Numerology for 31/12/2009

You want to square teaching with your experience and understanding. You’ve learnt the freedom that comes from taking responsibility. Rigid ideas have been knocked out of you and you have been forced to go with the flow. You have learnt to trust and that has been the greatest healer and teacher of all. You have learnt to rise above great transience and change, keeping emotion and intellect in check and connecting with something so much bigger.

Numerology for 30/12/2009

You have a great flair for business but may care too much for uplifting others with your vision and taking them with you. You are prepared to fight your way to the top, but want to mother and take care of others also. You may feel your plans are upset by others and this may cause you frustration. It may help you to accept that which you cannot change and let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and the universe, look forward not back and learn to forgive.

Numerology for 29/12/2009

You have lots of emotion and may doubt yourself, but you need to be in touch with your true feelings to see clearly. You need to make your ideas practical and beware of the glamour. You may feel pushed to the edge as you are so involved with the feelings of others and may have to just forget about what others think and focus on achieving your goal. Through discipline a new and stable you may emerge.

Numerology for 28/12/2009

You need great courage today, to take part in co-operative projects that attempt to change attitudes and bring in the light. You are striving for perfection but may have to reclaim a lost sense of freedom. You may be deeply involved with the feeling and problems of others and may have to distance yourself for the truth to become clear and for you to become empowered again.

Numerology for 27/12/2009

You are determined to make your ideas happen, responsibility however is a big lesson and the words may pour out of you. You are highly attuned to the feelings of others and this may feel like a heavy emotional load. You need a break and lots of laughter, give yourself freedom within limitations for this.

Numerology for 26/12/2009

You are in the midst of big projects with lots of emotion. You need to remain true to yourself and want to remain independent. See beyond the obstacles and allow your heart to stay open. Learn to make something from nothing and to never give up.

Numerology for 25/12/2009

You are determined there will be laughter and joy today. There may be lots of emotion and a struggle to be independent and self confident. You are highly attuned to the feelings of others and want everything to be just right. You may find you have the ability to cross boundaries, but beware of overreaching yourself. Just focus on enjoying each moment.

Numerology for 24/12/2009

You may feel you have quite an emotional load to carry today and you may feel a need to master your emotions. Pushed out of your comfort zone you want to express the beauty and be inspired yourself, so you can inspire others. Trust your inner voice and have the courage to stand alone, try thinking in new ways and everything will change.

Numerology for 23/12/2009

Today you may feel you have to develop a more flexible approach as you need to be more independent and free. You are happiest when breaking new ground, climbing your mountain with creativity and communication, and you also know about fighting your way to the top. Taking responsibility and making a commitment may help you deal with fear and become free.

Numerology for 22/12/2009

Today you may need to find your place in amongst great transience. You may feel rigid ideas are being knocked out of you and you are being forced to go with the flow. Take heart because as a result of this process you may learn to take responsibility and find freedom. Ultimately you may learn to find the security within yourself. You also find you can teach others from your experience and understandings gained.