Numerology for 25/ 01/ 2022

You may feel pushed intro action, as you think on your feet and try to stay one step ahead. You may be a natural networker and the words may pour out of you, but there may be lots of emotions also that you may find difficult to express. Despite lots of activity you may feel you are on the outside, looking at things in a different way to others. If so, it may be important that you listen as well as speak, keeping everything, (especially your words) as clear and simple as possible. Patience and balance may be key. You may feel closer to making your vision real as you find yourself thinking in new ways. If so, learn to embrace change, learn when to push, when to pull and when to do nothing. Keep your spirits high and your focus on the future. Know that without the struggles’ life would be less meaningful. Our struggles also connect us to others in whole new ways, teaching us all compassion.

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