Numerology for 31 /10/2009

Pushed to the edge and needing great inner resource you can call on your friends for help. You have the ability to concentrate all your energy when overcoming obstacles, but the friendships you forge when you overcome obstacles together really mean something.

Numerology for 30 /10/2009

Keep your mind on the bigger picture and make plans from a secure base. Test your beliefs in the world, so you know that they work and you will find that your beliefs can give you confidence. Obstacles can then make you stronger and they can help you realise your own strength.

Numerology for 29 /10/2009

The day for new ideas and a fresh approach. You may feel unsettled and your ideas might seem impractical, but you inspire those around you. The words may pour out of you, but you find freedom within limitations.

Numerology for 28 /10/2009

Today find the courage to take back your power and to walk your own path. Obstacles are there to hone your strength and your emotion. By finding the courage to stand alone, you may inspire many.

Numerology for 27 /10/2009

You may feel turned inside out and upside down, determined to make that difference. You have to do things your own way and you may feel especially strongly about any exploitation going on around you. You may feel pulled in different directions but should trust your amazing intuition that helps you understand people and situations instantly.

Numerology for 26 /10/2009

Today is the day to make your dreams come true, learning from all that has gone before. You may feel sceptical but will find great inner resource when you make it your goal to help others in the most effective way possible. Allow yourself to be inspired and everyone will be with you.

Numerology for 25 /10/2009

Today you are determined to make your ideas and your truth real. You are determined to change the way those around you think. You may either be in the clouds or experiencing despair. It’s important to focus again on helping others. With a shift inside everything will change.

Numerology for 24 /10/2009

Understand the subtle energies swirling around you. Know your place in amongst the transience. Teach and heal today from your experience and understanding. Take your dreams from the future and create them in the now.

Numerology for 23 /10/2009

Using all your business flair to survive, the truth becomes crystal clear. Using your intellect rather than emotion, there is an important decision to be made. You need to live your truth and may be unhappy with rules thrust upon you. It may be time to move on to higher goals.

Numerology for 22 /10/2009

Today you may feel pushed to the edge with rigid ideas being knocked out of you and you being forced to go with the flow. You may feel emotionally vulnerable and the words may pour out of you. You may have difficulty expressing your own feelings, but today you could be a brilliant performer – expressing the unspoken feelings of others.