Numerology for 05/ 01/ 2019

The truth may become crystal clear to you in some way today and you may take the decision to act on this. You may be determined and a great planner, but you may have to be more spontaneous than you would like. You may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and now may be the time to focus on the much bigger picture. Not one to be kept down for long, you’re very resilient and resourceful, with a great capacity for comebacks. It is important that you stay positive and remain a team player as much as possible. Don’t get stuck dwelling in the past and don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Open to the spiritual and you may be able to let go more easily of all that is unproductive, so allowing your world to expand so you can express the beauty.

The challenge for 2019 which is to look at the bigger picture and focus much more on working together to find new solutions and new ways of doing things.

The 9 in 2019 can mean standing back from things, extracting the wisdom and letting go of all that’s unproductive. The 19 also represents the correct use of power i.e. ‘new age type leaders’ emerging who are less focused on themselves and more about ‘taking everyone with them’ and achieving success so they can help others.

We are also at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius which is about the brotherhood of man and with the 2 at the front of the year, as more and more people are born with a 2 in their chart a more diplomatic, sensitive approach is encouraged and as we start to see both sides of situations true compassion and ‘soft power’ can emerge.

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