Numerology for 31/03/2010

You very much want to hold on to your position and can be argumentative. You are also realistic about your position and shrewd enough to guarantee your survival in the job jungle.

Numerology for 30/03/2010

You can be very intense and want to be taken seriously. You seem only capable of doing things your own way. You may need to calm down and learn to be more diplomatic. Also, don’t be so anxious to explain yourself to others, as they may understand of themselves.

Numerology for 29/03/2010

You live very close to your feelings and may benefit from sharing these with others. You may also need to step out of yourself to use your talents and to make your dreams come true.

Numerology for 28/03/2010

Allow time for contemplation today, get to know yourself better. Don’t be afraid to drop the facade – stop doubting yourself – it’s holding you back.

Numerology for 27/03/2010

You have your own unique style, are very realistic as well as honest to a fault. Emotions may baffle you and you may have to cultivate diplomacy and learn to compromise. Choose your battles, rather than trying to fight them all.

Numerology for 26/03/2010

Find the simplest solutions today by following things back to their source. Find time for yourself, ideally with nature, so you can recharge. Be who you are and forget what others expect of you. With a little faith and through trusting the right people your world will expand.

Numerology for 25/03/2010

Unstoppable and dynamic, your private life is sacred to you as you need your peace and quiet. Inspiration can be found in the simple things and you must ground your self in the moment. Then you can feel the earth between your toes and the mist among the clouds.

Numerology for 24/03/2010

You like to keep life as simple as you can, but sometimes you have to deal with detail. You have great fortitude and rarely back down, but sometimes you have to beware of attracting trouble.

Numerology for 23/03/2010

Don’t let your imagination run riot, stay grounded and face up to your issues rather than avoiding them. Look after yourself rather than focussing on fixing the problems of others.

Numerology for 22/03/2010

Numerology for 22/03/2010
Try not to be so impatient and try not to place your confidence with the wrong people. Try to cultivate diplomacy and to let others in a bit more. Be in touch with your feelings and your nurturing side – express the beauty.