Numerology for 29 /11/2009

You are inspirational as well as grounded and practical the truth is also always crystal clear to you. You sometimes have to reserve your judgement though, as there is a lot of emotion invested in your big projects. You may have to learn to quietly stand aside and observe without expressing your opinion.

Numerology for 28 /11/2009

Your feelings today may be complicated and intense. You may benefit from arranging internal order and letting your intuition guide you. With courage and inner resolve you can overcome great obstacles and have a huge impact, inspiring many.

Numerology for 27 /11/2009

Today is an exciting day, a day when you feel inspired, energised and determined to bring about peace. There may be frustrations and obstacles, but you have such energy you feel a part of something unstoppable. There is great wisdom from your emotion and your intuition, be guided by this.

Numerology for 26 /11/2009

You may feel turned inside out and upside down, to make the magic happen. In your struggle to be independent and self confident you may find great inner resource. By becoming happy yourself the magic will happen and many will be inspired.

Numerology for 25 /11/2009

Determine to make your dreams happen and uplift those around you. Sustained effort will be required as well as wisdom from experience and understanding. But most important you have to believe you can do it.

Numerology for 24 /11/2009

Your friends mean a great deal to you, with their help and your flair for business you have the potential to help many. You need your efforts to be appreciated and for them to be on your own terms. You have the potential to move from out of your comfort zone, to a place where you can inspire many.

Numerology for 23 /11/2009

Pushed to the edge, you need to stay centred so that you can find your place in amongst great transience and change. Try to get a handle on your reactions, allow yourself to stand back and see a bigger picture. Make plans to teach from your experience and understanding as well as to heal.

Numerology for 22 /11/2009

Pulled in different directions today, you want to take care of others and at the same time you are fighting for survival. You want fighting for survival to unite you with others not to keep you isolated.

Numerology for 21 /11/2009

Rigid ideas may be knocked out of you today leaving you feeling frustrated and sceptical. It is important you still value who you are. Remain emotionally in control and try not to hurt others with your tongue.

Numerology for 20 /11/2009

Today you may find that you combine being sensitive and caring for others with fighting for survival. You may have to control your emotions and your volatile side.