Numerology for 21/ 12/ 2019

You have some amazing ideas and may truly want to turn things around to make a difference. Stay positive and try to see things from the perspective of others. You can’t impose your ideas on anyone, so, don’t take it personally when others don’t get your ideas. Working with others could be very productive for you today, but you may have to get past the ‘nos’ to get to the ‘yeses’. There may be a great deal of emotion that you find hard to express, but your sensitivity is still your greatest strength. So, lose your woes and look up,

Numerology for 20/ 12/ 2019

You are great at starting things and you generate a great deal through your thoughts and emotions. You are difficult to stop when you have made your mind up about something and you can move very quickly. Try not to be too impatient, understand that you may have to go with the flow more than you would like and that you don’t have to fight for everything. Be grateful for your drive, as this push can keep you going and help you push through lots of ups and downs along the way and can help you to see your great sensitivity as the strength it is.

Numerology for 19/ 12/ 2019

You may want to take a break from looking after everyone else as you may feel beset by obstacles and there may be a massive struggle to be independent and self-confident. This may bring up lots of emotion and you may have lots going on in your head that you can’t put into words. But, you also have relentless determination to turn things around. So, try to avoid placing your heavy concerns on others, remember to laugh and have fun. Its’ not all down to you, a great deal can be achieved through team work, so focus on this and let others help by showing you new ways of doing things.

Numerology for 18/ 12/ 2019

Your thoughts and plans may be detailed and far reaching and you are in it for the long haul. You are very persistence and when things are not working out well, this can cause problems. You can make great demands on others as well as yourself so you need to recognise when others are unable or unwilling to change and tailor your expectations accordingly. You cannot impose your beliefs on others and it is important to see things as others do. You don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right.

Numerology for 17/ 12/ 2019

You like to focus on the here and now, on what is substantive and solid. You like to get to the bottom of things and may be able to see with crystal clear vision what’s standing in the way of progress. You may want stir things up at a profound level to bring about change, but at the same time you may doubt yourself and feel unsettled. There may be a fear of failure and rejection and you may feel things have to be done your way if they are to be done properly. Remember everything evolves in cycles and that change is guaranteed. Try to lighten up and let fun and laughter move your world also.

Numerology for 16/ 12/ 2019

You have an amazing imagination that may at times feel stifled by reality. It is important that you stay positive and grounded, reaching for the stars with your feet firmly on the ground. Be decisive and try not to make things too complicated. When you focus your energies you can achieve great things, so follow your passion, live your truth and try not to get side tracked so easily. Be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed and connected to others. If you feel overwhelmed, try to focus on what needs to be done and understood, accepting change and responsibility.

Numerology for 15/ 12/ 2019

You think big and recognise few limitations, you may be very determined to cut though any illusions, to express the beauty and the truth. You may want to breakthrough, inspiring many to think in new ways, but may have to accept limitations and stick with making the best of what you have. Acknowledge how sensitive you are, while bringing in new ideas and trying to keep yourself on course. You may have to learn detachment in order to let go with love of all that is unproductive, but try to keep your connection with others open and optimistic. Don’t get caught up in power games, try to see things as others do, thinking in new ways and inspiring others to do so, may bring lots of new beginnings. 

Numerology for 14/ 12/ 2019

You may feel extremely complex and profound, but you may also be able to see exactly what needs to change. You may feel determined to make your unconventional thinking real in some way and may find yourself a catalyst for change. Total freedom to do things in your own way may be very important to you and you may feel you have to fight for this, but you may be more effective when you carefully consider what you say and do, while making your point quietly.

Numerology for 13/ 12/ 2019

You can be painstaking in your work and wanting to get to the bottom of things, but you can also see the bigger picture. Remember to keep moving forward – with all your minute examination – don’t get caught in a trap of your own making. There is a point at which polishing becomes wearing away, so make sure you take action as well as plan. Allow yourself to go with the flow and you may discover great intuition and synchronicity. Work with others more, see things from their point of view and focus on mastering your emotions along the way.

Numerology for 12/ 12/ 2019

Today’s date is dominated by 12/ 3 (12/12/12 (2+0+1+9=12). The 12th Tarot card is the hanged man and represents someone upside down, looking at things in new ways. The mission that comes from today’s date (36/ 9) represents the end of a cycle (9) and this coincides with 2020 representing the end of very powerful karmic years (from 2011), during which everything has come up to be looked at and potentially transformed. (I will be publishing a Newsletter shortly with more information with regard to this).

12/ 3 can also represent the potential for great co-operative ventures as masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies work together to make ideas real (3). But this may prove to be a great challenge as there may be a great deal of emotion and sensitivity, as many may be trying to maintain the harmony while being pushed out of their comfort zones. Many may feel so responsible for the happiness of others that they give too much. Everyone may need space and time to adjust but there is the potential for great spirituality to emerge as many look within and reflect.