Numerology for 24/ 01/ 2023

You may inspire a great deal of admiration and loyalty from those around you and may be devoted to your cause, but you can also be impatient and ruthless about getting what you want. There may also be a great deal of emotion you find difficult to express and it may be important you go into the quiet to find your message and your true self. Although your cause may be very positive you may come across as insensitive, it may be important to truly listen to others too, keeping your words clear and simple. Others may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you make them feel. You are something special, not because people say you are but because of what’s on the inside. It may be time to connect again to your own true inner light and this need not reflect what other people wish to see. It may be time to fight for your own identity and develop your creativity and inspiration. Perhaps remind yourself, that for anything to work there has to be love … Love is the most powerful force on this planet …

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