2024 from a New Perspective

As you can see from the above illustration, the year 2024 is dominated by 8 energy.
In terms of numerology: –
8 represents karma and constant re-evaluation, as light continually moves into the dark to re-emerge, bringing everything to the surface to be looked at in the light of day. Resilience is required, as decisions have to be made ‘do I take this with me or do I let this go’, (on its side this number also represents eternity).
8 represents the strategist and organiser moving back and forth tirelessly, destroying and rebuilding.
8 is continually working to find the point of balance at the centre between ’as above so below’ – so spirit and matter, inner and outer can work together in harmony.
8 brings the potential to gain inner strength and humility as we come to the end of another
9-year cycle. The 8 representing this year, also evolves from the 7 energies of last year, which continue to be carried forward, particularly in the early part of this year.

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The ‘Lions Gate Portal’

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, you may be interested to know of powerful energies, potentially impacting us all, as ‘The Lions Gate Portal’ opens (as it does each year), from 28 July to 12 August, when the Sun is in Leo and the stars, Sirius, Orions Belt and the Earth all line up.

This movement creates a powerful portal of energy, which peaks on Monday, 8 August 2022.

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Russia and Ukraine from the Perspective of Numerology

This article follows my previous article “The date 22/ 02/ 2022, Russia and Ukraine”, which was written prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (24/02/2022). In the period between these articles, we have experienced a very intense period of 2 energy. Each date from 20/02/2022 to 28/02/2022 inclusive contains five 2’s, except 22/02/2022 which contains six 2’s and the greatest concentration of 2 energy to date.

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Winter Solstice 2020 & New Year 2021 – December 2020

The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. After this date, days become lighter for longer up until the summer solstice in June. The winter solstice on 21st December 2020 was significant in terms of astrology, on this date the two largest planets in our solar system (Jupiter and Saturn) were closer to each other and to this planet than they have been for 400 years. In terms of astrology, the global impact of this famous conjunction (or meeting) is expected to last for at least 20 years.

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The New £20 Note & Artist JMW Turner – February 2020

The new plastic Bank of England £20 notes came into circulation on 20 February 2020 and will eventually replace the paper £20 notes still in use. They are made from a plastic polymer like the new £5 and £10 denominations, which is said to be more durable, cleaner and secure than paper. The improved security features include further steps being taken against counterfeiting with 2 windows and 2 colour foil.

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