Numerology for 31/ 07/ 2021

It may be a time for action not just words and you may have to go with the flow more than you would like. You may also have to ‘get real’ about your plans, perhaps relying more on your intuition and synchronicity. You may find that if you share your insights, the resulting communications could be very positive and may result in a breakthrough. It is your intention that counts, so don’t get stuck feeling sorry for yourself, move on. Stay focused and take a deep breathe before responding.  

Numerology for 30/ 07/ 2021

You may be very decisive and quick to criticise, but you can’t impose your beliefs on others. Try instead to embrace change by being open and accepting of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Understand that despite your plans and however brightly your light may shine for others, you may have to make the best of where the wind takes you and trust you are moved to where you are needed. Realise today is not just about the physical, it’s potentially about inner transformation – building your inner temple, as well as the outer. Do this in your own way, without putting energy into frustration and you have the potential to transform everything.

Numerology for 29/ 07/ 2021

There may be a fear of not being good enough and you may feel unsettled. At the same time you may want your voice to be heard and may want to shake things up at a profound level to bring about change. Friends who encourage you could make a huge difference today. Rather than feel frustrated that things are not as you would like them to be, work with what you’ve got, dedicating everything to the higher good. Helping others may help you to realise just how strong you are and just how much can be achieved working together.

Numerology for 28/ 07/ 2021

Know how blessed you are … You have great will power and focus when getting to the truth and inspiring others to look at things from a new perspective. But, master your considerable emotion, especially with regard to doing things in your own unique way. You can be quite unstoppable, but it doesn’t have to be you against the world. Try not to get frustrated if things do not go according to plan and if those around you do not respond as you would like. Conserve your energy and stay focussed on where you want to get to. Know obstacles mean you are moving forward, allow them to strengthen your resolve and encourage great creativity.
‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.

Numerology for 27/ 07/ 2021

You may find yourself thinking in different ways, wanting to express yourself in new ways. There may be a great deal of frustration as you may struggle to be heard. You may take the decision to stop focusing on getting every detail right and allow yourself to go with the flow. Connecting to the bigger picture in this way, may help you to simplify things and recognise what needs to change. Your great sensitivity may feel like a burden, but it is one of your greatest strengths, so trust your intuition and try not to put so much energy into frustration. Be honest about your real needs and try not to agonise over decisions to be made, there will never be a perfect time for action, it is your intention that matters. Stay focused as well as open to new ways of thinking and there is a potential for great creativity and new solutions, as you work with others in new ways.

Numerology for 26/ 07/ 2021

You can be very devoted to your cause and have great ‘staying power’ as well as a strong personality. Your independence is very important to you and it’s important that in amongst caring for others you get back to the essence of who you truly are, allowing yourself to make a difference in your own unique way. There may be a lot coming up to be dealt with and a great deal of re-evaluation may be needed. Know this may take you into new territory and may result in great creativity, if you can follow your heart, accepting change and responsibility. Just try to remember in this process to cultivate patience and humility, allowing others to do the same.

Numerology for 25/ 07/ 2021

There may be a great deal of emotion that you keep silent about and your idealism may be a bit ahead of your reality. Your dreams may seem difficult to realise, but don’t give up on them, stay positive and learn to be patient as well as practical. With your feet firmly on the ground reach for the stars but try to concentrate more on being here in the current moment rather than there in your dreams. Your thoughts and actions this minute now are what determine your future.

Numerology for 24/ 07/ 2021

Despite your focus on practical perpetual service, with perfect harmony, you can get easily bored, especially when things are not happening as quickly as you would like. If so, try to keep your considerable energies positive and be patient, take each event as it comes. You may have a relentless determination to build something solid, but you may also have lots of emotion you find difficult to express. It may be important you make time to reflect and find your inner balance before taking your dream no …  Be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focused and connected to others. Always remember that the best thing that you get from your efforts isn’t the thing you wanted, but the person you become in the process …

Numerology for 23/ 07/ 2021

Instead of trying to solve everyone else’s problems take action to find your own peace by focusing on your own problems and plans – making your ideas real. Concentrate more on being in the moment, free of past problems and future expectations. Try to work with others more, seeing things as others do and let go of the excess baggage. Demonstrate and communicate your wisdom in your actions as well as your words. Find your truth and live it.

Numerology for 22/ 07/ 2021

You may have difficulties keeping things on an even keel today, but you never consider giving up. You can feel too passionate about the big projects you are involved with, this may bring up lots emotion, as you may be very impatient and may have to ‘get real’. Try to bring more structure and stability in all forms into your life, develop persistence, patience and decisiveness. You don’t have to be fighting the whole time for everything to turn our right, so learn to empty yourself out and take time to recharge. Let the growth happen naturally and digest what happens …