Diane McCann – Founder of Vibrational Sound Therapy

“I’ve always been fascinated with numerology, especially after having a basic reading a couple of years ago which intrigued me further. Working with energy and vibration myself means for me personally the vibrational energy of numerology just resonates so deeply for me. My quest to understand more about my numerology blueprint led me to find the wonderful Jane. After speaking to Jane, I decided to have a personal and a business reading. The readings were very detailed, and provided me with a greater in-depth understanding of both myself and my business, providing aha moments, clarity, visions and confirmations. The detail Jane is able to give is amazing. You literally watch your life unfold before your very eyes. For me numerology is so the way forward, in helping you to stay in flow with your energy template and navigate your journey in life. Jane is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, kind, inspiring, helpful and full of wisdom. I will definitely be working with Jane in the future and can totally recommend her and her services. I’m so glad our paths have crossed! “

Kitty Waters founder of Kitty Talks

“I am about to launch my next business and it is important to me that I not only make a difference on the planet but also fulfil what I am here to do on earth. Working with Jane helped me understand myself and my mission at a deeper level and gave me confidence that my mission is divinely guided.

Jane gives you so much info in such a short space of time her goodness shines through you can see she really wants you to get as much clarity as possible from your session. Nothing is random it all has meaning as she says you only get your numbers done once so do them well!”

Sarah Grant, Image Consultant

“Have just had a numerology session with Jane Alton wow wow wow it was amazing. I have always known this year was my year to full fill my heart and my session with Jane has just confirmed it. It has given me more confidence to get out there and do what the universe is asking of me . I would highly recommend seeing Jane” .

Tom Wells, Director Kelwel Developments 

“Jane Alton gave me some excellent insights into my personal journey and also assisted with a company name and incorporation date. Each time we spoke, Jane used her skills with precision and kindness and I’m really happy with the help I received. We spent many hours discussing the numbers and even after my sessions were completed, Jane was still replying to emails, going further and beyond to get the job done”

Sami B, Founding Director of Becoming Psychic Ltd, Presenter of Becoming Psychic Show, Editor of Becoming Psychic Magazine

“I was given a Numerology reading by Jane Alton in May 2014, at first I will be honest I wasn’t sure what it would be like or even if it would work, so when Jane began to tell me about my numbers and how they affected my life, I began to become a lot less sceptical. It was as if Jane had been with me all of my life right there beside me, everything she was telling me was so accurate it was scary, not only did Jane do a personal Numerology reading for me, she also did one for my business and my relationship, with a chart covering every aspect so I could follow along as she talked. It was an amazing experience and I am now a true believer that numbers really do run alongside our everyday lives and we should take more note of them. I am also looking forward to seeing the predictions from Jane and the numbers for what I have been told is coming up, but I have no doubt everything is going to be true after all she couldn’t have been more spot on with my past and present”.

Sami B, Founding Director of Becoming Psychic Ltd, Presenter of Becoming Psychic Show, Editor of Becoming Psychic Magazine

Karen Bashford Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master  

“I meet Jane at a ladies networking event and as Numerology has always held a fascination for me, I decided to find out more.
Jane was able to advise me within less than a minute from my name and date of birth, some very interesting and relevant points. I have always felt there was a part of me which was missing, which I was searching for. As soon as Jane started speaking I was hooked and I booked a reading there and then!
I provided Jane with various names and dates of people and events which have shaped my life. From those dates and names Jane obtain some amazing facts. I was absolutely stunned by the amount of information it is possible to be given.
Jane spent two hours explaining and clarifying to me facts which made so much sense. I now know why people and events were important to me.  I have a clear picture of where I am at the present and where I need to go for the future. As well as having an understanding of why things happened in the way they did.
Thank you so much Jane, for an exceedingly insightful and enjoyable reading. Because of Jane some fantastic changes have already started to take place in my life and I am looking forward to even more!”

Sal Parkes of Salparkes.com

“I met Jane a couple of years back at one of her workshops and her insight into numbers impressed me back then! I decided to have a full consultation with Jane recently as I’m at a major crossroads in my life and it was one of the best investments I could have made. The amount of work and commitment Jane puts into preparing your reading and consultation is mind blowing; excessive generosity, true professionalism and a clear passion for what she does clearly shines through.
Her consultation was personal and delivered with warmth and compassion, although inspiring and uplifting Jane also makes you aware of the challenges and areas to work on in order to fulfil your highest potential. I felt back on track and confident in the direction of my business as she confirmed my intuitive hunches with her spot on insight into my numbers.
As somebody who has had numerous psychic, astrological readings etc… I can wholeheartedly say Jane Alton deserves her title as the UK’s No. 1 Numerologist! Thank you for doing what you do :)”.

Lysbeth Hix of Partnering Parents

“I met Jane at a business women’s lunch. she heard that I worked with parents and their children and she had the insight to realise that her work could well compliment mine.
To give me an idea of what she did she mapped out a relationship chart of my family just by giving me their names and dates of birth. I was astounded that every single statement about each member of the family was absolutely correct.
She did the same for a family I was working with just by christian names and dates of birth. I was thus able to gain an insight into the family dynamics I never would have had otherwise and was able to bring the family to have a much greater understanding of each other.
I thoroughly recommend Jane to anyone who is looking for a greater clarity in their life or business”.