Numerology for 22/ 02/ 2021

You may have a great sense of duty and can be quite ruthless about getting what you want. Allowing yourself space to think in new ways may help you get past your fear of failure or rejection and allow you to go with the flow. You can be extremely impressionable, so try also to ensure also that you do not place your confidence with the wrong people. Don’t be so demanding of yourself and others and try to be more patient. There are no quick fixes and it may be a matter of just focussing on the practical and mastering your emotions. Not everyone wants to be mothered, not everyone has worthy ideals and goals and you cannot impose your beliefs on others. So, instead of focussing on others make time to do things that ‘fill you back up again’ and you may realise just how amazingly creative you are. Inspire yourself to think in new ways and you will be better able to inspire others.

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