Numerology for 20/ 05/ 2024

Find your centre and stay in touch with it. You may be very ambitious, but still turn off your motor and make time to meditate or go into the quiet. As much as possible limit yourself to the task at hand and try to keep things simple. Finish one project before starting the next and try not to get distracted. You may like to stay one step ahead, but today use your great will power to work on yourself, you may find that by doing this, you can help others more effectively.

Numerology for 19/ 05/ 2024

Keep your considerable energy under control and direct it well. Heartfelt persuasion can be your most powerful tool, so focus on finding what you love to do, despite feeling pulled in different directions. You may want to be the centre of attention and there may be a lot of emotion you find difficult to express. You may find you need space to go into your emotions and to re-evaluate. Analysis, reasoning, and logic don’t always move your life forward and can take you away from your original intentions. So, forget perfection – follow what is best in you, take action to help others and don’t underestimate the power in one act of kindness.

Numerology for 18/ 05/ 2024

You may have great ideas, but you can doubt yourself. You may be a great communicator, especially if you stray focussed, with great emotional control. You may take responsibility seriously and may be very ambitious. You may be very aware of manipulation and games being played, while you are trying to act for others. If so, allow yourself to be guided rather than driven and don’t take it personally if others are not ready for what you have to say. Be patient and give others time to catch up with you. Others may not ‘get you’ but what matters is that you ‘get you’. Above all, try to stay positive and work with others as much as possible. Try to establish boundaries. Own your own power. Freeze or flourish, but know that in amongst the obstacles you face, are great opportunities to transform the situation

Numerology for 17/ 05/ 2024

You may find you have to get down to the basics and focus on the essentials. You may want to transform things but may need to loosen up and learn to laugh at yourself along the way. The truth can be very simple to you, but if others aren’t ready to hear this, save your breadth for those who express interest. Allow yourself some rest, understand every breathe can mean a new beginning and try to view things from a more balanced perspective.

Numerology for 16/ 05/ 2024

Find your passion and stick with it. Your unique way of expressing your unique perspective, is your gift to the world. The courage to be yourself and do things in your own unique way, may bring up lots of emotion, but try not to lose your enthusiasm, try also to be more patient and less explosive. Things don’t have to be perfect to come right and it’s ok if others do not understand or share your vision. If you are feeling exhausted, remember that limiting the range of your activities can extend your scope, so try to complete one project before going on to the next. Try also to be flexible as things may be coming up to be looked at and dealt with. Out of the blue the magic may be back and you may realise you are being guided,

Numerology for 15/ 05/ 2024

You may be a perfectionist and may feel quite driven, in your quest for truth and to be the best. Beneath your cool exterior there may be emotional turmoil and it may be key that you focus on finding the courage to be yourself. The intensity of your emotions may at times be difficult for yourself and others to handle, so try to ensure you take action to help others along the way. Start listening to your inner wisdom as well as to others, give yourself space to be creative in your own unique way, stay positive and share your share ideas with a few of your friends … Let your light shine!

Numerology for 14/ 05/ 2024

Time and space to work through things before you decide, may be essential for you today, and it may take others time to catch up with you. If so, be patient and try to stay calm, sometimes all you can do is observe and truly listen. Stay connected to your great intuition, try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you and remember moderation is key. Continue to focus on structure, one step at a time and visualise where you want to get to. You may find you have to push through powerful barriers to do things in your own way and while it is important to see things as others do, be prepared for the fact that you are not going to be able to take everyone with you.

Numerology for 13/ 05/ 2023

You may feel a little stuck, but at the same time this may feel like a turning point, as you may recognise you have been holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. If so, focus your energies and listen to your inner sense of what is good and true. The decision is yours, if you plan make sure you act don’t just wait for the perfect moment and try not to be too impatient. Focus on moving forward, even if everything feels upside down.

Numerology for 12/ 05/ 2024

Today, despite your great creativity and ambition, it may be key that you see things as others do and try to stay focused. You may be very impatient with a lot to say and there may be a lot of emotion you find difficult to express. It may be a challenge at times for you to be organised and methodical when dealing with the mundane. It’s great that you can offer a fresh approach to problems but try to be more diplomatic, especially if others express concern. Be careful with your teasing and light-hearted pranks, it may not be obvious to others just how sensitive you are.

Numerology for 11/ 05/ 2024

You always like to be one step ahead but may feel stuck in emotion. If so, try to reconnect with your original intentions and the love that may be behind your actions. Drop the martyrdom and instead, try to feel grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed, and connected to others, they also mean you are moving forward. You may have your own way of thinking and communicating but try also to speak the language of others with more tact and diplomacy. Be patient with yourself and others, make sure those who support you know just how much they are appreciated.