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The ‘Lions Gate Portal’ – Monday, 8/ 8/ 2022

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, you may be interested to know of powerful energies, potentially impacting us all, as ‘The Lions Gate Portal’ opens (as it does each year), from 28 July to 12 August, when the Sun is in Leo and the stars, Sirius, Orions Belt and the Earth all line up.

This movement creates a powerful portal of energy, which peaks on Monday, 8 August 2022.

At its peak, this portal acts as a potent manifester, allowing us to boldly and optimistically open new doors of opportunity.

This portal first opened this year, with the Super New Moon in Leo on 28 July 2022, encouraging us to recognise our personal power and to allow this to manifest itself.

With the New Moon in Leo, those who have been silent, in a non-aggressive, but assertive way may insist on change and may roar. The current European champions, The Lionesses (UK’s Women’s National Soccer team), are a great example of this.

Energies from this portal, are at their peak on Monday 8/ 8/ 2022 and this date is dominated by 8 energy and 2 energy.

The number 8 in numerology represents karma, it is the one number that has no end and on its side represents the symbol for eternity. The number 8 in numerology represents constant movement, as light (or spirit) goes into matter, to re-emerge bringing everything to the surface to be looked at and to be re-evaluated. The 8 represents the strategist and organiser, tirelessly moving back and forth, constantly knocking down and rebuilding. With 8 energy balance between the material and spiritual realms becomes key and we may feel forced into action.

A double 8 represents ‘the masters of karma’ and a generator, bringing everything up to be re-evaluated. This energy can make us feel ‘back at square one’ as it may feel that everything is being brought up to the surface to be looked at and we may feel we have to constantly decide ‘do I take this with me? do I want to think like this? or do I let this go?’.

The number 2 in numerology represents relating to others, while trying to balance the emotional seesaw of union and separation. With the number 2 we have separation for the first time (1 1) and the opportunity to look at ourselves, to explore opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects, to find balance as we explore existing boundaries and extremes.

Three 2s can encourage intense emotion and hypersensitivity. This may result in wanting to isolate ourselves, as we may feel vulnerable. We may also distrust our intuition and may feel very defensive. Ultimately, we may find we need to appreciate, consider, and co-operate with others more, as together we may feel forced out of our comfort zones, perhaps forced to confront things we don’t want to look at and encouraged collectively, to think in new ways.

Looking at this date in more detail –

8      8      2022  6                                                 First Goal (8 + 8)         = 16/   7
                                                                                 Inner Work (2+2+2)   =   6/   6
        16            24                                                   Life Path or Mission = 22/ 13/ 4

         7              6



The energy 88 takes us to 16/ 7, as the movement encourages us to look within (7), to focus again on finding our truth and our will (1) to realise how best to help others, as well as ourselves (6). Our ‘Inner Work’ (6) is to take responsibility for this, to seek balance and harmony.

By going within (7) and taking responsibility (6) for the new world we choose to create, there is the potential for transformation and rebirth (13/ 4). 13/ 4 in numerology represents ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ as great creativity (3) pushes against the existing will (1) and the existing structure (4) to transform things and ultimately bring in new structures.

The Life Path or Mission that comes from this date (22/ 13/ 4) encourages us to all act as ‘Master Builders’ and to build the new world with love and compassion (22/ 4), focussing on what will benefit everyone, not just the few.

On the way to completing our ‘Life Path’ or ‘Mission’ The ‘Rehearsal Number’ (76/ 13/ 4) represents a rise in consciousness for humanity as new concepts (6) born or spirituality (or looking within) (7), encourage new thinking, which brings in creativity (3) and new possibilities (1) that transform existing structures (4).

Looking at the name in terms of Numerology: –

       5   96         1   5   6      1       =   33/   6/   6          Soul Urge or Motivation 
2 8   3     51  7   2   7    92   3    = 49/ 13/   4          Personality    

                                                            82/ 19/ 10/ 1    OSE (Overall Self Expression)

Missing Number = 4

It is significant that the numbers that featured so strongly in the date this portal has strongest impact, also feature in this portal’s name.

The Soul Urge or Motivation 33/ 6, in numerology represents great creativity (33) coming from the heart and striving for perfect harmony (6). Intense 3 energy (33), can also result in feeling so responsible for the happiness of others, that you can give too much, so there can be bitterness too. (6 is also the inner work and 16/ 7 is the First Goal from the date 8/ 8/ 2022)

The Personality (49/ 13/ 4) indicates great creativity (3) pushing through two of the strongest numbers (1, the unstoppable generator and 4 the existing structure), to transform things. 49 can represent the end of an existing cycle (9) and the potential to extract the wisdom from all that has gone before (9), so the existing structure can be transformed to help humanity (9).
(The Life Path or Mission that comes from the date is 22/ 13/ 4, the Rehearsal no. = 76/ 13/ 4).

The Overall Self Expression (OSE 82/ 19/ 10/ 1) represents love wisdom (2) born of massive re-evaluation (8), resulting ultimately in the correct use of power (19/ 10/ 1).

19/ 10/ 1 can also represent a struggle to be independent and self-confident, as those who have been silent for so long, may struggle to find their voice. 19/ 10/ 1 also encourages decisions to be made without emotion, as the 9 must learn detachment in order to stand back and let go of all that is unproductive.

19/ 10 1 can also result in feeling pulled in different directions, (when focussing on self, wanting to help humanity and when focussing on helping humanity ‘how about me’). Ultimately the correct use of power requires breadth of wisdom (9) to influence the smaller self (or ego 1), that may be focussed on the survival of existing structures that they have benefitted from.

Ultimately this Portal is about the journey from the head to the heart, as we help ourselves so we can help others. Ideally, we build on what is already working, discarding all that no longer serves us (the 9 in action). To do this we need to learn detachment, which may be difficult as our motivation may be all heart and may result in us trying to fix everything and make everything work, when our focus needs to be letting go of all that is unproductive.     

Missing from this name is the number 4, this encourages determination and discipline in manifesting our goals. This may bring conflict, as the 4  may be focussed on being systematic, orderly and grounded, focussing on what is viable in order to maintain and build on an existing structure, The 4 is actually one of the most creative numbers if it can get past defending what has been created, to focus on inner transformation and ‘building the inner temple’, not just building on the outside.

As I have described in my previous articles/newsletters we are standing on the cusp of great change. Potentially moving from the masculine 1 energy being our major influence, to feminine 2 energy becoming our major influence.

The masculine 1 energy is dominated by fire and can insist on leading from the front, with one way of doing things. The feminine 2 energy is dominated by water and the moon and prefers to work behind the scenes as the diplomat, facilitator, co-ordinator and the peacemaker. Water can be deceptively cool, peaceful, and reflective, especially when flowing smoothly. Water can also generate tsunamis and floods.

Water may be gentle and peaceful, but it can move mountains …

In summary, I recommend, if possible, on Monday (8/ 8/ 2022), taking time to slow down and ideally to meditate or reflect on your dreams, and how best you can use your unique qualities and experiences to help others and to serve the planet.

We are all in this together!! 

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

Title: Russia and Ukraine from the Perspective of Numerology – March 22

This article follows my previous article “The date 22/ 02/ 2022, Russia and Ukraine”, which was written prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (24/02/2022). In the period between these articles, we have experienced a very intense period of 2 energy. Each date from 20/02/2022 to 28/02/2022 inclusive contains five 2’s, except 22/02/2022 which contains six 2’s and the greatest concentration of 2 energy to date.

Such a concentration of 2 energy can bring enormous sensitivity, encouraging individuals to respond with emotion and be extremely spontaneous and impulsive. Within this period, Russia invaded Ukraine (24/ 02) and the West subsequently introduced sanctions. Towards the end of this period (27/ 02) the assets and travel of named oligarchs and officials were frozen. Additionally, Russian banks were “disconnected from the international financial system” by limiting their access to messaging systems used to transfer money across borders. This action has never been done on such a large scale before. A bond of trust has been broken and the global financial system has been changed forever as a result.

A feature throughout these dates is also 20/ 2 energy, which in Numerology represents ‘The Goddess and the Miracle of Birth’.  Giving birth brings imperative creativity, but also violence, as there is a great focus on survival at all costs and ‘coming out on top’.

After 19 centuries with the 1 at the front of the year and everyone on this planet having a 1 in their charts, structures have been built and reinforced over many years to further strengthen the influence of 1 energy.

The new millennium (from year 2000) brought the potential (000) for us to go back to source (000) and to create new structures with 2 energy at the foundation. This potential grows with the influence of 2 energy becoming stronger with each successive year.

This is a profound shift, the qualities of 1 energy can be very loud, focussed on self, promoting ego and one way of doing things. The 1 encourages leading from the front and on top, controlling and containing, whilst often discouraging expression of emotion or empathy. The 2 energy on the other hand works in more silent, subtle ways. The 2 focuses within and underneath (like Mother Earth) encouraging growth, creativity and expansion through love and compassion.

The 1 energy has the qualities of fire and can be likened to ‘the ignition’ bursting with ambition, leading the way as a pioneer. The 2 energy conversely has the qualities of water and is more of a team player, constantly aware of duality, preferring to work from within as a peace maker, expressing empathy and compassion. Despite this, whilst water can reflect and be still (transparent when pure), water can also bring waves and tsunamis. Water when working with Mother Nature can move mountains.

With the increased influence of 2 energy, we experience separation for the first time (1   1) and have opportunity to see both sides of the situation, to look at ourselves and our impact on our environment. These qualities give 2 energy the propensity to act as a mediator – seeking to restore unity, peace and harmony to the most disparate parts of any situation, trying to balance the emotional seesaw of union and separation.

With this shift, many leaders (most of whom have benefitted from existing structures) are becoming increasingly aware that they have a new type of voter. Many of these leaders have learnt that if they wish to successfully engage with their new voters’ they must adjust their approach and communications accordingly. Currently anyone aged up to 22 may be strongly influenced by 2 energy and as well as being able to vote are often very ‘tech savvy’. The ‘snowflake generation’ has come of age and is now more able to encourage new ways of thinking with their empathy and compassion. Their increasing influence means that collectively we can start to respond in new ways and find new solutions. This may result in our new collective responses bringing existing structures down so new structures can be built, new structures that better reflect and can accommodate the new thinking.

The impact of the 2 energy from 2000 to 2019 was gradual compared to its impact from the year 2020.

In the year 2020, we all experienced separation and isolation due to Covid. During this period we had the opportunity to look at ourselves and our actions with greater awareness and understanding (1   1).  The Soul work for the year 2020 (20 + 2 = 22/ 4) represents the ‘Master Builder’ and can act as a wake-up call, encouraging potential new master builders to emerge. Leaders who are insightful and group centred, encouraging co-operation. Ideally mobilising us all to work for causes greater than individual benefit.

The Soul work for the year 2021 (20 + 2 + 1 = 23/ 5), builds upon our desire to build new structures, potentially encouraging creativity (3) and new thinking (5), all born of the 20/ 2.

The year 2022 further increases the prevalence of 2 energy, especially during February (2) 2022, as we move the furthest we have been so far from the influence of 1 energy. For the first time, 2 energy becomes the dominant energy, with all those up to the age of 21, the most strongly influenced.

The outer expression of the Soul work for the year 2022 (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6), represents alchemy and the potential for new structures (4) to emerge from the watery depths of emotion (20/ 2) we may find ourselves plunged into. The date Russia invaded Ukraine (24/02/ 2022) has 24/ 6 as the starting point as well as 24/ 6, the Soul Work for that year, all in the same day. This potentially bringing to a head the desire for new structures and to break through existing limitations. This date also contains five 2’s and can bring enormous sensitivities as well as confusion.  The inner work to be done this year (2+ 0 + 2+ 2 = 6) encourages us all to take responsibility and embrace change, so a brave new world can emerge. Sacrifice may have been a pivotal theme of this day.

The first goal that comes from this date (24 + 2 = 26/ 8) represents ‘Lord Karma’. This introduces great feelings of responsibility towards others and new higher concepts (6) which are born out of emotion (20/ 2). The 8 represents karma in Numerology and is the one number that has no end (on its side OO this number represents eternity). The 8 ultimately represents the changing of patterns that would otherwise go on forever, ‘As Above, So Below’. The 8 illustrates the constant cycle of spirit or light going deep into matter or darkness, to re-emerge so eventually everything can be brought to the surface, to be looked at in the light of day.

8 represents re-evaluation and balance between spirit and matter because eventually the circles get smaller, as more is brought to the surface to be looked at and more light is taken into the dark. Ultimately 8 represents spirit and matter working together in harmony to regenerate and rebuild.

The constant movement represented by the 8 also illustrates how we are forced into action, forced out of our comfort zones, forced to re-evaluate, forced to look at what is put before us, forced into the unknown and into the dark. When there is imbalance, this can be destructive. Eventually the 8 represents working with spirit to bring about change without harming anyone.

Looking at the bigger picture…

World War 1 began *           28  7   1914     –   28 + 7 + 19 + 14 =     68/ 14/ 5     

World War 2 began              01  9   1939     –   01 + 9 + 19 + 39 =     68/ 14/ 5     

Russia Invaded Ukraine     24  2   2022     –   24 + 2 + 20 + 22 =     68/ 14/ 5     

* Using the assassination of the Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinand as a pretext to present Serbia with an unacceptable ultimatum, Austria-Hungary declared war on the Slavic country on this day in 1914, sparking World War I.

The Soul work for each of these years is about structure: –
The year 1914 (19 + 1 + 4 = 24/ 6), new structures (4) emerge from the depths of emotion (20/ 2).
The year 1939 (19 + 3 + 9 = 31/ 4), will (1) to build something solid (4) with communication (30/ 3).
The year 2022 (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6), new structures (4) emerge from the depths of emotion (20/ 2).

68/ 14/ 5 in numerology represents a significant re-evaluation (8) of existing concepts and responsibilities (60/ 6). This can represent leadership or those in power (10/ 1) trying to bring in new structures (4) and new belief systems with the intention of breaking through and finding freedom (5) despite the perceived limitations.

14/ 5 in numerology represents ‘The Messenger with the Power of the Word’ and this energy can bring the potential to be obsessive, as well as very persuasive.

68/ 14/ 5 in this context ultimately represents the power of communication, to bring in new structures as well as new concepts or belief systems.

The influence of 68/ 14/ 5 energy here can bring a ruthless practicality as the 8 can be very direct in communication, forcing all involved into action and out of their comfort zones.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton
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Title: The date 22/ 02/ 2022, Russia and Ukraine

The 22nd day in the 2nd month of the year 2022. On this date many may be feeling extremely sensitive and vulnerable due to the influence of 2 energy. For some there may be a great deal of confusion and emotion, and others may feel overwhelmed through ‘caring too much’.

Two energy can bring separation, causing many to feel ‘wrapped up in their own feelings’. But this separation can also bring the opportunity to look at ourselves and our actions with greater awareness and understanding (1   1). This 2 energy may result in us working together in new ways particularly as we are now enter the Age of Aquarius, encouraging the ‘Brotherhood of man’.

The day number (22/ 4) represents the ‘Master Builder’ and can act as a wake-up call, encouraging potential new master builders to emerge. Leaders who are insightful and group centred, encouraging co-operation. Ideally mobilising us all to work for causes greater than individual benefit.   

The mission that comes from this date (30/12/ 3) encourages dialogue and co-operation, also for us to look at everything in new ways, ideally masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies working together, to bring new creative solutions (3).

The first goal that comes from this date (22 + 2 = 24/ 6) is the same as the outer expression of the Soul work for the whole of this year (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6). The inner work to be done this year (2+ 0 + 2+ 2 = 6) encourages us all to take responsibility and embrace change, so a brave new world can emerge. The 6 in terms of Numerology can be represented by a tight coil striving for perfection, trying to make every detail right. The 6 has the potential to uncoil from the inside out, to become a ‘cup for spirit’, fully receptive to new thinking and seeing the beauty without the perfection.

24/ 6 in terms of Numerology represents alchemy and the potential for new structures (4) to emerge from the deep watery depths of emotion (20/ 2) we may find ourselves plunged into.

The name Russia also vibrates to 24/ 6 energy: –

   3   9 1    13/ 4  Soul Urge or Motivation
9   11        11/ 2  Personality                  
                  24/ 6  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

Behind this the Soul Urge (or motivation) 13/ 4 is about transformation and rebirth. Creativity potentially pushes though great will (1) and existing structures (4) to transform things.
The Personality (11/ 2) has the potential to inspire us all to think in new ways.

3     19  5   18/   9  Soul Urge or Motivation
  2 9    5     16/   7  Personality                  
                   34/ 16/ 7  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The name Ukraine vibrates to 34/ 16/ 7 energy. This represents new structures (4), emerging from creativity and communication (30). 16/ 7 represents the mirror, the mind in action, the seeker of the truth. 16/ 7 energy encourages us to look again at relationships and to move from focussing on the self (1) to our greater sense of responsibility towards others (6). Ultimately 16/ 7 energy encourages us down a spiritual path, to connect with the bigger picture, beyond self.

18/ 9 in terms of Numerology represents regeneration following a massive re-evaluation (8), the 9 extracting the wisdom from all that has gone before, ultimately to serve and to teach.

The Life Path or mission that comes from Putin’s Date of Birth (07/10/1952) is also 34/ 16/ 7.
This may mean Putin relates quite powerfully with Ukraine.

Putin’s chart is dominated by 7 energy, making him very spontaneous as he may trust his intuition greatly. Being dominated b 7 energy can also mean he is very secretive, inflexible and self-contained.

But ultimately 7 energy encourages a search for truth and allows the flow of life’s evens to happen. Encouraging a letting go of the old mindsets and structures to welcome the new.

Let’s hope that through Ukraine there is the potential for everyone to connect to the bigger picture and respond in new ways.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

Title: The Pandemic Years

Part 1: Transitioning through the years

When we entered the 2020’s, the number of 2’s in the year became one of the dominant influences. Now that we are at the beginning of 2022, the impact of the 2 will be felt even more prominently. This 2 energy is also directly affecting more people, as anyone aged up to 21 will have at least one 2 in their chart.
The 2 in Numerology represents the peace maker, the diplomat, the facilitator, potentially able to see both sides of a situation. The 2 very much ‘feels life’ and tries to balance the emotional see-saw of union and separation.

When a person has a lot of 2 energy there is the potential to be oversensitive, fearful and confused. If poorly expressed 2 energy can also encourage insensitivity, manipulation, extreme impatience and impressionability. This has been highlighted by the appearance of the derogatory term ‘The Snowflake Generation’ to describe those in this age group who are seen as less resilient and more prone to taking offence.

The zero in numerology represents the space or potential, the no-thing that has no beginning or end and from which everything comes. This, combined with the 2 to make 20, represents ‘the birth of something’ and brings with it a period of inner development (or gestation), a period of deep inner reflection, imperative creativity and the potential for violence.

Looking at the distinct energies of the last couple of years:


This year is represented in numerology by the number 4 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) as well as 22/ 4 (20 + 2).

The 4 is an earth energy with the qualities of security and stability, as well as the ability to focus on what is viable and practical.

  • This energy erects the structure, bringing ideas down to earth with dogged determination and can turn flights of fantasy into reality. It also acts as a bridge between the created world (seen) and the creative world (unseen) – applying creativity in the most practical, grounded way possible.
  • The 4 can experience conflict and feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of ‘holding everything together’. Initially 4 may focus just on working with the physical and essentially stopping inner movement. However, 4 has the potential to ‘open up’ by working in a more abstract way, building their ‘inner temple’ with ideas and intuition, allowing their true creativity to flow.

The 22/ 4 represents the ‘Master Builder’ and brings the potential to build the ‘new world’

  • This energy brings the potential for oscillation as these new structures are born out of 2 energy. This can mean great sensitivity and confusion, as there are so many extremes and contradictions to navigate.
  • Ultimately this is about building the dream from a position of intense sensitivity and fragility to become group centred and insightful.
    (22/ 4 also represents 2 x 11/ 2, 11/ 2 being the channel who can speak with inspiration, reconstructing with intuitive insight).


This year is represented by 5 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1) as well as 23/ 5 (20 + 2 + 1).

The 5 is a fire energy with the qualities of change, communication, energy and motion.

  • The 5 is the means by which the mind experiences through its 5 senses, higher and deeper aspects of self. It requires the freedom to explore, experiment and question everything.
  • This energy wants to break free from stultifying norms in their quest for knowledge and experience. To embark on an exciting journey of discovery.

23/ 5 represents the ‘Scientist of the Emotions’, exploring ideas (3), born out of emotion (20/ 2).

  • The 23/ 5 can represent lots of ups and downs, as there may be great ideas, but these are born of emotion which can mean you doubt yourself.
  • If this energy is focussed on what it loves and on ideas that are viable and practical, new ideas and new thinking which influences many can happen as a result.


This year  is represented by 6 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2), as well as 24/ 6 (20 + 2 + 2).

The 6 energy contains two trinities (3) and represents the original ideal now coming into full bloom.

  • The 6 seeks its vision of harmony and perfection, taking hold of the ideas 5 has produced.
  • This is the idealistic number of heart and home. 

The 24/ 6 represents new structures (4) born of emotion (20/ 2) and can be ruthless about doing whatever is required for harmony and perfection to prevail (6).

The combination in 2022 of the 6 with three 2s behind it, as well as 24/ 6 may accentuate the key qualities of the 2 which is a water energy.

Part 2: Key words and their numbers

On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. As a result of this 2020 and 2021 have been dominated by Coronavirus (commonly known as covid).

1.    “Covid”

When we look at this word in terms of Numerology:

   6  9   = 15/ 6 Soul Urge or Motivation
3   4 4 = 11/ 2  Personality
              26/ 8  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The soul urge (15/ 6) encourages new thinking, decision making (5) and taking responsibility (6).

The personality (11/ 2) encourages breadth of vision and for us to be inspired to think in new ways and the space to connect with the spirit.

The OSE (26/ 8) represents responsibility towards others (6) born of emotion and sensitivity (20/ 2).

The 8 in the OSE is significant, also representing ‘Lord Karma’ it encourages re-evaluation and can mean being pushed into action, to see both sides of a situation, feeling the pain of others, showing compassion. The shape of the 8 represents  continual movement of spirit into matter and light into the dark. The shape of 8 has no beginning or end and on its side 8 represents eternity. This continual re-evaluation means everything is brought to the surface to be looked at.  

The first letter of each word is also important as the sound of the first letter can carry on through the sound of the word. The first letter of the word Covid is C, a 3 energy, encouraging spontaneous creativity.

2.    “Omicron”

At the end of 2021 we are beginning to see the potential for ‘Omicron’ to dominate in 2022.
When we look at this word in terms of Numerology:

6    9     6   = 21/ 3 Soul Urge or Motivation
   4   39   5 = 21/ 3  Personality
                     42/ 6  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The Soul Urge and personality (21/ 3) represent the birth of consciousness and the manifestation of the idea. This number is attention-seeking and demands immediate attention.

This energy brings us back to the original idea (3 – the trinity, the blueprint, the idea), this time with great will (1) driving emotion and sensitivity (20/ 2), determined to get every detail right.
21/ 3 also brings us back to 22/ 4 and the new world we want to build (4) with love and compassion (22).

The OSE (42/ 6) encourages love wisdom (2) into the existing structure (4) to take responsibility and to care for others (6). If not balanced, this can also mean suppressing the growth of others and/or trying to impose your beliefs on others.

The first letter of the word Omicron is O, a 6 energy, encouraging us to take responsibility and to promote harmony. With this influence we may view our role as giving service to others and with the 2 influence this may bring up deep emotions. We may feel out of our depth and a great deal of adjustment may be required. We may keep our true feelings hidden.

3.    “Vegan”

With people becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment and the suffering of others, there is an increasing push to bring in new structures that have a direct and immediate impact. Many people are now promoting ‘compassion in farming’ with the choices they are making. Many (especially the young) are now becoming vegan, a trend which is gathering momentum.

When we look at this word in terms of Numerology:

5  1     =     6/  6        Soul Urge or Motivation
4   7   5  = 16/ 7         Personality
                  22/ 13/ 4 Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The Soul Urge (6) encourages us to take responsibility, promoting harmony and perfection. The 6 is the idealistic number of heart and home, choosing to live without harming or killing another animal.

The Personality (16/ 7) relates to taking responsibility for the others, focussing on relationships and our responsibility towards others (6) rather than just ourselves (1). This energy is about connecting to the bigger picture (7) to truly help others.

The OSE (22/ 13/ 4) is the ‘Master Builder’, transforming the existing structure (13/ 4) and building the ‘new world’ from a position of intense sensitivity, very aware of the fragility of this planet (22).
This number brings great creativity and communication (3), pushing against the unstoppable generator (1) and existing structure (4) to transform things in a practical way.
The 13/ 4 component of the OSE also refers to ‘necessity being the mother of invention’.
There is no planet B and immediate action is required if we are to save this planet.

The first letter of the word vegan is V, which is also the 22nd letter, encouraging inspired leadership, which can envision ideas and convert these into physical form. Practical with great intuitive awareness.

Such sensitivity and awareness can encourage immediate action. A vegan diet has a direct impact on the environment as 93% of the world’s water supply is used for meat and dairy production. A vegan diet can also reduce a person’s carbon footprint by up to 73%.  

Now is the time for reflection.
What future do we want for ourselves and our children?

Since 2020 the number 2 in the year has become the dominant influence.
Now that we are at the beginning of 2022, the impact of the 2 will be felt even more prominently.

The 2 is a water energy with the following characteristics: –

Water reflects when still and can be transparent and calm.
Water is also very changeable and the waves generated can bring destruction and move mountains.
Water has purifying qualities and can release the impurities from a structure.

Water is very adaptable and will always take the shape of the container it is in.
Water will always find its’ own level and rise collectively.

If we apply these qualities to the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, we see how during this period many have been stopped in their tracks and forced to experience a period of quiet which has brought the opportunity to reflect deeply within.
There has been great sensitivity and confusion, many extremes and contradictions to navigate.
Waves have been generated and old structures are coming down.
Everyone has been affected and many have become more group centred and insightful as a result.
From this position of intense sensitivity and fragility many see how new structures are needed.
While there may be resistance to change from those who have benefitted from the old structures, many want to be a part of the solution and not the problem and with enough people consistently making choices that demand change, new structures will emerge.
Adaptation, creativity and new thinking have become imperative.
Sharing the same goal on a global stage has increased co-operation and the speed of change.
The companies and people most willing and able listen and engage with their customers and voters, the companies then most able to adapt accordingly, will be the winners who take everyone with them.

Whereas for pervious generations the question was ‘What did you do in the war ?’
The question for future generations may be ‘What did you do to help save the planet ?’  

As with water there is the potential for us to rise together …

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

Title: Winter Solstice 2020 & New Year 2021

The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. After this date, days become lighter for longer up until the summer solstice in June. The winter solstice on 21st December 2020 was significant in terms of astrology, on this date the two largest planets in our solar system (Jupiter and Saturn) were closer to each other and to this planet than they have been for 400 years. In terms of astrology, the global impact of this famous conjunction (or meeting) is expected to last for at least 20 years.

In terms of astrology, Saturn generally represents structure (4) restriction and pessimism, whilst Jupiter typically represents new thinking (5), expansion and optimism.

In terms of Numerology, the challenge last year (2020) was about existing structures and restrictions, which brought up a great deal of emotion (2 + 2 = 4). The year 2020 also brought in the potential ‘master builder’, as represented by 22/ 4 (20 + 2 = 22 & 2 + 2 = 4). The ‘master builder’ at its best represents the birth of a new world, ideally built with love and compassion (20 + 2).

The challenge for this year (2021) on the other hand is to embrace change and inspire new thinking (2 + 2 + 1 = 5) as we potentially break out of the box represented by existing structures (4) and start to think in new ways (5). The year 2021 brings in 23/ 5 energy (20 + 2 +1 = 23 & 2 + 3 = 5), this represents great movement, change (5) and some brilliant ideas (3). However, because these new ideas (3) are born of emotion (20) we may doubt ourselves and there may be great restlessness. With extremes of emotion, it is key that we focus on what is viable and practical, ideally getting the details right before new thinking, expansion and optimism can follow.

We are now in 2021 and there are still restrictions imposed by government, we are asked to limit our personal plans and work together towards common goals that benefit everyone. We have now had more than 21 years with the 2 at the front of the year. This 2 energy brings separation, and for the first time we may become more aware of the existing duality and polarities within our society. Qualities of the 2 also include the diplomat, the facilitator and the co-ordinator who can potentially navigate this to find the middle ground. In tarot (which comes from Numerology), the 2 represents going behind the veil and into the mystery, and the 4 represents focussing on what is viable and practical, as well as great endurance. Both of these aspects are needed if we are not to give up on the shared dream of world peace, as we potentially go into new territory.

Last year’s Winter Solstice occurred on 21/ 12/ 2020, the first goal that comes from this date is 33/ 6 (21 + 12 = 33/ 6), which potentially represents a feeling of responsibility (6) for the happiness of others (33). The challenge that comes from the year 2020 (2 + 2 = 4) is to bring in new structures (4) that allow us to care more for others. The mission that comes from this date (33 + 4 = 37/ 10/ 1) brings the potential for great spirituality (7) and creativity (30), to bring in new ideas and new beginnings (10/ 1). The 10/ 1 also represents great will power (1) enabling us to embrace the potential (0) or the unknown, and to re-emerge with a new awareness.
If we look at the phrase ‘Winter Solstice’ the first word starts with ‘W’, the 23rd letter of the alphabet. In terms of Numerology 23/ 5 represents great movement, change (5) and great ideas (3). However, because this great creativity (3) is born of emotion (20) we may doubt ourselves, resulting in a great restlessness as well, especially in the year 2021, which emphasises these qualities. The first vowel in this word is ‘I’, the 9th letter of the alphabet. In numerology this 9 represents the humanitarian and teacher, giving in service, with the characteristics of great wisdom and generosity.
   9      5       6       9   5   Soul Urge or Motivation = 34/   7
5   5 2   9  1    31 2  3     Personality or Essence    = 31/   4
                                       Overall Self Expression  = 65/ 11/ 2 

The overall self-expression (65/ 11/ 2) here represents the prolific creator and the higher mind (5) born from a love of harmony and beauty (60). These numbers bring an opportunity to shift from a focus on physical beauty to the beauty of devotion to a cause or idea, bringing the potential to inspire new thinking (11/ 2). This potential comes from the personality or essence (31/ 4) which represents the ‘spiritual warrior’. The 1 in this position is like a sword, born of great creativity (30) and potentially cutting through with a relentless determination to build structures (4) that can benefit everyone. The Soul Urge or motivation (34/ 7) is for a new structure (4) to emerge naturally from this great creativity (30/ 3), as we move from the darkness of the shortest day to days with more light, following the rhythm of Mother Nature.

With 11 energy, it is the space between the two 1s which is key in providing an effective channel and direct link to the spirit. This space is needed for us to stand back from ‘problems’ and look from a new perspective, to recognise the choices we have in how we respond and encouraging us to think in new ways. With such powerful energies coming through, emotional blocks can lead to explosions, therefore it is important for our collective health that we express our emotions.

The year 2000 brought the potential for lots of new thinking as we moved away from having a 1 at the front of the year, dominating every persons’ numerology charts. This 1 in Numerology represents the ‘single-minded unstoppable generator’ who needs to be leading from the front and insists on one way of doing things. This 1 is represented by the element fire. We have now had more than 21 years with the 2 at the front of the year, and the 2 now dominates most young people’s charts. The 2 in numerology represents the ‘sensitive peace maker’ who is very aware of the feelings of others, the diplomat, facilitator and the co-ordinator who prefers to work behind the scenes and is focussed on getting every detail right. The two is represented by the element water. As these new characteristics become more apparent their influence is becoming more powerfully felt.  This has been demonstrated by how the Collins English Dictionary in 2016 included ‘snowflake generation’ as one of their ‘words of the year’. This term is used to describe young adults of the 2010s, because they were viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations.

It must be remembered that the number 2 is represented by the element water and while water can be peaceful and clear, when flowing gently, water can also become a tsunami and either way water can move mountains. Water can also become steam and cause confusion by obscuring the view or become the ice which makes surfaces slippery and treacherous, either bringing lots of movement or stopping movement entirely.

As the influence of the 2 becomes more powerful, we are witnessing more people separating themselves out in their own ‘bubbles’ and doing things in their own way. Rather than one way of doing things, there are now many ways of doing everything, and rather than feel isolated like-minded people can stay in their own space whilst also connecting with others to form groups. Thanks to ‘one world technology and communication’ everyone’s voice can potentially be heard.

In 2020 we saw many extremes with the polarisation of opposing views – the pragmatic, co-operative and the conflicting ‘winner takes all’ attitude. On the one hand we witnessed the resilience and sacrifice of millions of selfless workers, working beyond their limits to save our lives or help in many other ways, often working for a minimum wage. While other workers, who made bets to short-sell airline shares when they crashed at the beginning of the pandemic personally made, literally, hundreds of millions of pounds. 

With the dominance of ‘1 energy’ we were encouraged to think in terms of one way of doing things, as well as ‘doing as we were told’. A great deal of money was made, empires were built and whole industries were there to encourage us to focus on the self, on being separate and ‘special’. Great importance was placed on money, fame and looking physically attractive in the eyes of others.

From separation, which is a feature of the 2, we now have an opportunity to look at things in new ways and to connect with like-minded people. This conversely brings the potential for us to come back together and focus on inclusion rather than separation, and with the emotional responses that drove us elevated to ‘love wisdom’ we may choose to focus more on devotion to causes and ideas rather than physical beauty. 

With the growing influence of 2 energy, we are potentially becoming more aware of the impact of our personal behaviours and choices on others. Many of course still benefit from us believing we have no choice, that we ‘have to buy this’ or ‘have to look like that’, but we wield great power as we are. This is especially true when we form groups with other like-minded individuals and empower each other to exercise our choices and make others aware that they also have a choice.

With so many people living on their own in smaller spaces, we are witnessing more the sharing of resources and ideas with businesses on a global scale such as Tik Tok, Depop, Uber, Air B&B, YouTube and Spotify available to everyone. Tik Tok is a video sharing, social networking service launched in 2016 with more than 1 billion active monthly users. This app. is growing fast, particularly amongst the young, hitting 1 billion downloads as of February 2019 and 2 million downloads in January 2020. A big part of its appeal amongst the young is the spontaneity of the short video clips with those taking part not needing to look perfect. Depop started in 2011 and is hailed as one of the most successful start-ups in the fashion re-sale space, with 15 million users in 147 countries. Depop has raised over $100 million in funding and users have sold over $500 million worth of merchandise.

It is estimated that 45% of the world’s population (3.5 billion people) actively use social media. Professional ‘influencers’ (people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on specific topics) are loved by brands as they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy the products that they promote. With young people wanting to shop more sustainably and wanting to support other people who share their personal values rather than corporations, we are also starting to see the growth in public Facebook Groups such as ‘Not On Amazon’ which had 110,000 members within 4 months on Facebook.

There are still those who try to divide us, but with more people finding their voice and recognising they have a choice, these people can act as a ‘wake-up call’, encouraging us to voice our objections and realise that together we can decide the type of world we want.

Crisis can bring people together and bring out the best in people, it is encouraging that in the first 6 months of 2020 charitable giving rose by £800 million compared to the same period in 2019. Award winning charities have also increasingly been about inclusion, such as the ‘Maundy Relief’ charity which tackles poverty and the ‘Trev House’ charity which helps mothers recover from addiction without separating them from their children. Both charities are trying to break down the long-established shame and stigma that comes from poverty and addiction.

With lots of 2 energy there can however also be lots of confusion, complexity and hypersensitivity which may manifest as bad temper, spite and sarcasm or meddling and manipulation, all as forms of self-protection. Next year we have the date 22/ 2/ 2022 and in two hundred years we have the date 22/ 2/ 2222. We can expect a lot of emotion, confusion and frustration to be experienced on these dates, but also a great deal of communication. Before new structures can come in, the old structures have to come down and this may cause a great deal of conflict as so many have benefitted from how things have always been done. But 4 is ultimately about harmony through conflict, and in the process of deciding the new and sustainable world we want, it is important that everyone feels listened to. For this to happen we must start to think in new ways, with human values as a focus, not just monetary value and worth, ideally fixing and enforcing what is good and viable.

This pandemic has required a global effort to develop and distribute a vaccine, and this has been driven by world governments working together with one shared goal. New structures can also be driven by the considerable power and influence individuals wield, especially when they work together towards one goal. We can encourage groups of people to make choices together about their future and the sort of world they choose to live in. This way new structures can evolve naturally with ideally everyone feeling listened to. Corporations and governments may then be forced to listen to their new type of customer or voter.     

With the challenges and hardships that we are all experiencing, it is important that we nurture and share our hopes for the future. If we look at the word ‘Hope’ in terms of numerology: –

    6   5    Soul Urge or Motivation = 11/ 2 (represents a channel spirit)
8    7     Personality or Essence      = 15/ 6 (represents a decision to be made)
             Overall Self Expression    = 26/ 8 (represents ‘Lord Karma’)  

This word is about taking the decision (15/ 6) to think in new ways (11/ 2). The first letter ‘H’ is the 8th letter of the alphabet and a starting point, the overall self-expression of hope (26/ 8) forces us into action, ultimately to change patterns of behaviour (or karma) that would otherwise go on for ever.

The 8 on one level is about success in the material world, but it is ultimately about balance, (as above, so below). The 8 ultimately represents spirit and matter working together.

Hope is a decision, so let’s decide to work together to restore balance and create a world that truly reflects our collective human values!

© 2020 Copyright Jane Alton

Title: 2020 from a New Perspective

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Above is a diagram of ‘The Tetractys’ – a mystical symbol attributed to Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and the father of modern Numerology (born 570 BC). It is said that by pondering this symbol, the journey of ‘the energy of spirit’ through time and space may be revealed

This symbol represents the numbers from 1 to 20, which gives us the opportunity to view the journey from year 2000 to year 2020 in a whole new way, with numbers representing the energy of spirit as it evolves along its journey.

Viewing this Tetraktys in terms of years, we begin with the year 2000 at the top of a new Tetraktys, representing the beginning of a new cycle. The year 2000 signifies the end of more than 1900 years with a 1 at the front of the year and during most of this period, everyone would have had a 1 in their chart. The 1 represents the ‘unstoppable generator’ bursting with ambitious energy, this is symbolised by the element fire, and is regarded as the more masculine energy. With the strong influence of 1 energy, leaders during this time period tended to be more single minded and goal orientated.

With the year 2000, for the first time we had a 2 in the front of the year meaning new characteristics began to emerge, and by approximately 2100 everyone on this planet will have at least one 2 in their chart. The 2 energy is a completely different to the 1 energy, it is dominated by the Moon and is symbolised by the element water. The 2 is a more feminine, sensitive energy which is deeply aware of duality and has the characteristics of the diplomat, the facilitator and the peace maker. The Tetraktys illustrates how with the 2 energy we see separation for the first time; this is something we are witnessing as people choose to separate themselves out into their own ‘technology bubbles’. Separating ourselves allows time and space for us to reflect, potentially enabling us to observe more from a broader perspective and so rediscover the underlying unity behind everything. With the strong influence of 2 energy, we are also witnessing new leaders emerge, who see both sides of a situation and who focus on empathy, understanding and co-operation. This 2 energy can potentially lead to the 3 of creativity, turning raw feelings into great ideas at a higher level of development.

The zero in numerology represents the potential, the space, the no-thing that is eternal and from which everything flows. The zero also represents the lens or ‘the all seeing eye’ as it contains all that is past and the possibilities of new creation. This lens can magnify the qualities of numbers with a zero behind them such as the 1 in 31/ 4 (30+ 1 = 31/ 4), the 1 in this position can represent tremendous will driving forward. Finally, the zero embodies the state before movement, capturing stillness and encouraging reflection of all these possibilities before a new cycle begins.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton
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Title: The New £20 Note & Artist JMW Turner

The new plastic Bank of England £20 notes came into circulation on 20 February 2020 and will eventually replace the paper £20 notes still in use. They are made from a plastic polymer like the new £5 and £10 denominations, which is said to be more durable, cleaner and secure than paper. The improved security features include further steps being taken against counterfeiting with 2 windows and 2 colour foil.

There is lots of 2 energy represented here, which may bring painful feelings of separateness, but is ultimately about looking deeper to find truth and  share it, to develop something new after a period of time.

Turner was known as ‘the painter of light’ as his paintings of landscapes and seascapes conveyed great emotion and passion. Sometimes turbulent and often violent, his seascapes connect directly with the 2 energy, which in Numerology is represented by the element of water.

Rather than communicate what was seen in the physical realm, Turner was about communicating the energetic essence of the scene, alive with emotion and movement, making the spiritual come alive in a flat, physical form. Turner’s paintings brought in new thinking with regard to painting and a new art movement.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

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Title: 2019 as seen from the Perspective of the Tetrktys

The Tetraktys is an ancient symbol which can be interpreted in many ways, and can be applied as a visual representation of the journey for the number 1. This can be used to illustrate how powerful 2019 may be, as we come to the end of karmic years.

On a planetary level we are witnessing everything coming up to be transformed, and it is perhaps no co-incidence that 19 in terms of Numerology represents the correct use of power.

On one level these are scary times, but we are also privileged to witness shifts that will potentially impact everyone. Such shifts only occur once every one thousand years.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

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