Numerology for 29/ 12/ 2015

You may be frightened of making a mistake and there may be a fear of rejection, but despite this there may be something you feel that have to do. You may at times have more emotion than you know what to do with and may feel very fragile. In facing your fears you may find you are shaking things up at every level. Dedicate everything you do to the highest good and you may also find that you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, as well as a talent for communication, because everything you say comes from such a profound place. You will have to learn tact and diplomacy, as this may not come naturally to you. Be grateful to the obstacles as they connect you with others and keep you grounded and focussed. Stick with things and there are potentially great opportunities for growth change and transformation. Also, remember you can walk away and begin over when necessary, as you are a natural pioneer.

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