Numerology for 09/ 01/ 2021

You are ambitious and capable of devoting all your energies to getting to the top, but you can at times also doubt yourself. If so, you may find today you take the decision to change your thinking and to take your dream on for everyone, making the best of where the wind takes you. This bring said don’t allow your ambition to lead you away from the best in you, working with others is important. Remain open to advice and take what others say about you seriously. Winning and being right are not the only things that matter, it is your behaviour as a human being that truly counts  …

The 20s in 2020 encourages everyone to take their time, working in more subtle ways to get every detail right, employing great care, thoroughness and consideration.

We are also at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius which is about the brotherhood of man and the two 2s now in the year, encourage a more diplomatic, sensitive approach. As we start to see both sides of situations true compassion and ‘soft power’ can potentially emerge.

The challenge for 2021 is to think in new ways and embrace change, while staying focussed, as there may be extremes of emotion in amongst some brilliant ideas. It may be important to stay grounded and focussed on ideas that are viable, in amongst lots of ups and downs.

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