Numerology for 22/ 03/ 2020

Despite lots of emotion and a fear of failure and rejection, you may have to go with the flow more than you would like. While keeping things practical and light, stay focused on your goal but try to move more slowly, with diplomacy and patience. You have great emotional control and may see patterns around you that need to change, you may be placing your confidence with the wrong people – this may mean that you act as a catalyst, affecting the lives of others in a profound way. Your energy is explosive and you have to remember that self-control comes from inner discipline. If you don’t confront what is bothering you, anger and frustration can build up. So focus on dealing with what’s really bothering you and try to keep things simple. Above all, find the courage to truly be yourself, then rebuild, doing things in your own way and time, bit by bit inspiring yourself and others to think in new ways, with new solutions.

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