Numerology for 25/ 10/ 2021

You may be determined to stay one step ahead and to make your ideas real, despite the obstacles and others trying to impose their way of thinking on you. You may be thinking in a different way to others and the fact they may not respond as you would like may bring up lots of emotions. If this is the case, try not to burn your bridges, instead try to understand your critics, while staying connected to the bigger picture.

Numerology for 24/ 10/ 2021

There is potential for a breakthrough with regard to a cause that may be close to your heart. This may enable you to look at things in new ways and to communicate in new ways. To do this, rather than focus on getting every detail right, you may have to exercise great emotional control and stand back, letting things happen.

Numerology for 23/ 10/ 2021

There may be lots of ups and downs today, but make space and time for yourself and there is the potential for great creativity and breakthrough. So, stick with your plans and try to maintain a balanced perspective, despite feeling very responsible for the happiness of everyone and very devoted to your cause. Emotional control and detachment may be necessary. Even though the truth may be crystal clear to you, try not to impose your beliefs on others. You may feel frustrated but stay focussed and new ways of doing things may be found.

Numerology for 22/ 10/ 2021

You have a rebellious streak and can be very emotional. You may feel everything’s being shaken up to bring about change, so much so that you may find you respond with bad temper and sarcasm. You can also be very sensitive, considerate and caring, in which case you need to ensure you truly listen to others and try not to place your confidence with the wrong people. It may help to keep things simple by showing your true feelings and remaining true to yourself. See your great sensitivity as the great strength it is, not something to be hidden. Spend no time comparing yourself with others and feeling that you are not good enough or that you don’t fit in. You don’t always have to control the situation for everything to come right. So, tame your wild side, truly be yourself and shine …

Numerology for 21/ 10/ 2021

You may want to be centre stage but may realise you are exhausted. If so, quiet your soul and allow time to look within and to reflect, allow today to be a turning point. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to receive help. You may have a relentless determination to build something solid and to act as the flagbearer for others. You may also love to talk and you are good at it, but true security isn’t always found on the outside. Although you may be drawn to all sorts of attractive, volatile personalities, your great need may be for stability in your domestic life and career. With so much emotion and sensitivity that you may find very difficult to express, it may help to focus on the reality of this minute now, it’s all you truly have for certain. Try also to see things as others do and remember the power of love.

Numerology for 20/ 10/ 2021

You may like to be centre stage and seen as the best but may feel deep frustration at the complexities involved with trying to maintain harmony and make everyone happy. This may bring up lots of emotion, that you keep well hidden, as you focus on dealing with what comes up to be looked at. If possible, try to relax and have fun. Learn to be less prickly. You don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right …

Numerology for 19/ 10/ 2021

Try to get past your fear of failure and of not being good enough and accept yourself as you are. You are enough. Instead of putting energy into frustration and trying to figure out how to stay one step ahead, trust life will move you where you are needed. Recognise also that you can sometimes be difficult to work with when things are not going according to plan. We have a choice in how we respond every moment and always the potential inspire ourselves and others to think in new ways

Numerology for 18/ 10/ 2021

You may have an important decision to make and the courage to truly be yourself maybe an important part of this. Embrace and love your uniqueness. Ensure you listen to your inner voice as well as outer voices, as much as you speak. You like to be at the centre of things but may be able to help yourself and others more if you stay out of the drama and observe. Beware of making promises you can’t keep.

Numerology for 17/ 10/ 2021

You may analyse everything and want to get to the bottom of things but try to focus on the bigger picture too. You may feel you’re always right, especially when it comes to your work. Lead the way with the word but beware of over confidence and recklessness. You love to take chances and can risk everything for what you believe, but you usually manage to land on your feet. If so, try not to be so hard on yourself, surrender occasionally and admit to your mistakes – image isn’t everything …

Numerology for 16/ 10/ 2021

Despite constant change and things perhaps going from under you, there may be relentless determination to build something solid. You may feel forced into action but may soon come to realise that it may be new thinking that is required, if things are truly to change. From your perspective try not to be so judgemental, leave others to their own devices. Allow yourself to see the beauty without the perfection.