Numerology for 28/02/2010

You communicate great zest for life to everyone you meet, but can also head off in completely the wrong direction. The excitement of events keeps you vital and alive but you need to translate experience into wisdom.

Numerology for 27/02/2010

Try to balance your compassion with your strength by not letting others overwhelm you and not dominating others. You are extremely insightful but your intuitive choices may not always be your best. Despite all of this, jump into life and live it to the full.

Numerology for 26/02/2010

You need the courage to take risks and to be spontaneous. The perfectionist in you may have difficulty with this and others don’t see how sensitive you are beneath your tough shell. Despite feeling on the ‘outside’ you touch the lives of those around you deeply, helping others communicate their feelings.

Numerology for 25/02/2010

When working for a higher cause your power is magnified, you find you can overcome your fear of others and lack of confidence. The world tests your faith and difficulties help you connect with others, friendships when you overcome together truly mean something.

Numerology for 23/02/2010

You may need the courage to think in new ways today, as fear may be blocking your plans. You have a vision you want to make real and may feel frustrated. You may feel little self worth, but may find great wisdom in your emotion. Realise that it is the intention behind your thoughts and actions that count.

Numerology for 22/02/2010

You have a strict sense of duty, are idealistic and dedicated to worthy causes. You are also a perfectionist who can be extremely impatience. Try not to let your temper and sarcasm undo the good you are doing. Master your emotions and try to ensure you don’t place your confidence with the wrong people.

Numerology for 21/02/2010

You need to be the best and you don’t always listen to others. You are highly complex and may hide who you really are. Connecting to others by helping them, may make you feel a whole lot better.

Numerology for 20/02/2010

You have to let go of your past and forgive. You may need space to do this as you are absorbing all the energies around you and may feel you have a huge emotional burden to carry. Perhaps set some boundaries and say ‘no’ occasionally. Make some ‘me’ time.

Numerology for 19/02/2010

You want to explore far-off worlds and there might be some frustration as you start to think this may never happen, but you need to keep your goal in spite of endless changes and always putting others before yourself. Try to be more patient, your obstacles are building your inner resource. You are starting to realise how much your dreams matter to you and believing you make them happen is a big step towards making your dreams a reality.