Numerology for Years and Dates

Title: The New £20 Note & Artist JMW Turner

The new plastic Bank of England £20 notes came into circulation on 20 February 2020 and will eventually replace the paper £20 notes still in use. They are made from a plastic polymer like the new £5 and £10 denominations, which is said to be more durable, cleaner and secure than paper. The improved security features include further steps being taken against counterfeiting with 2 windows and 2 colour foil.

There is lots of 2 energy represented here, which may bring painful feelings of separateness, but is ultimately about looking deeper to find truth and  share it, to develop something new after a period of time.

Turner was known as ‘the painter of light’ as his paintings of landscapes and seascapes conveyed great emotion and passion. Sometimes turbulent and often violent, his seascapes connect directly with the 2 energy, which in Numerology is represented by the element of water.

Rather than communicate what was seen in the physical realm, Turner was about communicating the energetic essence of the scene, alive with emotion and movement, making the spiritual come alive in a flat, physical form. Turner’s paintings brought in new thinking with regard to painting and a new art movement.

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Title: – 2019 as seen from the Perspective of the Tetrktys

The Tetraktys is an ancient symbol which can be interpreted in many ways, and can be applied as a visual representation of the journey for the number 1. This can be used to illustrate how powerful 2019 may be, as we come to the end of karmic years.

On a planetary level we are witnessing everything coming up to be transformed, and it is perhaps no co-incidence that 19 in terms of Numerology represents the correct use of power.

On one level these are scary times, but we are also privileged to witness shifts that will potentially impact everyone. Such shifts only occur once every one thousand years.

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