Numerology for 30/ 11/ 2015

You have great breadth of vision, despite the obstacles. You may want to turn things around, not just for yourself, but to show others how it’s done. You may feel pushed to the limit, but be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed and connected to others. Let go of the past, have faith in yourself and in the universe, spend no time comparing yourself to others and feeling you do not fit in and that you are not good enough. Focus on taking positive action rather than planning in detail, there are great opportunities here for growth and change.

Numerology for 29/ 11/ 2015

You are very practical and may want to keep things simple. You have great breath of vision and the potential to inspire others. Despite a fear of failure and rejection, you may feel great responsibility with regard to your work. But it’s not just about you and it’s important that you see things as others do. You may have a knack for provoking others even though you truly care, sometimes it may be a good idea to reserve your judgements, learn to stand aside and observe without expressing your opinion. Not everyone wants to be thinking in new ways and you may achieve a great deal more working as part of a team.

Numerology for 28/ 11/ 2015

The courage to just be yourself and not to worry what others think may be important to you today. There may be a lot going on in your head that you can’t put into words, as you may have to ‘get real’ about the best way to inspire yourself and others through your work. You may have to work with others more than you would like and although you have great emotional control, you may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. Master your emotions and allow yourself to let go and trust. Have faith in yourself and your ability to make your own rules and to survive in spite of the pressure to surrender your uniqueness to the crowd. Allow yourself a holiday and enjoy the freedom that comes from truly loving who you are!

Numerology for 27/ 11/ 2015

Great sensitivity as well as some unconventional thinking may feel like a hurricane inside today. To get over this try to focus on the job in hand. Try not to put energy into pushing your feelings and your creativity down and try to let go rather than hang on. Control the hurricane inside and guide its power constructively. Slow down and look at the whole picture, otherwise today may be a series of spurts and stops. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or forgiveness, stay positive and keep working towards your goal.

Numerology for 26/ 11/ 2015

You have your own way of doing things and can be very practical. Getting to the bottom of things and living your truth may also be very important to you, but beware of resisting change and getting stuck thinking about things rather than taking action. We can all become prisoners of a set way of thinking and you may be more normal than you think. Follow your heart and ’let go trust’. Life is not just about survival it’s about love and joy. Don’t be so clever and ‘in control’ that you block this …

Numerology for 25/ 11/ 2015

You know how to save your energy for the long haul and you also know how to make things happen. No matter how dynamic the activity your energy flows smoothly and the thoughtful, quiet side to your personality always comes through. You have the potential to heal and to inspire others with great intuition and synchronicity, if you can get past your resistance to change. You may also have an important decision to make and giving up is not an option. It may feel as though everything is being brought to the surface to be dealt with. Hang on in there – develop your creativity and inspiration as a great deal of re-evaluation may be required. There may be a universal truth for you to find here, if you can learn detachment and not take things personally. Listen to your inner voice, not just all the voices on the outside. Find your truth in amongst all that’s happening and live it

Numerology for 24/ 11/ 2015

You want to be in charge and you want to be generating and making things happen. Follow your intuition, love what you do and there may be some kind of breakthrough. Try not to be too impatient and overly sensitive. See things from the point of view of others and you may more easily find the words and be able to go with the flow. Rather than looking to be appreciated for your efforts, focus on finding the harmony within and becoming inspired again yourself.

Numerology for 23/ 11/ 2015

You may want to shake things up and wake people up today, but there may be obstacles, which may mean you have to knuckle down, when you would rather be doing something else. Try not to let others push your buttons and get a handle on your reactions, if you don’t like those in authority. You have a wonderful sense of humour, which can diffuse potentially explosive situations and save the day for you. You are expansive and can be visionary idealistic and inspirational but today may be about staying grounded and focussed and using your common sense.

Numerology for 22/ 11/ 2015

You may want to focus on taking care of others and making them happy. You may want to shake things up to bring about change, but you may have to learn to work quietly behind the scenes to achieve your ends, focussing on practical communication. It may be important today to see things as others do and to focus on co-operative projects. You can get stuck holding onto things and you are not going to save everyone. Stay positive and attend to your own personal needs – you cannot hold it together and help others if you are running on empty, so let the world get along without you for a while.

Numerology for 21/ 11/ 2015

You have a natural grace and elegance, but may have great difficulty expressing yourself and so the image you project to others is very important to you. You have ideas you want to make happen and know you could inspire others by making these real. Don’t spend time and energy comparing yourself with others and feeling you are not good enough. Try to be more forgiving and less possessive. Focus on making your ideals real and on finding the harmony within. Serve what is best and most creative in you. Self pity is poison …