Numerology for 31/ 12/ 2019

Things may not be going according to plan and you may have to compromise more than you would like. Find time to go into the quiet and listen to your inner voice, as well as to the opinions of others and try to trust others more. Try to see the bigger picture, know that when your heart is in your actions and when you believe in what you are doing, there can be great intuition and synchronicity. You may have a vision you want to make real and may feel you have to push through powerful barriers to truly be yourself, but still try also to see things as others do … You may be looking for perfection, but may have to make the best of where the wind takes you, accepting life as it is, not how you think it should be …

Numerology for 30/ 12/ 2019

Recognise you are not going to save everyone and that you cannot impose your beliefs on others. Stay positive – focus on being happy yourself and expressing the beauty. Go with the flow and try to be more accepting and less blunt. Accept what you cannot change and find the courage to change what you can, find the harmony within and this will surround you …

Numerology for 29/ 12/ 2019

You may be frightened of making a mistake and there may be a fear of rejection, you may also be very up and down with emotion, feeling that you have to fight for everything. It may be very important that you try to see things as others do and that you listen to the suggestions of others, as some of your ideas may be impractical. Connect with your feelings, share them with others and let other’s help you. Within yourself, stay positive, focussed and keep trying. Take your dream on !

Numerology for 28/ 12/ 2019

Despite the obstacles and others trying to impose their thinking on you, it may be very important to you that you are free to do things in your own way.  This may bring up a great deal of emotion and frustration, but know that true freedom can come from letting go of existing mind sets and thinking in new ways. You may find you have to go with the flow more that you would like and this may mean facing things you would rather avoid. Get past your disappointment, allow yourself to adapt and there is the potential for great intuition and synchronicity … “Who Dares Wins” …

Numerology for 27/ 12/ 2019

There may be a great deal of sensitivity and emotion as a truth may become crystal clear to you. Despite your great passion and determination to care for others, you may find you have to stand back and witness, as you cannot impose your beliefs on others. Try to stay positive, creative and inspired, now is the time to focus on what you can change and to perhaps focus on interests that you want to pursue. Allow your home to become a spring board for freedom, adventure and change …

Numerology for 26/ 12/ 2019

You may come to realise that you can best help those you care about by making some significant changes.  You may be able to see clearly what’s standing in the way of your progress. There may be resistance to change and you may feel you have to cut yourself off in some way to get the job done. However, your sensitivity is your greatest strength, so communicate and act with sensitivity. It may help to focus just on the essentials of what you want to achieve, remaining open and flexible. Don’t lose sight of where you want to get to and maintain your great breadth of vision. Always remember you are here in service, to provide for and protect others

Numerology for 25/ 12/ 2019

You may want to make your vision real but there may be obstacles and others may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you. There may be a lot of determination as well as emotion with regard to this. Focus on doing things in your own way but don’t lose your sense of awe and wonderment. Be open to compromise and let others help you to bring in new ideas, see things as others do and you may be able to transform things. Above all have fun and let your loved ones know they are loved.

Numerology for 24/ 12/ 2019

There is the potential for great harmony today and for you to express the beauty, if you can focus on mastering your emotions and try to see things as others do. Structure and emotional control may help you greatly today. You may want everything perfect on the outside but focus on finding the harmony within and this will surround you.

Numerology for 23/ 12/ 2019

You are prepared to fight for what you believe in and may be able to see exactly what needs to shift, but you may have to realistic about what is practical and viable. Try not to get stuck in too much emotion as well as planning in too much detail, so inhibiting the natural flow of events. Decide to take action, but remain open to healthy criticism and positive suggestions. Whether you forge ahead with your ideas and refuse to be ignored or fold under pressure, remain connected with others and open to new ways of thinking. There doesn’t have to be conflict and you don’t have to always think of yourself as the teacher.

Numerology for 22/ 12/ 2019

Try to go with the flow as much as possible and find time away from the drama to go into the quiet. Try not to be too impatient and watch your tongue. Master your emotions and try to ensure you place confidence in yourself and your intuition rather than the wrong people … On one level it may feel as though nothing is changing, but when you look back you will realise that everything has changed.