Numerology for 30/ 09/ 2021

If things are not going according to your plans, try to avoid frustration by going with the flow. Try to see things as others do, ideally remaining creative and inspired. You may want to be somewhere else but your ability to endure with tolerance and see things through may be important today. So, focus your energies on where you are now, taking responsibility for the little things and try to put your own house in order. You may be regarded as an expert in your field, but you are not always right, so try to watch and learn without sulking.

Numerology for 29/ 09/ 2021

Maintaining stability may feel like an ongoing battle. Wherever you go and whatever you do uncertainty and instability may seem to swirl around you and you may feel very unsettled. You may have a great sense of duty towards others, but you may also be a perfectionist and you may not realise how impractical and idealistic some of your ideas may seem to others. Trust your inner voice but listen also to the advice of others and try not to be driven by a fear of failure or rejection. Instead of trying to push your feelings down unlock your emotions at a deep level, take the reins without floundering or getting side-tracked, embrace change and there is the potential of a breakthrough.

Numerology for 28/ 09/ 2021

The courage to be yourself and to do things in your own way may be important to you, but at the same time there may be a massive struggle to be independent and self-confident. Also, while you can be manipulative and ruthless about getting what you want, there may be a lot of emotion that you find difficult to express and a side to you that truly wants to take care of others. Despite the contradictions, today you may feel forced into action and into making an important decision. If so, fight the impulse to procrastinate, get past possible disappointments and try to think of how best to help others.

Numerology for 27/ 09/ 2021

You may be a perfectionist who is plagued by doubts and insecurities. You may be expecting too much of yourself and may be focussed on trying to make everything right on the outside. You may do well to examine how your career is shaping your nature. You may be determined to stir things up at a profound level to bring about change – but, you may also be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and it may be time to let go of what no longer serves you. It is important that you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and that you give yourself space to express your great sensitivity and creativity. Happiness is there for you if you can be open to new thinking and allow yourself to connect with the much bigger picture.

Numerology for 26/ 09/ 2021

You may believe that practice makes perfect and you may like everything to be done properly. Today however you may feel pushed into new territory with great creativity and innovation the result. There may be lots of emotion that you find difficult to express, but to move forward you may find you have to engage with the bigger picture and trust. The promise of new horizons, with space and time to transform things in your own way, may mean that rather than analyse and focus on detail you connect with the bigger picture. As a result your world may expand and it may seem nothing is impossible ….

Numerology for 25/ 09/ 2021

You can be very goal orientated and determined, you may also be a very impatient perfectionist, determined to stay one step ahead. You may want things ‘done right’ and this can make you sharp and critical. You may feel you are going round in circles and it may be time to give yourself a break. Try to be more open about what you are feeling, stand back and let things unfold naturally. Let go with love of all that no longer serves you and there could be a massive letting go. Listen as well as talk, be open to new thinking and you may find you are communicating with yourself and others in new ways. Working with others in new ways there is the potential for new solutions to be found.

Numerology for 24/ 09/ 2021

You may want a harmonious home, but also need freedom and space to explore new ideas. You can be ruthless about getting what you want, but may need time and space to decide which way you want to go. There may be lots of emotion and you may feel passionate about contributing to the group and expressing the beauty. You may also have to learn detachment as you won’t be able to save everyone … Whatever you decide to do, drop the martyrdom and stick with one thing, take it all the way and there could be a breakthrough …

Numerology for 23/ 09/ 2021

You may feel a need to break through – to truly be yourself and to speak your truth. You have your plans but the challenges you meet may feel never ending and there may be lots of emotion you find difficult to express. If you don’t feel inspired spend time reflecting on what is working for you and what is holding you back. What matters is that despite the restrictions you are not defeated in your heart and that you continue to believe you can push through, to make your vision real. Your restrictions may of course be in your way of thinking, so despite the great emotion that may come up, try to forgive and forget. Take more dynamic action also, focussing on the job at hand and spending no time comparing yourself with others, feeling that you don’t measure up and that you are not good enough. You may find the answers come out of the blue and they may be blindingly obvious.

Numerology for 22/ 09/ 2021

Try not to hide your warm sensitive heart behind such a forbidding exterior. Give yourself time to dream and recharge, despite your fears. You may want to start lots of new projects but there may be obstacles and others may be trying to impose their thinking on you. You may be a perfectionist, waiting for the perfect time. You may have to be patient and focussed, but you don’t have be right all the time and you don’t have to be in charge, for everything to workout. If you are exhausted, take time to rest and recharge. Take time also to stand back from things, ideally letting go of all that no longer serves you, making space for movement and welcoming the new.

Numerology for 21/ 09/ 2021

You may feel very unsettled and with so much to do, you may feel you need a holiday. There may be lots of emotion and frustration, your energies may feel very scattered. It may be important you stay positive and try to focus on working with others, seeing things as others do. Believe in your talents and have confidence in yourself. No more hiding behind gadgets, work and status. No more confusion and manipulation, take time to find your centre again and find the treasure within.