Numerology for 21/ 06/ 2022

You may want to be the centre of attention and may be a powerful communicator, but you may also be very impatient, with lots of emotion you find difficult to express. Your great sensitivity may feel like a heavy burden and may mean you place your confidence with the wrong people. Instead, connecting to your heart and acknowledging just how sensitive you are may be key for you today. Trusting the wisdom, you have gained from experience, as well as wisdom that comes from your feelings and emotions may stop you from being so overwhelming and controlling. Listening to your inner wisdom may also help you acknowledge how exhausted you are and so encourage you to use your energies more constructively. Standing back from things and letting go of all you no longer need to carry and all that no longer serves you, may result in great creativity. Inner transformation is the only way to transform our environment, ensuring our words come from a profound place and are truly about helping others.

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