Numerology for 21/01/2010

You can lead the way with your ideas, going with the flow and uplifting others with your vision. You have great courage as well as a strong sense of purpose. Remain modest, manifesting something great, so you can give something back.

Numerology for 20/01/2010

Try to stay practical and look before you leap. You like to act on your snap decisions, knowing you can be easily forgiven because others sense no malice in your outbursts, when you realise your mistake in judgement. You may feel out of your comfort zone, feeling so responsible for the happiness of others. Allow yourself to be surprised – by taking responsibility there can actually be freedom and fun.

Numerology for 19/01/2010

Keep your head screwed on straight today and try not to get sidetracked. You might feel you need space to dream and may need to moderate and balance intense energy. You have brilliant ideas and want to expand your world. You may feel frustrated others don’t share your vision, but stay focussed on your goal.

Numerology for 18/01/2010

Try not to be too confident, you are a new spirit and able to make others listen to you. You want to preserve your sense of playfulness as well as get the job done. You want to break through outmoded ideas and ways of doing things, but you can be so single minded you block alternatives. Beware of the glamour and use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations.

Numerology for 17/01/2010

You are focussing on the practical and on making ideas and co-operative ventures happen. You are very powerful and direct. You are inspired to take action because you believe your efforts will help others. Try not to antagonise others with your lack of compromise, strengthen your friendships and family ties

Numerology for 16/01/2010

You may find that when you let go today, you can truly inspire others. In the present moment, you can use your true feelings to see clearly. Seek out the truth and become inspired yourself, help others to become happy by sharing your vision. Choose not to settle for fear and insecurity.

Numerology for 15/01/2010

You are developing a global vision for yourself and are determined to make this vision real. You may be so single minded you block alternative possibilities, so try to be a bit more flexible, otherwise you may drive yourself crazy trying to live up to your lofty ideals all of the time. You have a fearless heroic centre that you can call on in times of crisis and stress. Your actions inspire others, so don’t underestimate how much you are already achieving.

Numerology for 14/01/2010

The truth becomes crystal clear to you and for once you can see the whole picture without getting caught up in the detail. You have a decision to make and want to trust your inner voice, as well as trust others more. Try not to approach your situation with your mind made up, a shift inside can change everything.

Numerology for 13/01/2010

You are thinking ahead all the time and planning. You have a very fertile imagination and may be unrealistic about your true abilities. You want security and improved status. You are prepared to study hard and fight to get to the top. Relying just on your own judgement may isolate you. Strive to keep your kindness alive and don’t forget your roots.

Numerology for 12/01/2010

You are a flagbearer, overcoming obstacles, counselling and helping others along the way. Rigid ideas may have been knocked out of you and you may be forced to go with the flow, but you are courageous, inspiring yourself as well as others. There is a lot that goes on in your head, that you can’t put into words, but in overcoming obstacles and living your truth, your actions inspire others even though you can’t find the words.