Numerology for 30/ 11/ 2011

Your approach is normally calculated, careful and effective. You have a way of doing the utmost with what you have and you hate wasting energy. Your control is admirable but so is spontaneity. Allow yourself to improvise and loosen up. Let go and trust occasionally. Rather than just focussing on the detail develop a global vision of yourself and the world. Self realise.

Numerology for 29/ 11/ 2011

You have a knack for provoking others and you are not too concerned with what others may think of you. But, sometimes it may be a good idea to reserve your judgements, learn to stand aside and observe without expressing your opinion. There is more to life than just survival.

Numerology for 28/ 11/ 2011

Master your emotions and your mind, let go of some rigid ideas and go with the flow. Try not to be thrown by transience and change. Have faith in yourself and your ability to make your own rules and to survive in spite of the pressure to surrender your uniqueness to the crowd. Allow yourself a holiday !

Numerology for 27/ 11/ 2011

Your unconventional thinking may cause you great frustration, but let go of the past and love who you are, take action trusting your inner voice and you may find you can make something from nothing and find the inner resource not to give up. Finding harmony within will mean that harmony will surround you and you may feel quite energised going with the flow rather than fighting every inch of the way.

Numerology for 26/ 11/ 2011

You are practical and want to focus on all that is viable, but have an imagination that soars. Trying to reconcile these two sides of your personality may use up a lot of your energy. Your distinctive manner doesn’t have to set you apart, so make an effort to get along with others and to see things from their point of view. Truly love who you are and be yourself, stay positive and let others help you to find the freedom you need, within the limitations imposed.

Numerology for 25/ 11/ 2011

You know how to save your energy for the long haul and you also know how to make things happen. No matter how dynamic the activity your energy flows smoothly and the thoughtful, quiet side to your personality always comes through. Obstacles are unavoidable, but you can see beyond them with great breadth of vision. Despite other people trying to impose their way of thinking on you stay independent, rise to a superior level of consciousness and open yourself to the spiritual. That way you might just turn things around.

Numerology for 24/ 11/ 2011

You have an intense need for you efforts to be appreciated. Your friends mean a great deal to you and although you may feel cast in a different mould, you very much want to feel ‘normal’ and accepted by your group. You love heated debates, but you also know how to make everyone laugh. By using your charm you have the option to make a difference with little opposition. So, instead of thinking in terms of holiday and fun, perhaps develop a global vision of yourself and the world and self realise.

Numerology for 23/ 11/ 2011

By doing things in new ways you want to inspire others through your work, doing things simply because you are supposed to, will not make you happy today. Try not to let others push your buttons and get a handle on your reactions, if you don’t like those in authority. You have a wonderful sense of humour, which can diffuse potentially explosive situations and save the day for you. Believe also that you can make your ideas happen, even if this doesn’t happen today.

Numerology for 22/ 11/ 2011

The freedom to be yourself and to help others in your own way may be very important to you today. You may have spent so much time comparing yourself to others and feeling that you don’t measure up, that what others think may suddenly be of little interest to you and this may feel wonderfully liberating. Even so, try to work quietly behind the scenes.

Numerology for 21/ 11/ 2011

You have a natural grace and elegance and the image you project to others is very important to you. As you develop a global vision for yourself, following your inner voice and being true to yourself at the deepest level may become more important to you. This may cause you conflict and learning to let go and trust may send you into new territory, but this way you will make your ideas happen and you may find you are on the way to helping all of humanity…