Numerology for 29/ 01/ 2023

You may be a fast mover who’s very progressive and amazingly creative, especially with ideas, but to make your ideas real you may need to stay focused rather than scattered. Don’t always insist that you can do without and learn to open up about what you want. There will never be the perfect time so, give yourself time and space to recover and to find yourself again. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Use your true feelings to see clearly in all situations.

Numerology for 28/ 01/ 2023

You can be gutsy, strong-willed, and driven – so keep hold of the tiger’s tail!! The courage to be truly independent may be a big part of who you are but try to cultivate patience and be realistic about your capabilities. Try to stay focused on one step at a time and what needs to be done, but at the same time give yourself space to think in new ways. See your sensitivity as a strength, recognise you have a choice in how you respond every moment. You may want to inspire others, but there can be a fear of failure and rejection. You may also be exhausted and holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. It may be time to stand back and let go with love all that no longer serves you. Let go and trust …

Numerology for 27/ 01/ 2023

You may be up early with lots to do and there may be lots of emotion that you may choose to express in action. It may be important that you do things in your own way, even if this brings up lots of emotion. Patience may be an important lesson for you, pay attention also to the opinions and reactions of others. Realising your hopes through creativity and communication may be possible, but you need to be realistic in your outlook and recognise you have a choice every moment in how you respond. It may help also to view success from a broader perspective – success can mean just being happy.

Numerology for 26/ 01/ 2023

You may feel very sensitive and tested as there may be a lot brought to the surface for you to deal with. If so, recognise you are not always right. Decide to take time out to look within and connect with your feelings more. Look back and try to feel gratitude for the wisdom gained. Truly listen, cultivate your human side as well as your great creativity and you may change some powerful patterns. Learn to relax and enjoy yourself and you may find the joy again. Admitting weakness sometimes lightens your burden. …

Numerology for 25/ 01/ 2023

You may feel pushed into action, as you think on your feet and try to stay one step ahead. You may be a natural networker and very decisive, but there may be lots of emotions also that you may find difficult to express. It may be important that you listen as well as speak, keeping everything, (especially your words) as clear and simple as possible. Patience and balance may be key. Learn to embrace change, learn when to push, when to pull and when to do nothing. Keep your spirits high and your focus on the future. Accept change and responsibility. Try to feel grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed and connected to others, they also mean we are moving forward.

Numerology for 24/ 01/ 2023

You may inspire a great deal of admiration and loyalty from those around you and may be devoted to your cause, but you can also be impatient and ruthless about getting what you want. There may also be a great deal of emotion you find difficult to express and it may be important you go into the quiet to find your message and your true self. Although your cause may be very positive you may come across as insensitive, it may be important to truly listen to others too, keeping your words clear and simple. Others may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you make them feel. You are something special, not because people say you are but because of what’s on the inside. It may be time to connect again to your own true inner light and this need not reflect what other people wish to see. It may be time to fight for your own identity and develop your creativity and inspiration. Perhaps remind yourself, that for anything to work there has to be love … Love is the most powerful force on this planet …

Numerology for 23/ 01/ 2023

You can make a memorable first impression and may be comfortable with being thought of as a bit of an eccentric, if this means you can be left to do things in your own way. The truth may be crystal clear to you and choosing to live this way may help you to remain creative and inspired. While this is all very idealistic you may also find that you are not so different after all and that you enjoy fitting in once-in-a-while. If so, try to stay focussed on your plans and be patient, there may be lots of emotion you find difficult to express and you may have an imagination that runs riot. Through it all you may be determined to speak for those who have no voice and to transform things. If so, try to be grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed, and connected to others, they also mean you are moving forward….

Numerology for 22/ 01/ 2023

Your great impatience and sensitivity may make you feel very vulnerable. There may be a lot of emotion you may find difficult to express and this may cause confusion, particularly if you are trying to hide some deep heart ache. It may be very important that you focus your energies and with great emotional control, try to keep your reactions calm and considered. You may feel forced into action, and you are not afraid to put yourself on the line and to take risks, but you may be more effective tempering your passions and listening carefully. Beware of misdirected anger and try to be receptive to the advice of others. Above all, try to be patient and watch your temper.

Numerology for 21/ 01/ 2023

You may like to be centre of attention, but underneath there may be a fear of failure and of not being good enough. There may be lots of emotion involved in trying to inspire others to think in new ways and in making others happy, this may result in a tendency to drift and be distracted. There may also be a lot of emotion invested in making your ideas a reality and it may be important that you acknowledge just how ambitious you are. You can’t impose your way of thinking on others and rather than put energy into frustration, waiting for the approval of others, you may be happier if you get past your disappointment and continue to ‘try, try, and try again’, listening to your inner voice, without looking for the approval of others.

Numerology for 20/ 01/ 2023

Try to be more patient and not to demand so much attention. Get a grip on your emotion and try not to be so fragile. Find the courage to truly be yourself and don’t be surprised if out of the blue new beginnings may follow. Your sensitivity can be your greatest strength, if you can master it so try not to respond with emotion, but to consider first. Focus on working hard to achieve a goal you are passionate about and through this discipline a new more stable self may emerge, enabling you to connect with and help others, as well as yourself, more effectively.

The challenge for 2022 was to take responsibility for bringing in new structures, that ideally serve everyone. As we move further into the Age of Aquarius (which is about the brotherhood of humanity) and witness the growing influence of 2 energy. The challenge for 2023 is to embrace change with new mindsets, new thinking, and new solutions, potentially 2023 represents a ‘Birth of Consciousness’. For more information please follow link below for my article ‘Numerology for the Year 2023’ –