Numerology for 26/ 01/ 2020

You are very sensitive today and may feel tested, as there may be a lot brought to the surface for you to deal with. Others may be trying to impose their thinking on you and no matter how much you achieve you may feel you are not getting anywhere. Take time out to connect to the bigger picture, know that beyond the brick wall that may be in front of you is the most amazing expanse of space – focus on getting there … Look within and you may find the joy again as well as the way forward. Cultivate your human side as well as your great creativity. Learn to relax and enjoy yourself. See life as an experience not a sacrifice. Admitting weakness sometimes lightens your burden. Be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed and can potentially connect you to others in a whole new way. Work together to transform things, not just for yourselves but for everyone …

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