Numerology for 15/ 08/ 2022

You are a born leader and a great organiser, who may not be concerned with the petty details, you like to focus on the much bigger picture. You may be a perfectionist with great emotional control, but not everyone may share your confidence. You want to be seen as in charge, but this may have to start with real teamwork, so listen to others when they try to explain their feelings. Command true respect and don’t isolate yourself. Be patient with yourself and others, try to see the lighter side of things. You don’t have to fight for everything, every moment you have a choice – your way is not the only way. Give yourself space to think in new ways, you may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. You may need to know what is right for you before you fight for this, (even if this means accepting the truth of others).

Numerology for 14/ 08/ 2022

You may feel unsettled, wanting security and stability, but needing freedom. You may find yourself thinking in new ways. Deep down you may know there are some wonderful opportunities available to you, in amongst the obstacles. It’s about believing you can turn things around and being open to change and adaptability. Despite hating delays and being very focussed on the physical, you may be very sensitive, as well as sceptical. Understand you don’t have to lose your spontaneity you may just need to moderate this. Know you can change yourself if you want to, but ideally get to the bottom of things and find the courage to be yourself … Let go of the past, have faith in yourself and the universe … Perhaps surprise a few people …

Numerology for 13/08/2022

You may have a highly unique outlook on life and can be indomitable. You can be very sensitive to criticism but may keep your insecurities to yourself. What matters to you is triumphing over great odds and never giving up. You give others strength and insight and may turn yourself inside out, trying to make others happy. You may find you have to master your emotions and be willing to wait, to know the right moment to strike. Try not to put too much energy into planning, focus more on action. Move on if things aren’t going to plan and watch where things eventually fall. There is great potential for creativity and transformation if you can maintain your emotional control while taking action to help others.

Numerology for 12/ 08/ 2022

You may feel pushed into action, but this may lead to a breakthrough, as looking inward you may find an effective way to communicate your unique thinking. There may be lots of frustration and emotion along the way, as despite your great emotional control and sometimes formidable way of asserting yourself, you are very sensitive. You have a great sense of responsibility towards others and not wanting to let others down may help you engage with the bigger picture, ultimately going with some of your ideas, with the help of others. Try not to take everything so personally, learn to share, to accept and most importantly to relax, laugh and have fun. Stay positive and focused on where you want to get to. Admitting weakness can also be sign of strength.

Numerology for 11/ 08/ 2022

You may have the courage to stand alone and to get to the truth, but you can also be ruthless about getting what you want. You may have the potential to inspire others to think in new ways, but a big part of this is you thinking in new ways. Remember the importance of small acts of personal kindness. You learn from all that is going on around you, you want your views to be heard, but as well as teaching, truth can hurt. You have a great sense of responsibility towards others so don’t forget the importance of truly listening and keeping your words clear and simple. Try to go with the flow, without getting frustrated if things don’t go according to plan. Master your emotions and don’t be afraid to show just how sensitive you are. Today may be a day of extremes, a day when you may feel pulled in different directions, it may be important you find your centre and to return here as much as possible. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations.

Numerology for 10/ 08/ 2022

You may be holding on too tightly to a structure that’s gone and it may be time for misunderstandings to be sorted. Reflect and try to look at things differently, your self-worth is not dependant on the approval of others. No more drama, look within, you may have a pattern to change, if so, accept change and responsibility. Now is the time to find the peace within so this will surround you …

Numerology for 09/ 08/ 2022

You may be determined to get to the bottom of things, and this can push you into whole new territory. You can generate a great deal as a result, especially if you love to be the centre of attention. You may have great emotional control but may find the words pour out of you if others try to impose their way of thinking on you. You may have to work in more subtle ways than you would like, so learn to listen carefully. What you believe to be true for the welfare of others may not always be for the best, which is why it is so important that you consider others and co-operate more. Trust your intuition, see your great sensitivity as the strength it is and great creativity may result, especially if you can stay inspired and connected to the bigger picture.

Numerology for 08/ 08/ 2022

As I have described in my most recent Newsletter (, we may all be experiencing powerful energies today. You may be feeling very sensitive as well as pushed into action and pulled in different directions. You may also feel stuck and may feel others are trying to impose their opinions on you It may be important that your voice is heard and that you find the courage to be yourself. Today is a great day to push through with your ideas but take time first to reflect on how best you can use your unique qualities and experiences to help others and to serve the planet. Try to be grateful to the obstacles, they are encouraging you to dig deep and to ultimately find great inner strength. Obstacles also keep us grounded, focussed, and connected to others, ultimately obstacles mean we are moving forward … Whatever you decide to do don’t get stuck and don’t give up ….

Numerology for 07/ 08/ 2022

This may be a very creative time and you may be very generous, there is also a danger you may be giving too much and running on empty. You may like to be the centre of attention, but this may also mean you may scatter energy, trying to make everyone happy and trying to be all things to all people. Take time to see things as others do and co-operate with others more. Truly listen before speaking, keep your words clear and simple. Try to conserve and focus your considerable energies. Truly help yourself first, so you can better help others.

Numerology for 06/ 08/ 2022

There may be drama today, as you swing between needing to focus on the practical and needing the freedom to explore. You may be aware of the power of the spiritual, but you may also feel deeply cynical and sceptical. You may be extremely ambitions and be an inspirational speaker, but you may benefit greatly from co-operating with others more and seeing your intuition and sensitivity as the great strength it is. Listen to your inner voice and try to find your centre again. Choose your words carefully today, the right word at the right time may make a huge difference. If faced with the need to compromise, try to see things as others do and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Know that with the right frame of mind you will be able to find freedom despite the limitations, with laughter and joy too. You have a choice every moment …