Numerology for 30/ 06/ 2021

Despite your detailed planning and your gift with words you may feel unsettled and in new territory. Despite your depth of understanding, before proceeding, it may be important you see things as others do and try to be at ease with yourself. You are potentially a blazing pathfinder, leading the way with the word and with the potential to stir everything up at a profound level, to bring about change. But for now, you  may  have to make the best of where you are, let go and trust. It may help you to view this as conserving your energy, while you review how best to help others.

Numerology for 29/ 06/ 2020

You may feel overwhelmed with emotion that you find difficult to express, as well as pushed into action, when there may be a fear of failure/ rejection/endings. If so, try to be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focused and connected to others, they are also proof that you are moving forward. Stay positive and think in terms of new beginnings. Rise to the challenge by focusing on developing your intuition and new thinking. Follow a spiritual and creative path. Know that with new thinking, new solutions can be found and everything can be transformed …

Numerology for 28/ 06/ 2021

Finding the courage to be yourself may be important to you today. This may mean going into the quiet and truly finding yourself again. There may be lots of distractions and you may want to be the centre of attention, anything rather than look within. You may be putting emotion before reason when you need ideally to stay grounded and focussed, accepting change and responsibility. If so, choose to step away from the drama, allow yourself to think and so communicate in new ways, ideally applying this to something useful. Hands off – let it happen …’Who Dares Wins’ …

Numerology for 27/ 06/ 2021

You are very protective of all that matters to you and only once your base is secure, do you proceed inexorably towards your target. You may feel your actions are just and totally correct, but listen to others too and loosen up a bit. You may care very deeply for others, wanting to bring great harmony and to be out there in the world making a difference. To achieve this you may find that you have to focus on mastering your emotions first, then find your spiritual path and stick to it. You may find you help others best by helping yourself first …

Numerology for 26/ 06/ 2021

You may feel pushed into change and may feel unsettled as a result, wanting security and stability too. It may help to keep things simple, as you push through barriers doing things in your own way. Try not to waste any time thinking you’re not good enough, its important you have interests outside the home. You can be a tower of strength to your friends and family, but have confidence in the ability of others to look after themselves too. You may find that friends and family welcome you focussing on yourself for a while.

Numerology for 25/ 06/ 2021

You may be very sensitive with a lot of emotion that you find difficult to express there may also be obstacles and others trying to impose their way of thinking on you. You may be determined to speak for others and ideally to save others, but may need to stand back first. As a fast mover who likes to stay one step ahead, but potentially you have a great deal to learn from all that is happening around you. You can also be so highly attuned to the feelings of others that you may become deeply involved in their problems. If so, if may help you to spend time on your own, as a form of self-protection, to conserve your energy but also to give yourself time to reflect and let go of all that no longer serves you.

Numerology for 24/ 06/ 2021

Today you may be striving for perfection and peace, but your apparent selfless nature may hide a strong and tenacious will, as you may also be quite ruthless about getting what you want and may be impatient too. It may be important that you try to see things as others do, allowing space and time for things to unfold at their natural pace. You may have a great deal of emotion that you find difficult to express and may so want the harmony that you can put others before yourself. It may be important you reflect on just how ambitious you are and drop the martyrdom. Let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and in the universe.

Numerology for 23/ 06/ 2021

There may be a great deal of transience and change, you may feel you know what is best for everyone and may want to stay one step ahead. There may also be a fear of not being good enough, as well as great sensitivity, this may mean you are very up and down. You plan in detail and there is a danger you are pushing yourself too hard. You don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right. Stay positive and stand back, let things unfold naturally. Ideally focus on developing your creativity and inspiration, finding freedom despite the limitations …

Numerology for 22/ 06/ 2021

There may be lots of emotion and sensitivity today that you may find difficult to express. You may want your home to be harmonious but may feel extremely impatient and unsettled. This combination may result in bad temper and sarcasm; there is also a danger that you may place your confidence with the wrong people. Focus on trying to be at ease with yourself, beware of jealousy and possessiveness. Drop the martyrdom, find the harmony within and this will surround you.

Numerology for 21/ 06/ 2021

You may want to be the centre of attention, but it’s not just about you. So, try to see beyond the drama and your fears, try to see things as others do. You may be a powerful communicator, who wants to speak for others, but you are also restless, with lots of emotion. Your great sensitivity may feel like a heavy load to carry and you may choose to spend time on your own rather than be vulnerable in any way. Connecting to your heart and acknowledging just how sensitive you are may be key for you today. Step away from the drama, listen to your inner voice, maintain your poise and allow yourself to vegetate occasionally. Freedom despite the limitations may be important to you, but let each person have their due, don’t be so overwhelming and controlling. Lead the way with the word, but try ensure your words come from a profound place and are truly about helping others.