Numerology for 14/ 05/ 2019

It may take others time to catch up with you. Be patient and try to stay calm, sometimes all you can do is observe. Stay connected with your feelings and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you, remember moderation is key. Continue to focus on where you want to get to, seeing beyond the obstacles, but be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focused and connected with others. You have a relentless determination to self-realise, but try to see things as others do too …

Numerology for 13/ 05/ 2019

You may feel very unsettled and perhaps a little stuck. The correct use of power may be very important to you and you may want to focus your energies more effectively, cutting through the veil of illusion. You may know that beyond the obstacles right in front of you is the most amazing expanse of space, focus on where you want to get to, totally believe you can turn things around and you will get there. The decision is yours, if you plan make sure you take action, don’t just wait for the perfect moment and try not to be too impatient. Focus on moving forward. Self realise …

Numerology for 12/ 05/ 2019

It may become crystal clear to you exactly what needs to shift and where your focus needs to be, if you want to achieve the success through creativity and communication that matters so much to you. Despite your great determination to do things your way, you may find yourself connecting with the much bigger picture and seeing things completely differently. Br grateful, looking at things in new ways will help you to get past your fear of failure and rejection, while your determination will help you to stay focussed on your goals. It’s great that you can offer a fresh approach to problems but try to be more diplomatic if others express concern. Be careful with your teasing and light hearted pranks, it may not be obvious to others just how sensitive you are.

Numerology for 11/ 05/ 2019

You always like to be one step ahead, but may feel stuck in emotion. Instead of trying to work out why, perhaps focus on doing what feels right, accepting change and responsibility. You may feel extremely sensitive and fragile so it is important to try not to take anything personally. Try to engage with the bigger picture and to think in terms of helping others.  You have great breadth of vision and know you have important things to say.  Be patient with yourself and make sure those who support you know just how much they are appreciated.

Numerology for 10/ 05/ 2019

You may have an important decision to make and may feel everything is coming up to be dealt with at once. You may feel on your own with regard to this, but go into the quiet and you will know you are not. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself, go into the quiet and you will know when to go forward and when to retreat. Know there is wisdom that comes from your feelings and emotions. Despite your great determination, allow yourself occasionally to let go trust and express the beauty

Numerology for 09/ 05/ 2019

You may be determined to get your message across, through your actions as well as your words. So, let up a bit on the intensity of your judgements and try to see things from the point of view of others. Try to be patient and consider your words carefully. You have great determination and a powerful intellect, but you may find there are some patterns here that you want to transform. Accept change and responsibility. Peace and harmony can sometimes be more important than being right.

Numerology for 08/ 05/ 2019

You may have great ideas but may doubt yourself and feel beset with obstacles. You may find you have to just go with the flow, but know that if your heart is in what you are doing there is the potential for great intuition and synchronicity. You have great will power and may have to focus on just keeping a lid on your emotions, if your true voice is to be heard. Others may be trying to impose their way of doing things on you, as well as their fears, so try to lighten up and focus on now. Dedicate everything to the highest good and believe you can turn things around, not just for yourself, but to show others it can be done.

Numerology for 07/ 05/ 2019

You may feel you are pushing down lots of emotion, to focus on harmony in your home and trying to ensure everyone around you is happy. Step back, recognise how much you have already done and take a rest. Let up on your demands, today is a good day for co-operative ventures, communication of all kinds and above all fun. Accept yourself as you are and be kind to yourself, focus on what makes you happy and you may realise miraculously that everyone around you is happy. You may be extremely open to emotion and soul today and this can be very positive. Changing how you view things can change everything …

Numerology for 06/ 05/ 2019

You may feel totally inspired with lots of ideas you want to make real. You may feel pulled in different directions as a result and may ultimately find it’s about the journey from the head to the heart. Try not to be too explosive and focus on keeping a handle on your emotions, as you may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself. Focus on putting your own house in order and uplifting others with your vision. Working with others to just focus on ideas that are viable and practical may be the answer …

Numerology for 05/ 05/ 2019

Make the decision to break through some barriers and find the courage to do things in new ways. There may be an emotional intensity that is difficult for others to handle. Perhaps leave those around you for a while and step away from the drama. Focus on making your plans a reality and visualise where you want to get to, rather than focus on the obstacles that may be right in fount of you. More importantly deal with the true reason for all the emotion that is coming up and let others come to their own conclusions.