MLW, London

“This is the second time I’ve been to Jane for an in-depth reading after first having a taster session at an open day. She is so specific that it’s as if she has been watching your life unfold until today. The added insight that comes from her ability to connect to source and channel information is evident to me (although she has never claimed this) and she gives more depth to the numerology reading than one might find when receiving charts from other practitioners. The accuracy of her reading boarder on the bazaar and has helped me have faith in my own decision making. Sometimes her readings can evoke self-healing on the spot as topics are raised or issues worked through. Her compassion and empathy facilitate this process with ease. It was a very powerful session. She is obviously dedicated to her craft and gives you the time and attention to detail that you need. I highly recommend Jane’s work and am sure I will continue to seek her guidance in future”.