Numerology for 08/ 04/ 2021

You may want to be working with others to make the world a better place and may feel overwhelmed when not always able to do things your way. Your truth may be very important to you, but rather than do ‘drama queen’ master your emotions and try to work with others more. Make the best of where you are, get to know how others feel and this may help you to get to the bottom of things. Make time to reflect and make some changes. You can only help others’, when you have it together yourself.

Numerology for 07/ 04/ 2021

You may want to infuse everyone with your new solutions but may find that not everyone is as enthusiastic as you are. Again you may have to try not to overwhelm others, instead, give them space and time to decide for themselves. It may help you greatly to stay focussed and grounded. Don’t take it personally, if others do not respond as you would like, keep the flow of your energy steady and try not to waste energy on drama and rebellion.

Numerology for 06/ 04/ 2021

You may want to bring in new structures to help transform things and you can be quite ruthless about getting what you want. Rather than overwhelm people with your energy try to focus on staying grounded as well as innovative. You may have to ‘get over yourself’ to be open to new thinking, but true freedom and a more profound connection with others may result.

Numerology for 05/ 04/ 2021

You may have tremendous powers of concentration and may be very direct and forthright in your approach and your communications, but even you occasionally may need to take stock and perhaps allow yourself to think in new ways. You have the potential to lead the way with the word and it may be time to share some of your ideas and listen to others more, maybe taking their advice. Rather than feel unsettled, try talking about your problems as well as your successes, sharing joys and sorrows, there are times also when walking away is not such a bad idea.

Numerology for 04/ 04/ 2021

There may be obstacles and you may feel stuck, but master your emotions, get past your fear and allow yourself to become inspired again – you have the potential to transform everything. Every moment is a new beginning and now may be a good time to push through with your great creativity. Just, keep a handle on your impulsiveness and beware of glamour and quick fixes …

Numerology for 03/ 04/ 2021

You may be focussed on getting the job done and may feel this means ordering and controlling your environment, when in fact ‘hands off let it happen’ may be more appropriate. You may know exactly how you want things to be done, but you are not indispensable and you don’t have to be at the centre of things for everything to work out. Spend time with yourself for a while perhaps focus on plans that may have been on the back burner. Try to look at things differently, ideally working and communicating with others more.  

Numerology for 02/ 04/ 2021

You are extremely idealistic and may want to inspire others to think in new ways, making the journey from the head to the heart. You may have to be realistic, idealism is admirable, but it doesn’t pay the bills. You may feel pulled in different directions, as well as pushed out of your comfort zone, but stay positive. Don’t get stuck trying to achieve perfection and blaming the world because it’s not living up to your expectations. Master your emotions and listen to others, even what they say may seem negative, it may be valuable if you give it some thought. Focus on being inspired and creative yourself, ideally doing work that you love. Always remember that by thinking in new ways you can change everything.

Numerology for 01/ 04/ 2021

Beware of taking on too much and putting yourself under time limits and pressures. Make time to relax and have fun, as well as work. Structure and your great sense of duty may be important to you, but so is freedom. You may have lots of ideas and may want to explore your creativity as well as new ways of doing thangs. You may find you have to push through barriers to be yourself and to do things in your own way, but this may be worth it if new beginnings in new territory result with the potential to share your vision with others.

Numerology for 31/ 03/ 2021

You may be a fighter with relentless determination, who wants to get ahead no matter what, but you can also be very up and down with your ideas, as deep down you may doubt yourself. You can hang on in there for the duration, but today you may find you have to just focus on the essentials of what you want to achieve. If so, let others help you to see the lighter side of things. Also, if your heart is in what you are doing, you may be able to get past your frustration to allow great intuition and synchronicity to happen. Maintain your emotional control as well as the courage to do things in your own way and you may find you are also able to communicate with others in a whole new way.

Numerology for 30/ 03/ 2021

You can be uncompromising in your vision and totally devoted to your cause. You can be volatile and passionate, with an intense imagination. It may be important that you stay grounded and focussed, as you can be easily distracted. Find the courage also to be yourself and don’t be so anxious to explain, others can understand for themselves, especially when they start to witness breakthroughs as a result of your prolific creativity.