Numerology for 30/9/2009

Time for a change of tack and a holiday – you need new ideas to get organised again and for will and passion to re-emerge. You need a break for this to happen and may not value yourself during this period. The words may also pour out of you at this time.

Numerology for 29/9/2009

Absolutely the day to bring in the light and change attitudes one to many. The day to be passionate about big projects and to truly believe you can make a difference.

Numerology for 28/9/2009

After a struggle to be independent and self confident, you find the courage to truly be yourself. Turned inside out and upside down, the magic finally happens and the sceptic is inspired.

Numerology for 25/9/2009

A need to take dynamic action, to learn from life rather than books, to know what you are here to do, to teach from experience and understanding, to heal.

Numerology for 24/9/2009

You uplift others with kindness while fighting for the survival of your business. You may be pushed out of your comfort zone, but you are passionate about redressing the balance and promoting true harmony.

Numerology for 23/9/2009

You may feel pushed to the edge as rigid ideas are knocked out of you and you are forced to go with the flow. Your impractical idealism may cause you frustration.