you new ways of doing things. Everything you want to achieve may be outside your comfort zone, but try to remain sensitive to the feelings of others and take others with you as much as possible.