Numerology for 31/ 08/ 2017

Balance fun with responsibility and lessen your need for the approval of others – you don’t have to turn yourself inside out to make others happy. Decide what’s your responsibility and what isn’t. Make your plans, but go with the flow rather than get frustrated. There may be a letting go at some point today and this may bring in new ideas as well as a re-evaluation of security and stability. You could take the decision to lead from behind, shining like the sun equally on everyone. Whatever you decide to do, listen to your inner voice, not just to what you hear on the outside and focus on working with others. Wake up to responsibility of our work and get on with it.


Numerology for 30/ 08/ 2017

Today you want results, you may want to uplift others and inspire them with your work. Things may not be going according to your plans and you may have to re-evaluate / reconsider the way you have always done things. The correct use of power is important to you and you have the potential to make decisions without emotion. Rather than focus on your frustrated plans, focus more on building relationships and there is the potential for great creativity.

Numerology for 29/ 08/ 2017

You may feel full of contradictions today. You hate chaos and may want to bring in structure, at the same time you may hate change and may want to be left to do things in your own way. You may want to bring in new ideas and inspire others to think in new ways, but there may be a big fear of failure or rejection. Relationships may be key for you at the moment, particularly the relationship you have with yourself. Lighten up, get to know yourself and stop making impossible demands on yourself. It is the heart that matters – you don’t have to figure it all out with your head. Believe in what you are doing, love what you are doing, trust your intuition and go with the flow. Inspire others by inspiring yourself first. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations.


Numerology for 28/ 08/ 2017

Others may come to you for advice as your knowledge and ideas can be deep and wide-ranging. You want to help everyone in your own unique way, but you don’t suffer fools gladly. There may be a great deal of emotion that others don’t see and that you may find hard to express. There may be a great need to get away, as massive re-evaluation may be required as to the best way to truly help others. Ultimately it’s about acknowledging just how sensitive you are and focusing on building your inner temple, rather than holding it all together on the outside.

Numerology for 27/ 08/ 2017

You are very sensitive and the truth may hurt at times. You want to achieve success through your creativity and communication and have great will power. You may feel pushed into blind experience and unsure about how best to apply your considerable potential. If so, focus on helping others and the energy you receive from this may light your way, helping you to find your place in the world. Don’t allow fixed ideals to limit your thinking and creativity, your unconventional thinking may give you the answer. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations. Try to be patient and learn from others, but decide for yourself what you do next. Helping others, rather than focusing on your goals, may help you to feel empowered and connected to others in a new way.

Numerology for 26/ 08/ 2017

You may feel your place is supporting others, but there may be some things you really want to do. You know your own worth and that there is something unstoppable with in you. There may be a great deal of emotion involved with you standing up to be counted. Know you can help others without depleting or limiting yourself. Try not to get stuck holding onto things, go onto the quiet and connect with your true self and your great potential. Nothing is impossible when you are focused and believe in yourself.

Numerology for 25/ 08/ 2017

You can be very private when it suits you and can be quite inward looking, you can also be quite an exhibitionist. You have great emotional control and can be very intuitive as well as perceptive with regard to other people’s needs and attitudes. You know how to use your best features to get what you want, you may be very devoted to your cause but may also have to go with the flow more than you would like. Try not to spend so much time attracting and winning the approval of others, you are valuable in your own right. Let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and in the universe.

Numerology for 24/ 08/ 2017

You may want to get to the truth, so untangling mysteries may be important to you today. This could set you free in some way, perhaps by helping you to connect with a bigger picture and make sense of things. But, you may find that your observations are not always appreciated and that some secrets are better left unrevealed. Trying to get every detail right can also lead to inaction and procrastination, leaving you feeling unsettled. You see everything in a very physical/practical way and don’t like pretence of any kind, you may also be very impatient. Focus on structure and on simplifying things, follow your heart more often and the freedom you so desire may then be easier to find.

Numerology for 23/ 08/ 2017

You have your plans and ideas, but you may doubt yourself and obstacles may be forcing you into action. Know that in amongst the obstacles are great opportunities for growth change and ultimately transformation. There can be extremes of emotion and you may want to shake things up at every level to bring about change, but at the same time you may have a great sense of responsibility towards others. Most people in the way will back off, but if not you can be very antagonistic. So, try to stay sensitive to the feelings of others and see things from their point of view. Distance yourself from those who indulge you. Gain some distance from yourself also, by making time for reflection. History does not have to repeat itself …

Numerology for 22/ 08/ 2017

There may be lots of emotion today, especially with regard to big projects and you trying to make decisions that make everyone happy. The responsibility of it all may feel like a burden and staying detached may make it easier to take the lead and be decisive. Remain open to advice and suggestions and there is the potential to bring in lots of new ideas. Your sensitivity is a great strength, not something you have to hide. Admit your weaknesses and communications may be much improved. Misunderstandings from the past may be seen in a new light, helping you to take everyone with you into new territory and build something solid together.