Numerology for 31/ 12/ 2021

There may be lots of ups and down and things may not be going according to plan. You may feel you are skating on thin ice. Despite your relentless determination to bring in new thinking, you may find you have to go with the flow more than you would like. If so, try to see the bigger picture and allow others their own tastes or opinions. Know that when your heart is in your actions and when you believe in what you are doing, there is potential for great intuition, synchronicity and creativity to break through and for new solutions to be found. Try to stay open to new thinking, don’t just listen to those who share your point of view. If you want may want to be where there is beauty and harmony, you will have to start with a change on the inside.

Numerology for 30/ 12/ 2021

You may have to ‘get real’ and accept not everyone will be receptive to new thinking. Stay positive in your response – focus on being happy and creative, above all find the courage to be yourself. Go with the flow and try to be more accepting and less blunt. Focus on what you can change and try not to put any energy into feelings of frustration.

Numerology for 29/ 12/ 2021

You may be frightened of making a mistake and there may be a fear of rejection. You may also be very up and down with emotion. Despite this you may want to stir everything up at a profound level to bring about change, to push through and truly be yourself. You may be extremely impatient and easily influenced, especially if you are looking for perfection. It may help if you connect with your feelings more, perhaps share them with others and let other’s help you. Within yourself, stay positive, focussed and keep trying. Don’t be afraid to compromise and admit your mistakes. Just walk away and begin over when necessary, just don’t give up on your dream!

Numerology for 28/ 12/ 2021

Despite the obstacles and others trying to impose their thinking on you, it may be very important to you that you are free to do things in your own way.  This may bring up a great deal of emotion and frustration, as you can be extremely impatient.  It may be important that you listen to objections and do something about them.  If you could take the time to explain yourself without resorting to sarcasm this could help greatly. Stay in touch with the bigger picture, know also that if you can survive with your dreams intact, you will be able to help many. … “Who Dares Wins” …

Numerology for 27/ 12/ 2021

You may be looking at things from a new perspective, you may feel inspired but may at the same time want to stay grounded and focussed on your original plans. You may find you have to stand back and try to see things as others do, letting others do things in their own way and time. If so, try to stay positive, creative and inspired, now is the time to focus on what you can change. Try to put no energy into frustration and possibly misrepresenting yourself with bad temper and sarcasm. Try also to ensure that in your impatience you don’t place your confidence with the wrong people

Numerology for 26/ 12/ 2021

You may be able to see clearly what’s standing in the way of your progress and even though you may like to stay one step ahead you may still feel pushed into action. You may feel unsettled as you may feel you have no choice but to go with the flow and the words may pour out of you at times. Look at things from a different perspective, allow others to help you and you may become aware of great synchronicity and intuition. It may help to focus just on the essentials of what you want to achieve, remaining open and flexible. Don’t lose sight of where you want to and allow the potential for inspiration and a breakthrough, as you may reach your chosen destination via a completely different route.

Numerology for 25/ 12/ 2021

You may want to take care of others and transform things for them, but may find you can’t impose your beliefs on others. This may bring up lots of emotion and make you impatient, there is a danger you can misrepresent yourself, potentially placing your confidence with the wrong people in your haste. If so, focus on doing things in your own way but don’t lose your sense of awe and wonderment. Be open to compromise and let others help you to bring in new ideas. Above all have fun and let your loved ones know they are loved.

Numerology for 24/ 12/ 2021

If you don’t like your existing structure you may want to stir things up at a profound level to bring about change. To do this you may need to give yourself space and to be open to new thinking. You are sensitive but may have great difficulty expressing this, which may mean the words pour out of you. You can also be ruthless about getting what you want and this coupled with your great impatience, may result in you becoming easily irritated. Bad temper and sarcasm may mean you misrepresent yourself and waste a lot of energy, this may also result in you placing confidence with the wrong people. With emotional control you can turn all of this around and lead the way with the word, expressing the beauty and making the world a better place. So, give yourself some space and try to find the harmony within, ideally before speaking …

Numerology for 23/ 12/ 2021

You may be prepared to fight for what you believe in and can be very impatient. You can also be easily distracted, so may have to be realistic about what is practical and viable. If so, try not to get stuck in too much emotion, taking things personally. Try to feel grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed and connected to others, they also mean you are moving forward. Decide to take action while remaining open to healthy criticism and positive suggestions. Know that beyond the brick wall that may be in front of you is the most expansive space and focus on getting there. Be aware that planning in too much detail, can inhibit the natural flow of events Whether you forge ahead with your ideas and refuse to be ignored or fold under pressure, remain connected with others and open to new ways of thinking. Working with others could be positive for you today, there doesn’t have to be conflict and seeing things as others do, while remaining positive, could help all concerned.

Numerology for 22/ 12/ 2021

You may feel very sensitive today and in need of a break. It may be important that you focus again on what you love to do, keeping things as simple as possible. There is no need for things to be complicated and confusing. Master your emotions and try to stand back from things – hands off, let things happen. Allow yourself to look at things differently and try not to take anything personally. Let go of old mindsets and allow yourself to be more open and accepting. If your heart is in what you are doing, there is a great potential for synchronicity and intuition. On one level it may feel as though nothing is changing, but when you look back you will realise that everything has changed.