Numerology for 10/ 01/ 2022

You may feel you need time and space away from the drama, to listen to your inner voice, before making a realistic assessment of your situation. If you are using your intellect to try and get to the bottom of things, you may feel you are going round and round in circles. It may be about connecting directly with spirit and doing what feels right. This may mean distancing yourself from the expectations of others. If necessary, try sharing some of your ideas with others, but keep things light and fun. Perhaps take a back seat for a while, allow yourself to be guided, by doing what feels right and enjoy the ride. Try not to put too much energy into trying to figure it all out intellectually … You need to be moving forward, not going round in circles …

The challenge for 2022 is to take responsibility and to start to bring in new structures that ideally will serve everyone.

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