Numerology for 27/ 07/ 2022

You may want to insist on your way of doing things but may find you have to stop focusing on getting every detail right and cooperate with others if you are to move forward. Connecting to others may help you to connect with the bigger picture and go with the flow more. This may, may help you to simplify things and recognise what needs to change. Your great sensitivity may feel like a burden, but it is one of your greatest strengths, so trust your intuition and try not to put so much energy into frustration. Be honest about your real needs and try not to agonise over decisions to be made, there will never be a perfect time for action, it is your intention that matters. So, accept change and responsibility, stay focused as well as open to new ways of thinking and there is a potential for new solutions to be found, as you work with others in new ways.

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