Numerology for 14/ 03/ 2019

It may become crystal clear to you today, what needs to shift and it may be a challenge for you to see things as others do. You may want to share your truth, inspiring others to think in new ways and you may feel impatient for your plans to be realised. Understand that your environment as a reflection of what you feel inside and just you thinking in new ways has a ripple effect, touching the lives of all those around you, so stay respectful and positive, there is no need for drama. Everything is relative and can be seen from many perspectives, so try to take this into account, accepting change and responsibility. Listen and share with others but understand that the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Numerology for 13/ 03/ 2019

There may be obstacles today and you may feel a bit stuck with regard to your plans. Embracing change and going with the flow may be very important for you today. You may have to just focus on the core of what you are trying to achieve, but your great sense of responsibility, not allowing you to let anyone down, may help you to ensure you do deliver and there is the potential for transformation along the way. Be thankful to obstacles, they can help you grow, instilling grit as well as pride when you turn things around. Obstacles can be humbling and can help you connect with others in whole new ways. Try to be more patient and positive, find the courage to be yourself and to do things in your own way. Admitting ignorance from time to time can be liberating.

Numerology for 12/ 03/ 2019

While you may always put others first and be devoted to a cause, you may also be a perfectionist who has a tendency to scatter energy. You can be very hard on yourself, trying to make everything perfect and focused on the practical, when there is a side of you that is quite the dreamer. Undaunted by risky ventures and you may like to leap into situations most people would avoid. You may secretly enjoy shocking others, but today may be a day to acknowledge just how sensitive you are and focus on finding the harmony within. Try not to put energy into ‘putting everything right ‘and the frustration this may cause. Focus instead on seeing the beauty without the perfection and making time for yourself.

Numerology for 11/ 03/ 2019

However much you may prefer working on your own today, you may find that you have to work with others. You may think that others distract you from your goals, but it could be that you are a bit too concerned with your plans and your goals. Friends and work colleagues can help you to lighten up, what might be a very intense side to you and they may also encourage you to be more spontaneous. Today you may be very unsettled, but with a little help from your friends there could be great fun and spontaneity too.

Numerology for 10/ 03/ 2019

You may feel quite deep and emotional today. You may find yourself questioning what you truly want to do with your life and you may feel a bit stuck. Helping others may help you to connect to a much bigger picture and may help you to feel lots better. Be grateful to obstacles too, as they connect you to others and can help you to focus your expansive energies. Other people may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you, but no one can tell you how to think. Stay positive and totally believe you can get to where you want to be, even though right now the way forward may not be clear.

Numerology for 09/ 03/ 2019

You are curious about everything and may want to get to the bottom of things, cutting through all illusion, in the search for your truth. You make plans and have a powerful intellect, but you are also open to distraction of all kinds and need to be where there is laughter. You have the potential to make your ideas real if you can master your emotions and work with others more. Don’t get caught up in disappointment if things don’t go according to plan. What matters more is being open to new ways of doing things and having the courage to go as far as you can.

Numerology for 08/ 03/ 2019

It may become clear to you what’s standing in the way of progress and what your next move needs to be. You may have to do things your own way and this can mean not conforming. Try not to hurt yourself or others ‘doing what you have to do’ – may be ‘tone it down a bit’ and resist the lure of escapes and travel. You may want to inspire others to think in new ways and may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself. You may be very impatient and may have to lighten up, focussing on one step at a time, rather than be overwhelmed by the enormity of your plans and the frustrations this may bring.

Numerology for 07/ 03/ 2019

You may find an inner calm and an acceptance of all the highs and lows, but still you very much want to make your vision real. Your presence can bring peace, when you find the harmony inside, but if you are not at peace yourself you may find yourself in the middle of a conflict zone. So, find a way to express your thoughts and allow others into your private world. Share the laughter and allow friends to help you to make decisions and to encourage you to take action to make your plans a reality. It doesn’t have to be you against the world, so try go with the flow more and try not to take anything personally or to put energy into frustration. Be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focused and connected to others. With your great breadth of vision you can focus on the expanse of space beyond the brick wall that may be right in front of you, believe you can transform things and big projects can result. Friendship also moves onto a whole new level and truly means something when you come out the other end together.

Numerology for 06/ 03/ 2019

Express the beauty – but try to stay practical, grounded and focused on the essentials. Discover the real source of your power and how to use this constructively. Focus on structure and building something solid, taking physical action to get to the bottom of things. At the same time, acknowledge how sensitive you are. You may feel fragile, but sometimes you have to move on, no matter how painful the separation may be. If you have to, let go with love, stay positive and work with others as much as possible. In following your plans through you may have make decisions without emotion and this may mean cutting the veil of illusion.

Numerology for 05/ 03/ 2019

You may want to bring in new thinking and may be able to see exactly what needs to shift for progress to happen. You may also feel very up and down and there may be a great deal of emotion. Be kind to yourself, stay positive and try to work with others more. Your piercing insights have great impact, but so do simple acts of kindness. Regulate rather than be driven by your intense energy. It is your intention behind your thoughts or actions that truly count.