Numerology for 31/ 12/ 2022

There may be obstacles and you may feel you are skating on thin ice. Despite your relentless determination to bring in new thinking, you may find you have to go with the flow more than you would like. If so, try to see the bigger picture and allow others their own tastes or opinions. Know that when your heart is in your actions and when you believe in what you are doing, there is potential for great intuition, synchronicity, and creativity to break through and for new solutions to be found. Try to stay open to new thinking, don’t just listen to those who share your point of view. Rise to the challenge, give yourself space and time to be inspired … Necessity is the mother of invention …

Numerology for 30/ 12/ 2022

Despite feeling very responsible for the happiness of others, you may find yourself being very blunt and feeling frustrated when you can’t impose your thinking on others. You may find you have to revise your plans if you are to break through. It may be key that you master your emotions and allow yourself to be accepting, flexible and kind. Take time to explain yourself and try to see things as others do. Accept not everyone will be receptive to new thinking. Stay positive in your response – focus on being happy and creative.

Numerology for 29/ 12/ 2022

You may be frightened of making a mistake and there may be a fear of rejection. You may also be very up and down with emotion. Despite this you may want to stir everything up at a profound level to bring about change. To push through with your vision, to be the best you can be, you may have to stand back from things and let go with love all that no longer serves you. This means connecting with your feelings, ideally sharing them with others and letting other’s help you. Within yourself, stay positive, focussed, and keep trying. Don’t be afraid to compromise and admit your mistakes. Just walk away and begin over, when necessary, just don’t give up on your dreams!

Numerology for 28/ 12/ 2022

Despite the obstacles and others trying to impose their thinking on you, it may be important to you that you get to the bottom of things, in your own way. This may bring up a great deal of emotion and frustration and you may not know where to begin. It may be important that you take the time to explain yourself and try to see things as others do. Working with others, could help you greatly. Know also that if you can stay grounded and focused with your dreams intact, you will be able to help many. … “Who Dares Wins” …

Numerology for 27/ 12/ 2022

You may be looking at things from a new perspective, cutting through illusion to see a new potential. It may be time to accept change and responsibility, time to let go of all that no longer serves you. You may feel exhausted from holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. There may be confusion and lots of emotion you find difficult to express. Focus on what you can change, on what needs to be done and understood. Try not to put energy into frustration, instead focus on trying to break through with your new vision.

Numerology for 26/ 12/ 2022

This may be a time of breakthrough as you may see clearly what needs to shift. You may make a decision that pushes you into action. You may know what to do, but you may also know that endurance will be required if you are to find your truth again. Despite lots of emotion and confusion focus on your next step and what needs to be done and understood. Try to move forward on your own terms, even if your emotions may be ruling the waves of your determination … Know that working with others will help you to feel lots better …

Numerology for 25/ 12/ 2022

Out of the blue, you may find yourself thinking in new ways, adapting, co-operating, and going with the flow more than you would have liked. There may be fear and confusion, but stay positive, focus on where you want to get to and there is great potential for intuition and synchronicity to guide you safely home. You don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right.

Numerology for 24/ 12/ 2022

You may keep yourself busy making the world a better place, but may be striving for perfect harmony on the outside, when on the inside there may be lots of emotion and confusion. This may be reflected back to you, and the words may pour out of you. With emotional control there is the potential to be more decisive and less exhausted. So, give yourself some space and time, try to find the harmony within, ideally learn to feel gratitude from all your experiences have taught you. Believe in yourself.

Numerology for 23/ 12/ 2022

You may be prepared to fight for what you believe in but you can also be easily distracted, so may have to be realistic about what is practical and viable. Try not to get stuck in too much emotion, taking things personally. Decide on your course of action, while remaining open to healthy criticism and positive suggestions. Be aware that planning in too much detail, can inhibit the natural flow of events Whether you forge ahead with your ideas and refuse to be ignored or fold under pressure, remain connected with others and open to new ways of thinking. Working with others could be positive for you today, there doesn’t have to be conflict and seeing things as others do, while remaining positive, could help all concerned.

Numerology for 22/ 12/ 2022

There may be obstacles and you may feel very sensitive and vulnerable. It may be important that you focus again on what you love to do, keeping things as simple as possible. There is no need for things to be complicated and confusing. Master your emotions and try to stand back from things – hands off, let things happen. Allow yourself to look at things differently and try not to take anything personally. Let go of old mindsets and allow yourself to be more open and accepting. If your heart is in what you are doing, there is a great potential for synchronicity and intuition. On one level it may feel as though nothing is changing, but when you look back you will realise that everything has changed.