Numerology for 06/ 07/ 2020

There may be obstacles and you may feel stuck focusing on practical, perpetual service. There may be resistance to change and now may be the time to truly get to the bottom of your thinking. Start by listening to your inner voice as well as to what others may be saying try also to keep your words clear and simple. You may have decided on action and may be impatient for change. You may like to be one step ahead of everyone else, but today it may be important to go with the flow and focus on change within. Try to find again what you love and believe in. Make space for intuition, synchronicity and ultimately inner transformation that can potentially change everything.

Numerology for 05/ 07/ 2020

Don’t keep your imagination to yourself, share some of your ideas and work with others to recognise opportunities and go for them. Try to stay focused as you jump from one subject to another. You may be brightening the daily lives of family and friends, but not everyone will be happy. Understand that sometimes you have to just let things happen and unfold in their own time, so try to see things as others do and work in more subtle ways. Don’t get stuck trying to achieve perfection, allow yourself space to go with the flow and to find the harmony within.

Numerology for 04/ 07/ 2020

You are proud of the group you represent and your roots are important to you, but you remain beholden to no one but yourself. You have the potential to inspire yourself and others to think in new ways, even though along the way you may have been disillusioned. Try not to focus on what has been, your past does not define you and you are not moving in that direction, so stay focused on where you want to get to, even though there may be obstacles and others may be trying to impose their thinking on you. Even if things don’t seem to be happening fast enough, stay focused on what you love and try to connect with the bigger picture, not taking anything personally. Use your head to transform things and recognise that as part of the process you may find that you have to ‘get real’.

Numerology for 03/ 07/ 2020

It may be important to you, to truly be yourself, but this may mean you feel unsettled, as you have the ideas but you may doubt yourself. You may want the security of your comfort zone, but at the same time you may need the freedom to pursue your ideas. You may be waiting for the perfect time and may prefer to observe from the side lines, but today may be about working with others to make your ideas real, inspiring each other along the way and seeing things as others do. Life is to be lived not observed and commentated on, so try to get on with the living bit and step out from the shadows. You often go that extra mile for others and take your responsibilities seriously, this is admirable, but don’t give up on your efforts to be recognised, you are in a league of your own.

Numerology for 02/ 07/ 2020

You may be extremely sensitive, with great depth of feeling and this can mean you feel pulled in many directions. You hate confrontation and would rather hide away, but at the same time you have ideas you want to make real, but you may doubt yourself. Instead of getting caught up in the detail, try to let go of all that is unproductive, make room for new energies and new thinking, as well as the possibility of transformation and rebirth. There is a side of you that knows you are putting too much energy into frustration, as you struggle to be independent and self-confident. You may come to realise that have to be brave and face your fears. Know that as a result there is the potential for peace, as you cut through illusion to find your passion, your strength and yourself.

Numerology for 01/ 07/ 2020

Don’t be afraid to stand alone and live your truth, your friends and supporters will join you and help may come from unexpected places. Acknowledge what you truly desire, plan and go for it – even if this you will takes you into new territory. Always remember that your sensitivity is your greatest strength and that you have important things to say.

Numerology for 30/ 06/ 2020

Despite your detailed planning there may be some unexpected obstacles and others may be trying to impose their thinking on you. Try not to take this personally, stay motivated and on track. This is not the time to retreat back into your shell. You have a great deal to teach others from your experience and understanding. You have the potential to truly inspire yourself and others if you can believe in yourself more. Overcoming obstacles such as these could be a wonderful way to achieve this, so stay focused on where you want to get to and totally believe you can transform things. Be grateful to these obstacles and the opportunities they give you to stay grounded, focused and connected to others.

Numerology for 29/ 06/ 2020

Remember laughter and joy and try to see the lighter side of things, as you may feel pushed into action when there may be a fear of failure or rejection. You may feel overwhelmed by emotion, but focus on moving forward and try to see things as others do. You have a great sense of responsibility and not wanting to let anyone down may have carried you far. But now may be a good time to perhaps recognise how far you have come and give yourself a bit of a break … Don’t get hung up on the expectations of others, focus on what makes you happy and you may find that miraculously everyone else is happy.

Numerology for 28/ 06/ 2020

Finding the courage to be yourself may be important to you today and this may mean going into the quiet and truly finding yourself again. There may be lots of distractions and you may want to be the centre of attention, anything rather than look within. You may be putting emotion before reason when you need ideally to stay grounded and focused. Try to keep things simple and allow yourself to think in new ways, hands off – let it happen …’Who Dares Wins’ …

Numerology for 27/ 06/ 2020

You are very protective of all that matters to you and only once your base is secure, do you proceed inexorably towards your target. You may feel your actions are just and totally correct, but listen to others too and loosen up a bit. You may care very deeply for others, wanting to bring great harmony and to be out there in the world making a difference. To achieve this you may find that you have to focus on mastering your emotions first, then find your spiritual path and stick to it. You may find you help others best by helping yourself first …