Numerology for 15/ 08/ 2022

You are a born leader and a great organiser, who may not be concerned with the petty details, you like to focus on the much bigger picture. You may be a perfectionist with great emotional control, but not everyone may share your confidence. You want to be seen as in charge, but this may have to start with real teamwork, so listen to others when they try to explain their feelings. Command true respect and don’t isolate yourself. Be patient with yourself and others, try to see the lighter side of things. You don’t have to fight for everything, every moment you have a choice – your way is not the only way. Give yourself space to think in new ways, you may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. You may need to know what is right for you before you fight for this, (even if this means accepting the truth of others).

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