Numerology for 12/ 09/ 2019

There may be a lot of emotion involved with re-evaluating and letting go in some way today, possibly giving something up to serve a bigger higher purpose. Be aware that not everyone will be happy about this and it is important to see things as others do. You may be biting off more than you can chew, so working with others could help you greatly today, even though they may not understand the depth of your feelings and you may prefer to work on your own. Try to moderate your workaholic tendencies and see the lighter side of things. It may be more effective to communicate your profound truths in a light-hearted and fun sort of way ….

Numerology for 11/ 09/ 2019

You may feel forced in to making an important decision today and this may require a great deal of weighing up in order to understand both sides of the situation. You may feel as though you have been ‘sleep walking’ and that you have suddenly woken up. Even though you may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself, if so try not to put any energy into comparing yourself with others, feeling you don’t measure up and that you are not good enough. Get a grip on your moodiness and try to see things as others do, focusing on the practical and trying to stay one step ahead…

Numerology for 10/ 09/ 2019

Finding a balance between work and home responsibilities can be a major preoccupation for you today and there may be a struggle to be independent and self-confident. Despite being very single minded and wanting to be seen as in charge, you may feel very distracted by others trying to impose their thinking on you, as things come up to be dealt with. Despite the obstacles you may want to speak for those who have no voice and to truly transform things. . You have important things to say and your own private goals so try not to get too distracted.

Numerology for 09/ 09/ 2019

It’s important that you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and try also not to make things too complicated.
Make time for reflection and try to see things as others do. Find your real abilities and act on them with the courage to truly be yourself. This may bring up a lot of emotion and you may realise just how impractical some of your ideas are, you may also be holding onto a structure that has gone. Worry and fear can eat you up if you let it … but life’s too short … so despite the complications … recognise what will make you happy and go for it

Numerology for 08/ 09/ 2019

You may feel pushed into new territory, but you can still see exactly what needs to shift and can be very direct in your communications. You may want everyone to share your point of view, but your ideas are not always easy for others to accept. You are very sensitive and there can be a fear of failure, but rather than hide this, let others breathe a bit and don’t push too hard. It is important you see things as others do and that you try to maintain emotional control, as well as flexibility and breadth of vision. Living your truth may be important to you, so strive to be yourself as much as possible, expressing your great sensitivity and listening to others, no matter what.

Numerology for 07/ 09/ 2019

You will not give up until you achieve what you have set out to achieve and this battle can captivate you. You have the potential to rise above great transience and change, to do things in new ways and to make your vision real. You are capable of great success and great frustration. Others may disappoint you, until you learn to see things as they do and to find the courage to truly be yourself, rather than who you may feel you have to be to achieve the success that matters so much to you. Allow yourself to calm down and go with the flow more, develop your creativity and inspiration. There is no easy way to achieve all that you what to, but luck is with you if you cultivate hope and stay positive.

Numerology for 06/ 09/ 2019

You can be very sensitive with an intensity of idealism and zeal, despite a massive struggle to be independent and self-confident you may want to express the beauty, uplifting others with your kindness. Life may be unpredictable but it’s important to follow your heart and allow yourself to be inspired to think in new ways. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and try to focus on building solidly, just be prepared to go with the flow, possibly letting go of your cherished illusions along the way …

Numerology for 05/ 09/ 2019

You may have lots of ideas that you want to make real, but you may have to be patient. Getting what you want is not always just a matter of determination and plans – you also have to direct your talents towards something you truly believe in, something that is practical and viable. Perhaps look within and rather than focus on making changes on the outside and feeling you have to fight for everything. Accept change and responsibility.

Numerology for 04/ 09/ 2019

You may want to transform things, not just for yourself, but for others and although your focus may be structure, organisation, security and stability, you may find you have to go with the flow more than you would like, in your efforts to stay one step ahead. Understand that change has to start on the inside and that it’s ultimately about building the inner temple.

Numerology for 03/ 09/ 2019

There may be a letting go at some point today, as you may realise your heart and soul has to be in whatever you are doing and you just have to be yourself, doing things in your own way. You may also come to realise that you cannot impose your beliefs on others and it is important to see things as others do, as your ideas may be impractical. Be more open with others and they can help you confront your own self-doubts. Perhaps take the time to explain to others what you are trying to achieve and how you plan to get there. Co-operative ventures could help you greatly today, especially if you are feeling pushed out of your comfort zone.