Numerology for 23/ 09/ 2021

You may feel a need to break through – to truly be yourself and to speak your truth. You have your plans but the challenges you meet may feel never ending and there may be lots of emotion you find difficult to express. If you don’t feel inspired spend time reflecting on what is working for you and what is holding you back. What matters is that despite the restrictions you are not defeated in your heart and that you continue to believe you can push through, to make your vision real. Your restrictions may of course be in your way of thinking, so despite the great emotion that may come up, try to forgive and forget. Take more dynamic action also, focussing on the job at hand and spending no time comparing yourself with others, feeling that you don’t measure up and that you are not good enough. You may find the answers come out of the blue and they may be blindingly obvious.

Numerology for 22/ 09/ 2021

Try not to hide your warm sensitive heart behind such a forbidding exterior. Give yourself time to dream and recharge, despite your fears. You may want to start lots of new projects but there may be obstacles and others may be trying to impose their thinking on you. You may be a perfectionist, waiting for the perfect time. You may have to be patient and focussed, but you don’t have be right all the time and you don’t have to be in charge, for everything to workout. If you are exhausted, take time to rest and recharge. Take time also to stand back from things, ideally letting go of all that no longer serves you, making space for movement and welcoming the new.

Numerology for 21/ 09/ 2021

You may feel very unsettled and with so much to do, you may feel you need a holiday. There may be lots of emotion and frustration, your energies may feel very scattered. It may be important you stay positive and try to focus on working with others, seeing things as others do. Believe in your talents and have confidence in yourself. No more hiding behind gadgets, work and status. No more confusion and manipulation, take time to find your centre again and find the treasure within.

Numerology for 20/ 09/ 2021

You may go to great lengths to ensure there is harmony around you and that you are running a ‘tight ship’. You may deny your feelings to have a sense of control and this may result in more feelings than you know what to do with. If so, try not to make yourself small to fit in, when you were born to stand out and inspire others to think in new ways. You have ideas but you may doubt yourself and may be striving for perfection, driven by a fear of failure and rejection. Reconnect with your inner wisdom, use your true feelings to see clearly and this may help you to find your centre again. Stay focussed on what you love, let things happen and you may find everything works out fine.

Numerology for 19/ 09/ 2021

Your struggle to be independent and self-confident may feel like quite a burden as you may feel pushed into new territory as well as pulled in different directions. You may want time on your own but may feel forced into dealing with things. Be aware that you can be quite impractical in your idealism, as well as impatient. The courage to be yourself and to do things in your own way may be important to you, but still allow others to help you. Rather than put energy into frustration, accept life as it is and make the most of where the wind takes you. Don’t lose sight of where you want to get to but trust also that you will be moved where you are needed. Listen to your inner voice as well as to others, stay true to who you are, it’s not just about appearance, true beauty comes from within.

Numerology for 18/ 09/ 2021

Suddenly closing your door to others, leaving the past behind, determined not to reopen past issues, is not always the best way forward. Conflict is sometimes necessary, especially if you want to break through to find freedom and to transform things. You don’t always have to put your suit of armour on to go into battle, in fact your sensitivity is one of your greatest strengths. So, acknowledge just how sensitive you are, know also that you may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. Now may be the time to change a pattern by accepting change and responsibility. Allow your generous nature also to come through, reconnect and have fun.

Numerology for 17/ 09/ 2021

You may be determined to get to the bottom of things and can be quite unstoppable. But, in the process you may feel pushed out of your comfort zone and may be surprised by the amount of emotion and re-evaluation that may be required. Be kind to yourself, know you don’t have to be the best every time and try to be open to new thinking. In the process you may decide to get out of the way so others can come through, ideally making more time for fun and less time for judgement.

Numerology for 16/ 09/ 2021

You have an indomitable spirit that doesn’t recognise defeat and you rarely back down from confrontation. Even though you may want to stay one step ahead ‘things’ may keep coming up to be dealt with. If so, try to stay inspired rather than scattered, seeing things as others do as much as possible. Focus on where you want to get to and keep communicating in your own unique way.

Numerology for 15/ 09/ 2021

Try to master what you do in your own way and in your own time, without being stressed or driven. Recognition is important to you and will come, in the meantime get past your fear of failure and rejection, instead focus on inspiration and creativity. Recognise the power in silence, know your patience and ability to wait can take you a long way. Above all drop the martyrdom and love what you do. It’s time to spread the light, the love and the wisdom.

Numerology for 14/ 09/ 2021

You may feel sensitive and fragile, as well as quite sceptical and doing things in your own unique way may bring up lots of emotion. You may feel pulled in many directions and may also feel you are walking a tight rope. If so, try not to be impatient and critical, sometimes working behind the scenes and keeping your opinions to yourself can help all concerned. Perhaps just for today, let things happen in their own good time and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you.