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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Business life is getting busier and more hectic.
Is my team working to it’s greatest potential?
Why does this situation keep re-occurring?
What is really going on here?
Is this venture right for me?
Is this the right time for me to set up a new business?
Is this the right time for me to change department?
Understanding what’s really going on and seeing your business
from a whole new perspective can help you make the right decision.

Jane is the UK’s Number 1 Numerologist and through this ancient science she can help you look at your business in a completely different way.

I can use ‘Relationship Charts’ with analysis to explain and show graphically the current dynamics of a team. From this I can suggest new ways of improving the effectiveness of the team’s dynamics. Also, if you were considering recruitment I can show the impact of adding a new member to you team.

Recruitment is a skilled business and Numerology may assist you in finding your ideal candidate. Before interviewing a perspective new candidate, through Numerology you can understand their life in a whole new way and understand exactly where they are in their journey. Their unique contribution to the group can be understood. Numerology can highlight areas of compatibility and identify areas of potential conflict. This may mean at the interview you ask questions you would not normally ask and this can help you to make a more informed decision. Sometimes this can save you all a great deal of time and money.

Numerology can also help you to understand the energies and dynamics behind the names you use in your business and their impact.

Numerology can help you to choose the perfect name for your business as well as the perfect launch date. Numerology can also show the impact of slightly changing the name of a product when advertising it. Numerology can explain why a product may not be selling.

With a name and start date for your business I can produce a ‘Relationship Chart’ to show how your business can help you to complete what you are here to do. I can also produce a ‘Life Map’ for your business, which is like a detailed weather forecast for your business.

Websites, business property names and numbers, departmental names and telephone numbers are the first way for people to contact or perhaps work with your company. Numerology can help you to understand the impact of these names and numbers.

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