Karen’s Numerology Party

“Jane our numerologist was brilliant, on point with us all and all very positive. Liz a great host, thank you”. MT Canterbury & Thanet over 45s Group

“What an informative evening, I didn’t realise that numbers could tell so much about an individual, very accurate. Lovely to catch up with everyone. Thank you to Liz and Liz for hosting but many, many thanks to Liz for opening her home and for being a wonderful supplier of food, tea and coffee… the cake was amazing – thank you”.
LW Canterbury & Thanet over 45s Group

“It was so interesting and amazing how accurate the descriptions were. Thank you so much Liz for being such a good hostess. The hospitality was amazing and totally unexpected. Lovely to see everyone”. RS Canterbury & Thanet over 45s Group

“Thank you Liz and Liz for a brilliant evening and to the naughty one at the back of the room that just kept making me laugh yes Liz”. GG Canterbury & Thanet over 45s Group

“Well didn’t we learn a lot about how numbers can tell a story … Fascinating and thankyou Liz as always for opening up your home and looking after everyone xxx”
LH Canterbury & Thanet over 45s Group


“Jane did a sample Numerology session for a Holistic Day we were running. Her passion and depth of knowledge for the subject shone through the moment she began and we were all enthralled. Her analysis and insights were very accurate and it certainly gave us plenty to think about. I would definitely consider using Jane again and would encourage others try her services.” Becci Godfrey, Personal & Professional Development Coach



“Thank you Jane. Very interesting”  A. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Fantastic evening. Really interesting. Thank you”  R. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Really interesting, insightful & eye opening. Lots of information. Thank you so much !”  S. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Very Interesting & true. Well worth a reading. Thank you”  D&R. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Fascinating. Thank you”  C. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Absolutely amazing – cant argue with the numbers”  FS. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

“Absolutely Amazing ! Would love to learn more! & would love to have a full reading … Very inspirational”
GW. Numerology Party, Dartford

“Thank you Jane. Really informative”  SW. Numerology Party, Dartford

“So interesting – Lovely evening”  PV. Numerology Party, Dartford

“Amazing evening – Really enjoyed the information. Thank you”  JT. Numerology Party, Dartford

“Really enjoyed the evening. Jane brought to light ideas to inspire me going forward”
RT. Numerology Party, Dartford

“Wonderful wonderful wonderful ! Thank you Jane, so insightful. You have a wonderful gift. So looking forward to hearing more about our business name”  Anna Pearce founder of Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

“Brilliant evening. Thoroughly enjoyed your talk.. Many thanks”  M. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

“Wonderful talk and lovely to meet you”  F. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

“I know I was meant to be here this evening – feel so much gratitude for the synchronicities that brought me here. Great stuff”  S. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group


“What a fantastic talk from a fantastic lady” Sue Ford founder of Indigo Forums

“I know a little about Numerology but I found your talk absolutely fascinating”
“The Numerology was spot on re my name”

“So interesting how the groups name change has made to the way it now works. Thank you Jane makes the starting of the group so worthwhile”   JT from Maidstone of Dowding Development Group

I just wanted to thank you so much for such an inspiring and awesome presentation – you could feel the energy in the room.  A thousand thanks and hope to see you again at the next one. The ladies certainly enjoyed it and got involved”. MW founder of Kent WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Networking Group.

“Thanks you for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening”. AG, Kent

“Intriguing and some real chiming moments”. FB, Sevenoaks, Kent

“Thank you for such an inspiring talk with fascinating insight”. MW, Kent

“Absolutely Fascinating, I would highly recommend Jane to give a reading”
AG – KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent)

“A most incredible talk – fantastic!” P – KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent)

“So enlightening & empowering” JS – KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent)

“I have been meaning to write to you sooner! Wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed and was fascinated by your presentation at Hourne Farm! Was incredible! Will you be doing another talk?”
PS of The Theosophical Society – Tunbridge Wells Lodge

“It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, your talk was crammed with information , thank you for sharing so much knowledge and also for the reading afterwards, absolutely fascinating and helped to confirm I am on the right track” PU West Sussex

“A very belated BIG thank you for giving such a wonderful informative talk on Numerology on Wednesday evening. We were stunned by how accurate you were with all our personality traits. It is amazing. I found it fascinating how you explained the numbers going from 1 into the next number and so on, it makes so much sense!”
AP of the East Sussex & Brighton Reflexology Group

“Wow such accurate readings for us all at ‘The Centre’ You have great knowledge and inner wisdom and your sensitivity shines through. You have enforced our belief in the work that we do in ‘The Centre’.
YR and J at ‘The Centre – Mind Body Spirit’  Rainham

“Thank you so much for such a interesting talk about numerology it certainly showed up the connections with us all at the group. And you got me to a tee that is for sure, will be in touch about having a reading with you and doing a workshop with you at a later date”.  JT Paddock Wood Spiritual Development Group