Numerology for 04/ 08/ 2020

You may want to build something solid and unstoppable based on your beliefs, but not everyone will be receptive to your ideas. You may find you have to make the best of where you are and go with the flow more than you would like. You may be impatient to do things in your own way and may find that mastering your emotions and working in subtle ways helps you greatly. If you take the decision to speak your truth rather than say what others want to hear, try to be tactful, seeing things as others do. Try to channel your rebelliousness in a positive direction and work with others more. Being considerate of others, may also mean you are less likely to be ignored.

Numerology for 03/ 08/ 2020

You may hate the mundane and may dream of another life, but be grateful to the mundane, it keeps you grounded, connected to others and focused on what’s viable, as well as focused on one step at a time. Rather than put energy into frustration, try to transform your thinking and see things as others do. Give yourself space, be open to new ways of thinking and there may be a breakthrough. With both feet firmly on the ground, reach for the stars but with a more practical and realistic perspective.

Numerology for 02/ 08/ 2020

You may feel unsettled but find the courage to be yourself and you may find life moves you to where you are needed. Truly listen, see things as others do, keep your words clear and simple and you may find you truly get your message across. You may have a powerful intellect with great emotional control, but your sensitivity is still your greatest strength. So, trust your inner voice and not just what you hear on the outside. You can be very stubborn, but let others help you, you may find co-operative ventures with a more subtle approach are more effective and big projects may result … “Who Dares Wins”  

Numerology for 01/ 08/ 2020

You may be determined to bring others around to your point of view, but, you are the only boss you will tolerate and you can be highly adept at defending yourself with words, so a great deal of re-evaluation may be required. Despite your apparent self-sufficiency you are dependent on others and so you should try not to cut yourself off from them. You have a gift for seeing your world in a crystal-clear fashion and understanding the fundamental nature of things, but you can bring out the best in others as well as the worst. If you are holding onto a structure that has gone, now might be a good time to let go with love and embrace the new. Whatever you decide to do, it is important you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations.

Numerology for 31/ 07/ 2020

Despite your planning and your relentless determination, you may have to ‘get real’ about the best way to take care of others. You are very practical, and while you may know that you can’t impose your beliefs on others, not being able to inspire others to think in new ways may cause you deep frustration. If things are not going according to plan, it may be time to transform your thinking. You may find that if you share your insights, the resulting communications could be very positive. It is your intention that counts, so don’t get stuck feeling sorry for yourself, move on. Stay focused and take a deep breathe before responding. Try to put yourself in the driving seat, not taking anything personally and choosing how you respond, rather than have emotion drive you all over the place

Numerology for 30/ 07/ 2020

Today you may feel everything is being stirred up at a profound level to bring about change. As a result you may feel very unsettled as you may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself, you may also want stability and security as well as freedom and you may find the words pour out of you. Try to embrace change by being open and accepting of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Today is not just about the physical, it’s potentially about inner transformation – building your inner temple, as well as the outer. Try to stay focused on where you want to get to without putting energy into frustration. Listen to your inner voice but try also to see things as others do. Believe in yourself and stay focused on where you want to get to  …

Numerology for 29/ 07/ 2020

There may be obstacles and others may be trying to impose their thinking on you, but the obstacles may also they keep you grounded focused and connected to others. You also have great breadth of vision and the potential to see beyond the brick wall that may be right in front of you, to the place you want to get to. There may be a fear of not being good enough, but at the same time you may want to be organised and seen to be in charge. Friends who encourage you could make a huge difference today. Rather than lamenting that things are not as you would like them to be, work with what you’ve got, dedicating everything to the higher good. Helping others may help you to realise just how strong you are and just how much can be achieved working together

Numerology for 28/ 07/ 2020

You have great will power and focus when getting to the truth and inspiring others to look at things from a new perspective. Master your considerable emotion, especially with regard to doing things in your own unique way and you can be quite unstoppable, but it doesn’t have to be you against the world. Try not to get frustrated if things do not go according to plan and if those around you do not respond as you would like. Find the courage to truly be yourself and try to think in terms of ‘who dares win’. Perhaps look inward, as the freedom you are looking for may be of the spiritual kind and ‘winning’ can sometimes mean losing.

Numerology for 27/ 07/ 2020

There is a potential for a breakthrough today if you can stop focusing on getting every detail right and allow yourself to go with the flow. Connecting to the bigger picture in this way, may help you simplify things and recognise what needs to change. Your great sensitivity may feel like a burden, but it is one of your greatest strengths, so trust your intuition and try not to put so much energy into frustration at the shortcomings of life. Be honest about your real needs and wants and try not to agonise over decisions to be made, there will never be a perfect time for action, it is your intention that matters. Stay focused as well as open to new ways of thinking and there is a potential for new solutions to result.

Numerology for 26/ 07/ 2020

You are very practical and want to help others as much as possible, to bring in new structures to suit new ideals. You can be very devoted to your cause and have great ‘staying power’ as well as a strong personality. Your independence is very important to you and it’s important that in amongst caring for others you get back to the essence of who you truly are, allowing yourself to make a difference in your own unique way. There may be a lot coming up to be dealt with and a great deal of re-evaluation may be needed, know this may take you into new territory and may result in great creativity, if you can follow your heart. Just try to remember in this process to cultivate patience, humility and humanity, allowing others to do the same.