Reflections on Beyonce, Jay Z and the power of the Number 4

When Jay Z announced that he and Beyoncé would follow a vegan diet for 22 days as part of a “spiritual and physical cleanse,” he noted the significance of that seemingly random time span.

“There’s something spiritual to me about it being my 44th birthday and the serendipity behind the number of days in this challenge; 22 (2+2=4) coupled with the fact that the challenge ends on Christmas day … It just feels right!” he wrote on his website, Life + Times.

Bey and Jay have long voiced their obsession with the number 4, which has been a recurring motif throughout their lives, as seen in their birthdays, wedding date and even the name of their firstborn. In fact, it’s hard not to notice how the release date of Bey’s new album – the 13th of December – adds up: 1+3=4. (Source: Heat magazine 31/12/13)

The number 4 represents being stable, practical, systematic and grounded. The 4 is all about building viable structures, it’s about standing back from ideas and deciding what is viable and what is practical. The 4 is one of the most creative numbers but can get so caught up with holding it all together for others that there can be inner conflict. The 4 can be very strong and determined and can hang on to things, the 4 finds it hard to let go. Ultimately the 4 is about building the inner temple, rather than focussing on securing the structures on the outside for others.

Beyonce and Jaz-Z were both born on the 4th and were married on the 4th of April this means that the starting point for both of them is security and stability and the gift that comes from their marriage is great security and stability, the first goal of their marriage is also a 44/ 8 which is about survival, so things may not seem to touch them and they can give others the tools to survive also. The essence of Beyonce’s personality is a 40/4, this makes her a builder by nature, so in a very methodical way, she puts things together and makes them work. They both have a 14/5 mission in this lifetime, this makes them both messengers, structured communicators, the 14/ 5 is about action through structure i.e. building a structure and then finding freedom through this structure. With a 14/ 5 mission both can also be very unsettled, wanting freedom, but needing security and stability also. Both also have a 4 lesson, which is all about working in a systematic way, focussing on one step at a time. 49/ 13/ 4 also features strongly in Beyonce’s journey, 49/ 13/ 4 represents transformation, building something from nothing and turning things around, very much to show others how this is done. Potentially they may build a great deal together, not just for themselves, but to help others.

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