Numerology for 27/ 09/ 2019

You are a perfectionist who may feel plagued by doubts and insecurities. You may be expecting too much of yourself and may be focused on trying to make everything right on the outside. You may do well to examine how your career is shaping your nature. You may be determined to make your ideas real and you won’t be told what to do, but your ideas may be impractical and you may feel it’s all down to you to make them happen. Look within and you will find there is great wisdom to be found in your feelings and emotions. It is important that you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and try to see things as others do, by listening to their advice. Happiness is there for you, if you can find the courage to truly be yourself, focusing on all you truly love – this may bring up a lot of emotion and you may have to face your greatest fears in the process but by getting out of the way this can happen.

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